Using the cover of the tree and his skill, its easy to escape from the eyes of his enemies. Knowing that his mana pool was small, he only activated the skill when he noticed that one of them was looking close to his position.

That tactic needed a high level of precision and attention, as a simple wrong move could cause his enemies to find him or over utilizing his skill would cause his mana to deplete.

And with the womans long range skill hed probably find his ending.

Luckily its a low level tracker. He thought as he reminded the time when one of his enemies on Earth could find him even when he had his skill active.

Realizing that hes lost in his thoughts in the open and unguarded, he then repeated his routine to maintain his guard up and search around first before looking at the loot.

After a few more minutes with nothing happening, he lowered his guard and checked the loot.

The woman dropped a small red box, after opening Izaak saw what looked like a pair of red contact lenses, he tried them on but didn notice any difference besides the eye color change. He took them off and put them back in the box and put it in his pocket.

He checked next the mans loot, its again the same box, but this time its green. He tested them on and again didn notice any difference, so he put them back on the box and kept it in his pocket.

Thats useless. Though Izaak to himself. I knew level 1 equipment was trash, but this time it really reached a new height. He continued as he walked back to the tree.

I still have around 3 hours before the wall reaching my position. He though as he looked at the wall on the horizon that looked closer than the last time.

He climbed again the tree and laid down on one of the large branches and closed his eyes. After resting for around 2 hours, he opened them again and climbed down the tree.

Its already nighttime and normal people would think that this is the perfect time for him, in most cases they would be right. But this time that wasn , its a moonless night.

And with no moon theres no light at night, and shadows only existed where theres light. Izaak got really upset when he first discovered this, as thiss a really big disadvantage.

But this didn mean that he would lose at a moonless night, with his experiences of being hunted on Earth, Izaak got the habit of sleeping on the day and being awake at night.

With time he realized that his night vision was improving, nothing compared with a night vision skill related, but still better than most people.

Seeing the holographic wall closing on him he started to rush towards the center of the forest again, but this time hes searching for preys besides finding a place to stay.

He noticed that even after a whole day filled with fights and running, he still wasn feeling hungry, but he didn pay much attention to it.

And the reason for that was hed learned from the Returners that players will not feel hungry when in the Tutorial floors. They never gave an explanation for that, since even they didn know the answer for that question.

After running for around ten minutes, he heard a sound from the sky, he looked up and saw a sky with a few stars and something flying in the air and blocking his vision.

The stars on the Tower had a meaning, each star represented a viewer, only Players recognized by the Tower could watch the lower levels. Theses players received the title of Constellations.

They had the ability to bless a player, depending on the Constellations strength the perks received can be different. And the way to gain theses perks also differ.

The player can refuse or accept the blessing, but once accepted it can be changed. That Constellation will be the player Benefactor until the day he reaches his end or the day the player becomes a Constellation themselves.

Back to the current situation, the hing was moving forward and at that moment something fell from it, its a black ball and had a parachute attached to its top and a glowing beacon under it.

Even with the light created by the beacon, its still impossible to recognize what the hing was, its painted totally black and theres nothing more to it. It looked like some kind of giant flying animal, but that was all that he could see.

With the bright light coming from the ball and the loud noise made by the hing most participants must have already saw it. And a few must even be rushing towards it, obviously Izaak was one of them.


I hope you enjoyed your read, if so leave a comment and add it to your collection. This is my first novel, and Im still learning, so if you have any construct criticism, Ill appreciate.

Thank you for reading

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