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No matter how you thought about it, it felt inconceivable.


But if she had a companion, why didn’t anyone come out to help when she was almost raped by those two men before?


His eyes were deeply focused on her face.
Therein, he couldn’t see a trace of tension, let alone a guilty conscience, as if the whole city which was on guard, was just stormy weather for her.


This woman was too mysterious.


Her actions were not as cautious as the noble women, but the courage she displayed was amazing and extraordinary.
Her gaze was firm, it felt real yet unreal at the same time, making people unable to see through her.


What was the reason? He was afraid that even if he continued to ask, there would be no results.

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He simply stood up, turned the light in the cellar a little brighter, and smiled at her slightly: “You take a rest early, I will change your dressing tomorrow.”


“Okay, thank you.” Leng Yiyao waved her hand, smiling at him naturally.


The man chuckled and turned to open the door, as if returning to the mode of getting along as he did when he first arrived in the room.


The moment the door was closed, the corner of Leng Yiyao’s mouth pursed and the bottom of her eyes turned cold, while the man outside was thoughtful with a smile in his eyes.


No one won this round.


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He couldn’t figure out her bottom, and she couldn’t figure out his origin.


It’s just that, in the end, she was still a step behind in this game of chess.

After all, the only weapon in her hand was abducted by the man, ‘along the way’.


However, in this world, who said that a sharp blade would be the best weapon?


Leng Yiyao touched her palm, smiled lightly, and lay on her back on the only bed in the cellar.

Since she dared to directly slice a prince who had garnered much attention, would she be afraid of a man who hides his head and shows his tail1 in front of her ?



cáng tóu lù wěi to hide the head and show the tail (idiom); to give a partial account

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