Tower of Madness

The Beginning

Planet Earth, somewhere in Antarctica.

It was a full eclipse night, the sky and the ground were totally dark, the only sound was coming from the noises made by the wind. Far away it was possible to see a light coming from a bonfire on an open field.

On the area illuminated by the fire its possible to see countless corpses on the floor, the amount of blood was so high that all the area illuminated was painted red, the cause of death of all those bodies was a single slash on their throat, simple and effective.

At that moment its possible to hear breathing coming from the shadows, the breath was quiet and weak, but theres nothing there, the breathing continued, but clearly wasn coming from someone who would be alive for a long time.

The full eclipse was passing, and with it the shadows was gone, it became possible to see a man lying on the frozen floor, he had countless cuts in his body, some places were burned others frozen, his breathing was weak, and his golden eyes were closing.

”So here… where all will end… ” Was possible to hear a chuckle coming from the body. ”To think that… after all that… my ending would be… because of mana depletion… ”

”Looks like I will have to enter the Tower… Leaving Earth behind… I still have so many things to do here… so many people to end… and make her pay for what she has done… ”

The Tower of Madness or simply called Tower, every intelligent being that has awakened mana in its body receive an invitation to enter. A place full of opportunities and dangers. But to Earthlings the only place where they can progress, since the mana in t

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