The whole city was under total lockdown, as martial law had been imposed…

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Leng Yiyao moved her fingertips slightly, turning her head sideways, and met his gaze with her clear one: “I was unconscious an hour ago.
How am I supposed to know?”

The man froze for a moment, wondering whether it was because of her inexplicably noble posture, or the certainty in her eyes.

In the next instant, he smiled and nodded, like a scientific worker, rigorously and thoughtfully answering the mystery for her: “His Royal Highness Lu Ming was assassinated and the murderer escaped.
Now, the police are investigating thoroughly.
It is said that people going in and out of the city gates are monitored so strictly that even a fly can’t escape.”


Leng Yiyao’s face looked as if she was hearing a tale straight out of a storybook.
She stared at him incredulously and said: “It’s THAT Second Highness? His Royal Highness Lu Ming, the most popular among the people in the country? He’s dead?” It mattered not what she said, but the way she delivered it.
What acting! Looking at her shocked and sincere eyes, Leng Yiyao herself felt that she really had a talent for being an actress.


There’s no way she would let the cat out of the bag.
She was seriously injured now, and still had to rely on others to survive.


“Yes.” The man stared at her every move without blinking, as if to dismantle every detail of her.


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If he guessed correctly, the Shamshir scimitar he obtained from her hand should have originally belonged to the royal guard.

As for how she got it? Stole it, snatched it, or was she hand-in-hand with them? This matter involved her actions regarding the incident tonight..


It had to be said that he had seen her confronting two strong men outside the house before, which was extremely admirable and bordered on stunning.


A woman’s strength and fighting skills are inherently weaker than a man, but she could beat the strong being the weak, one-on-two.
The most important thing was the fact that she committed this feat despite bleeding profusely.
He had seen this type of women at only one place before- – They were the senior guards specially trained by the royal family, and often existed to protect female nobles.


However, by simply looking at her temperament and gaze, she was definitely not such a person.

After all, the guards always had a subservient attitude and their eyes held respect for the royal family.


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This person seemed to be too carefree.
Her eyes, fearless and untraceable.

She could laugh and joke with you one moment, and could kill with a knife in the next.


This kind of person who has no sense of hierarchy, nor a strong sense of organisational discipline would definitely not be a person trained by the imperial family.

Therefore, this knife’s origin did not seem right.


Moreover, when she mentioned His Royal Highness Lu Ming, there was no trace of awe in her eyes.
She did not hide this point, or rather, she did not bother to hide it.

This person, even for the royal family, didn’t feel anything special.
Was she used to seeing the powerful, or was Lu Ming’s death irrelevant to her?


No matter what kind, this woman aroused his rare curiosity tonight.

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“The dignified Crown Prince was assassinated? Were the royal guards eating dog food?” Leng Yiyao leisurely folded the bread bag, and drank the last sip of milk, smiling at him mockingly.


Want to find out if she is related to the “assassination” tonight?

She would be a fool to let others know.


“As to what they ate, I’m unaware.
However, I only know that in the Oasis Palace not far from here, a total of fifteen attendants, a captain, and one of the most respected princes in the country died tonight.”

The man’s voice was getting lower and lower.
So low, that it seemed in the next instant, his voice would reach her ears…


The following silence suddenly became particularly abrupt, causing Leng Yiyao to raise her head in surprise, and carefully examine the look in the man’s eyes.

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If she heard it right…


When he just spoke, his tone seemed to be tinged with a hint of pleasure…




Hell…, obviously the people of this country love their royal family so much.
What’s more, although the dead Lu Ming was not favoured by the king, as far as her physical memory was concerned, he was loved by everyone and flowers bloomed wherever he went…


Then what did this man’s satisfaction mean?

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