When Leng Yiyao woke up, she was sure that she had been taken to a cellar.
It was an underground cellar.
Grains had been stored for winter and even barrels for wine could be seen. 

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‘Why a cellar?’, she mused.
‘Doesn’t he have a decent place to stay?’ However, judging from his appearance and temperament, he didn’t seem to be a homeless man without a fixed residence. 


Looking down at her waist and abdomen, Leng Yiyao was relieved.
Fortunately it was bandaged.
The wound appeared to be treated with medicine.
Despite the throbbing pain, the faint smell of mint indicated that the medicine used was not bad, otherwise she would have had a high fever. 


As she looked around, she noticed  that the cellar didn’t have anything to indicate the identity of the owner.
The cellar walls were bare.
Let alone photos, there were no extra objects. 


Where did that man go? 


He wouldn’t leave her here alone, completely ignored, right? 

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After confirming that her body was in good condition, her stomach began grumbling in protest.
After all, it had been a long time since she had last eaten.


From the time this body was imprisoned by the crown prince, to the time when a group of people were killed using sheer physical strength, her body had already reached its limit.
Those who don’t eat or drink are gods, but as mere mortals, there is no escape from eating or drinking.


At this time, the only entrance to the cellar, an iron door, was opened from the outside.


The man clad in black robes, with his face covered, revealing only a pair of eyes, entered the room quietly.


He seemed astonished to find her awake so early.
Even though Leng Yiyao could not see the expressions on his face, the surprise in his eyes was evident.

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“I brought you bread and milk.
It’s quite late, so it was hard to find something warm”.
It was not hard to find, but he was simply worried about being exposed.


Leng Yiyao didn’t ask too much, just nodded briefly, and took what was in his hand.


It was nice enough to have something to eat.
Right now, there was no room for choice.


Her mouth was too dry, and she gulped down the glass of milk before she started gnawing on the bread.


While she was eating, the other party kept looking at her, seemingly curious about her identity, but did not disturb her meal.


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She lowered her head and glanced at her side.
The Shamshir scimitar was no longer on her body.
Obviously, it had been taken by this person.
Was it because he was afraid  of her suddenly making a move and being ‘ungrateful’? Or, did the man find a clue from the scimitar?


While pretending to eat casually, she probed the man’s expression without revealing a trace.


The temperature in the cellar was extremely chilly, and there was no air conditioning in the room.
After staying for a long time, the effect of excessive blood loss due to the injuries gradually became apparent.


After eating, Leng Yiyao slowly felt that the robe she was wearing was not warm enough.
Seeing that the man had lowered his head and seemed to be pondering over something, she inquired, after giving a thought, “You asked me to come with you.
For what?”


The black robed man was not a lecher, otherwise, if he wanted to do something, he could’ve done so while she slept.

He didn’t sleep at night, but happened to ‘encounter’ her and the two rapists in a broken house.
This person’s origin seemed to be shady.

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“Who are you?” The man didn’t seem to hear her question.
He raised his head and asked these three words directly.


The simplest question, the most natural question, the question that strangers should know the most when they meet.


Leng Yiyao smiled, “What does my identity have to do with you?”


He suddenly moved, and pulled out the scimitar from behind, and raised his head slightly.
The dim light in the cellar was reflected in his eyes, and brought with it a sense of mystery- “You probably don’t know it yet, but an hour ago, the whole city was under total martial law lockdown.
Do you want to have a guess regarding what this is all about?”


The lingering sound was faint, but it seemed to reveal a soul-stirring essence…

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