Tower of Madness

First Victims

| Adapting Period Ended |

| ”Floor 1 – The introduction ” will start |

| Good Luck |

The moment Izaak opened his eyes he was inside a forest, the place looked big, but he could see on the horizon a blue holographic wall.

That should be the zone limit Izaak though, as he checked his surroundings, besides the weird wall he could also see a blue box on the ground under his feet. This should be the starting point.

| Waiting remaining participants |

| 34/100 |

| Do not leave your starting area! |

So, I need to wait again… I hope it doesn take too long Izaak though. He knew that disobeying the Tower was never a good idea. So he sat down and started meditating again.

| Waiting period has ended, beginning Floor 1 Quest Line |

It took around 10 minutes for the remaining players to arrive, Izaak used this time to meditate and accumulate mana, it didn make any significant improvement, but he could feel that he was closer to increasing his mana again.

Unfortunately, he had to stop meditating the moment he heard the Tower. The first floor quest was about to begin, and he knew that it was not going to be easy, after all it was called the Tower of Madness for a reason.

He looked around again, and this time he could see another blue box in the distance, a middle age man was inside checking his surroundings, the moment the man noticed Izaak looking at him he made a smirk and slash his finger across his neck.

He is probably a warrior. Izaak thought as he assessed the middle age man, clearly not fazed by the man gestures. The man had big muscles and was unarmed just like Izaak. Luckily he isn a mage, that would be really annoying at the beginning.

Mages were weaker in physical stats but stronger ranged skills, with the distance between the starting zones, and the enemy not knowing which skill the mage possess, a mage would clearly have a stronger start.

Behind him on the distance he could see a woman, she was probably in her early twenties, she looked terrified to be in that place. The tower early floors were different each time, but their Main Quests had three main lines.

Battle Royale, a free-for-all fight where only one survivor remain. Puzzle, a puzzle quest where all the participants who gets the right answer can pass. Special, most floors were in the first two lines, but rarely theres one who isn , so they are classified as Special.

This one was a Battle Royale style, which could explain the terrified face of the woman, since only one participant can remain, and only those with a fighting skill have a real chance of winning.

| Congratulation to all of you for entering the Tower. The first floor will introduce you to the leveling system. To level up is necessary for you to gain EXP points, these points can be gain through two different means.

The most common and most effective way is through defeating enemies. Once you slain an enemy you will receive a EXP points reward based on the enemy level. If the enemy is the same level as you, then you will receive 1 EXP point; if the enemy has a lower level than you, you will receive nothing; if the enemy has a higher level, you will receive 1 point for each extra level.

The second is through Quests. Quests can be obtained through different means, and once completed you will receive a reward, this reward may or may not contain a EXP points reward. |

| Now that this is explained we will put it into practice. |

| New Quest received: Only survivor

Become the only alive player on the first floor.


The moment the Tower finished its lines the blue squares on the ground were gone, and the blue wall on the horizon started approximating the center of the forest.

What a good explanation as always. Izaak sarcastically commented in his mind, as the explanation by the Tower was short and rushed, not giving the time to process what was just said. But as expected of the Tower of Madness, for the first floor already be this bloody, I can imagine what a floor 10 Battle Royale would be like. With each passing tutorial floor, the difficult augmented.

But he stopped thinking that the moment that he heard someone running in his direction. He turned around and saw the middle age man sprinting in his direction, his eyes were locked on Izaak. Izaak the started to run in the direction of the woman behind him with the man following.

Izaaks agility points were clearly higher than the man, so running from him was not a difficult quest, the woman on the other hand was paralyzed by fear as she saw both running in her direction, she had one hand on her face and the other behind her back.

Izaak couldn see it but the hand behind her back was emitting a blue light.


I hope you enjoyed your read, if so leave a comment and add it to your collection. This is my first novel, and Im still learning, so if you have any construct criticism, Ill appreciate.

Thank you for reading

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