Tower of Madness

The First Floor

| Congratulations to Izaak Silva. You have entered the Tower. |

| Reading mana status… Recorded… Class identified: Shadow Walker |

| Identified as self-learned… Rewards awarded |

| Awarded: Touch of the Shadows|

| Regressing to Level 1… Status reset |

| Congratulations Izaak Silva to become a player |

|00:01:00 |

| Name: Izaak Silva

| Race: Human (Earth)

| Class: Shadow Walker (Rare)

| Benefactor: None

| Level: 1 (Exp 0 -> 10)

| Health: 3

| Mana: 7

| Stats:

Strength: 5

Agility: 6

Vitality: 3

Magic: 7

Free Points: 0


| Skills:

One With the Shadows


| Other:

Touch of the Shadows


The moment he opened his eyes, countless messages appeared. He brushed them away and first inspect his body, his wounds were gone as he expected, and all his mana accumulated for 10 years was gone with it. He decided to check his Status Screen next.

Looks like my level was reset, this is a pity, all that leveling for nothing… Well, not like I can do it again.

I got the same skill as when I awakened, nothing changed. My stats are a little different from my starting ones thought, probably because I am not a sedentary teenager anymore. He thought as he continued reading his status.

| One With the Shadows

You became one with the shadows.


| Touch of the Shadows

You have been touched by the Shadows. Every shadow related ability will cost less.


”What a good explanation, perfect, now I understand everything ” Izaak laughed as he reenacts his reaction when he awakened on Earth. This description is really shitty, luckily my skill and my flaw are the same, but this Touch of the Shadows is the reward for self-awakening, I will have to try to see the difference.

After checking his status Izaak looked around to know where he was. It was a white field, there was nothing around, and it looked impossible to see an ending to the place, he already knew about this place from the Regressors from Earth.

Regressor was the name given to the Earthlings who completed the Tower and decided to return to Earth, there was currently 3 Regressors on Earth. When a new Regressor appear, he receives a lot an attention from the media, and one of them released information about the lower floors of the Tower.

The content shocked a lot of people, some decided to forget about the tower, but even more decided to enter after learning about the rewards.

Izaak knew that he had to wait the ending of the 1-hour period to start the first floor. He still had 46 minutes, so he used this time to meditate and start again from the beginning his mana journey.

Meditation was how its called the act of channeling the mana from the outside to your mana organ, increasing your mana organ purity. Higher mana purity means higher magic points, which cause higher mana points.

|00:00:36 |

The first 10 floors of the Tower were called the Tutorial Stage, they were conducted in instant dungeons, where a floor was created just for the purpose of challenging the participants, and after completion it was excluded and recreated from another model, the models were recreated after places on other floors of the Tower.

The tutorial floors never exceed the size of a big city, while whole floors on the higher levels of the Tower could be the size of whole planets and some could even be an entire solar system or a galaxy.

|00:00:06 |

| Magic 7 -> 8 |

| Mana 7 -> 8 |

I took 30 minutes to increase my mana point, with more one hour I will reach the limit, unfortunately I don have that time. But to think that I can now concentrate for hours makes me remember the time when I awakened, at that time I couldn concentrate for more than five minutes. What a weakling. Izaak released a chuckled remembering the past as he got up and started stretching.

Every level has a stats limit, level 1 has a limit of 10 in every stat, level 2 has a limit of 20, and on and on. On Earth Izaak got stuck at level 2 for 8 years, and when he reached level 3, he was forced to enter the Tower.

The only way to increase your level outside the Tower is by defeating enemies of the same or higher level, but on Earth there was so little level 2 Awakeners, that this goal was too far away for most; finding a higher level awakener was more difficult than finding a needle in a haystack, and even then, defeating one was something even more difficult.

| Adapting Period Ended |

| ”Floor 1 – The introduction ” will start |

| Good Luck |


I hope you enjoyed your read, if so leave a comment and add it to your collection. This is my first novel, and Im still learning, so if you have any construct criticism, Ill appreciate.

Thank you for reading

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