Tower of Madness

The Thing on the Sky

When he looked at the sky, he saw an image of the woman that he eliminated. The womans picture appeared at the sky, below its her name, Katniss Everdeen, after a few seconds the image became black and white and later it was crushed and another the image of another competitor appeared.

A few competitors later, the mans image appeared, his name was Haymitch Abernathy, the same thing happened to his picture, it became black and white and later was crushed.

This happened several times until it stopped, and letters appeared.

| Survivors remaining: 47 |

That made Izaak realizes that all the competitors that appeared at the sky, were the ones eliminated. I can get the feeling of déjà vu off for some reason.

He stopped thinking about that and noticed that the blue wall was closing on him, its moving slowly towards the center of the forest, Izaak calculated that it would take around 3 days to reach the center.

From that he reached the conclusion that if the speed of the wall remains the same, the first floor Quest Line would take around 3 days to be completed.

Since the number of participants was diminishing, it would become more difficult to find others. The only thing that would make that possible itd be a smaller place, and that was the reason of the wall.

With that in mind he started to run towards the center and find a place to pass the night.

After running towards the center for around one hour he found a tall tree, it looked like a place where itd be possible to see the surroundings and the leaves would block the vision of inattentive passing players.

| Agility: 6 -> 7 |

Hes totally exhausted after running for one hour without stopping. This stats reset is really a toll. He though as he looked at the holographic wall on the horizon.

Using the speed of the wall as a measure, he calculated that itd take around 6 hours to reach his destination, so he could use this place to rest.

While hes running towards the center he found only two players, and they
e fighting, he ignored them, since if hes spying on them, there was a high probability of others were also, and fighting so close to the wall didn look like a good idea.

After climbing the tree, he sited on a branch so he could rest, he maintained his eyes opened for a while, but it didn take long for exhaustion force them to close.

After around 3 hours, Izaak opened his eyes as he heard a few voices coming from bellow the tree. He looked down and saw two people talking.

”Are you sure that you saw someone coming in this direction, it has been around three hours and we didn find anyone. ” Complained the woman, shes a tall woman, probably in her late thirties.

”Stop complaining, we are close to him, I can find anymore traces. ” Said the man besides her, he had a small frame, hes wearing glasses but behind it, Izaak could see his eyes glowing in a green light. ”He should be around here. ”

A tracker! Izaak concluded when he heard the conversation between the two and the mans glowing eyes.

At that moment the woman started looking around, she checked every location, then her eyes glued to the tall tree in front of her and started looking up. She checked every branch of the tower but didn find anything.

After 10 minutes trying to find their enemy, the woman was starting to lose her patience.

”Theres no one here! ” Screamed the woman, looking at the man who shuddered under her loud voice.

”I-Im sure hes around here, w-we just have to find him. Said the man trembling as he started checking again his surroundings.

After 5 more minutes the woman finally lost her patience.

e useless, a weakling who can even use his skill right! ” Said the woman as her eyes started glowing red. The man fell to the floor trembling as he saw the glowing eyes. He knew what that meant, as he saw one of his enemies being eliminated by it.

Its at that moment that the womans shadow flickered, and a dagger appear in her neck. A laser bean was released from her eyes as she fell to the ground with a confused expression.

The laser bean missed the man completely, seeing the scene in front of him was completely terrifying scene for the tracker, and a liquid started running between his pants. But his surviving instincts soon kicked in when he noticed Izaak walking towards him, he started to speak.

”H-Hi there, good Sir. ” He said trembling. ”I-If you let me live, I can help you find other competitors, I-I can even help you stay safe during the nights. ” He continued, trying to negotiate with the man in front of him.

”So, this is how you two became a team. ” Said Izaak to himself when he heard the mans words.

When the man noticed that Izaak was talking to himself, he started to think about a way to get away from this situation. But his thoughts were short lived as Izaaks dagger soon found its place at the trackers throat.

| You have slain an enemy. Level 1 Fire Vision |

| You have slain an enemy. Level 1 Wind Tracker |


I hope you enjoyed your read, if so leave a comment and add it to your collection. This is my first novel, and Im still learning, so if you have any construct criticism, Ill appreciate.

Thank you for reading.

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