Tower of Madness

Strings and Assassinations

After running for around 10 minutes in the objects direction Izaak reached its surroundings. There were around 10 players surrounding it from a distance.

The tension in the air was so high that its almost possible to touch it, but no one made the first move. Izaak used this opportunity to observe the black ball.

The parachute of the ball was stuck in a tree, and because of that it was stuck on the tower hanging down, from a distance of around 5 meters. Even in that position its beacon was still glowing and baiting more players to its surroundings.

All the players in the area noticed this and realized that the more time they spent without making a move, was more time for other competitors to reach this place.

Its at this moment that the first player made his move. Her hands started glowing with and green light and she touched the tree that the black ball was stuck in.

The tree branches bend in weird ways and the ball was reaching closer and closer into the womans hand, it didn take more than 5 minutes for the object to reach her hands and she turned around to start running into the darkness of the night.

But at this moment what seemed like a rock glowing with a dark blue color pass through the dark forest and hit the womans back, she fell from impact and the thing in her hand started rolling into the darkness.

From that moment on that place became a pandemonium, there was a plethora of different lights in the dark moonless night. With different skills passing through one side to the other.

And with each passing minute new players arrived at the location and joined the fight, at some point players that even didn know the reason for all that was happening got forced into it after being attacked.

While all that was happening Izaak was hidden in the shadows with his eyes glued in the black ball, that was being held by a tall black middle age man. But it didn take long for him to be the target of multiple different skills.

One of the people forced into the fight was a young man, he had a translucent great sword in his hands, and he used that giant thing to slash the skills that came in his direction.

He couldn understand what was happening, he saw that something glowing has been dropped in this direction, so he came here after it.

But after reaching this place, he couldn leave anymore, one moment of carelessness was going to be the end to his short life with the number of players here.

Garen was his name, he was an Earthling that came here in search for a way to save his home world, with the diminishing mana the world that he calls home would soon reach a manaless state.

As explained by the Returners, a manaless world would be integrated into the Tower, and the future for the people in these worlds would be become slaves to high races that live on the higher floors of the Tower.

So Garen came to the Tower in search of a way to save his home world, but when he reached this place, he realized that this was not a place suitable for him. He had never even hurt a fly before, but after reaching this place he was forced to take his first life.

When the first floor Quest started, he meted a nice little girl that started close to him, he promised to help her pass through this place. But he wasn expecting that the moment he turned his back to the girl hes attacked by her.

The girl was also inexperienced and didn have the courage to finish him, and after a moment of carelessness by the girl he found an opportunity to turn things around, he pierced his sword forward with the intent of slashing the girls skill that was coming towards him.

But the girl trip over a stone on the floor, and his sword pierced her hearth. He couldn sleep this night, even if hes extremely tired, every time he closed his eyes the little girl face appeared in front of him.

And here hes again, being forced to fight other humans. But by this time his heart has already calmed down a little, and his mind was more focused.

”Everything for the safety of my family, if I failed here all of them will become slaves, she will become someone slave. I can accept that. ” He muttered to himself while he slashed his sword at the fireball coming in his direction.

| You have received a Blessing by the Constellation ?????. |

| Do you accept? |


I hope you enjoyed your read, if so leave a comment and add it to your collection. This is my first novel, and Im still learning, so if you have any construct criticism, Ill appreciate.

Thank you for reading

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