Chapter 5: Holding the Curved Knife

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Leng Yiyao’s robes were torn to pieces and they were only able to cover the main parts.
She leaned against the wall, narrowly avoiding the filthy hands of the two men, but her back hit a water pipe. 

There was no path of retreat. 

As the night went on, her face hung.
The shadows made her expression obscure, making her seem unclear and hazy.   

The two men only thought that this was a pie falling from the sky – a beauty with such tender skin, except for the blood being a let-down.  

But it was still okay.
They looked at each other. 

Anyway, after they finished playing with her, she would also vent her anger.
Then, they could also save the effort of doing the job themselves.
After all, rape wasn’t good if they were caught. 

Leng Yiyao deduced that in this county, the custom of men disrespecting women and women being inferior had been persisting historically.
Women of the nobility wore veils outside and only women of the lower class and slaves showed their faces in public.
Because of this, the men were so emboldened. 

If she could use the crowd to create chaos and escape during the day, it was better to be quiet at night rather than being implicated by the sprawling corpses in the palace. 

The conditions were favourable for them, and they stood on the other side. 

Leng Yiyao’s eyes were deep.
This rebirth was a fucking test of her bottom line, right?!

They saw her lowered head and goosebumps on her shoulder.
They smiled, the greed on their faces was undisguised.
“Come, let’s warm you up.”   

As they spoke, they put their arms around her and kept her within a tight circle. 

Leng Yiyao looked at the two tanned, thick hands on her shoulders and she moved her fingers from her waist.
In an instant, the knife that was taken from Lu Ming’s guard was swung across and the next second, blood was flowing everywhere. 

“Ah!” two tragic screams could be heard simultaneously, overlapping.

The knife was whirled around, hitting and breaking the man’s teeth.
With an ominous glint in her eyes, she snarled, “Shut up!”

The next moment, she twisted the knife with all her strength and her hand stabbed the man’s stomach.

The sensation of a torn stomach was clearly transmitted from the hand to the brain.

She paused and watched with cold eyes as the man’s expression changed from rage to disbelief to finally settling to fear. 

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Look, this was bullying!

You thought she would be nice to two men who wanted to take advantage of her?

She clenched her teeth and slowly turned around, swallowing the blood that pooled in her mouth.
She looked on with a laugh at the other man who was so scared that he had lost his teeth. 

The wound on her waist was too heavy, kept together because of her strong will, one was afraid that the wound would now be torn even more. 

It’s just that even if she was a spent force, she couldn’t give the others a clue.
Otherwise tonight, she would really die. 

She was like a vicious wolf, not letting off her prey once her set was locked on it. 

Both of them knew.
They saw each other’s face.
The two men had tried to kill her, but she had cut them off.
They had each other’s leverage.
Even If they stepped back now and stopped, it wasn’t guaranteed that his portrait wouldn’t be available to the public for arrest across the country tomorrow. 

In the end, there were just three words – don’t believe it!

The man was shocked by his partner’s sudden death and the next moment, he touched his waist and pulled out a bigger knife, acting with caution. 

The knife, curved like a bow, was very different from the exquisite scimitar in Leng Yiyao’s hands. 

The people living in the desert lived in much worse environments than those in other areas, which made them formidable. 

When walking in the middle of the night in an unknown place, most people carried weapons with them.
The nobles mostly carried firearms while civilians carried scimitar or machetes.

Looking at the scimitar, Leng Yiyao stepped back carefully.

The important matter was that the knife was slightly bigger than her hand.
But when it was flung, it could cut to the bone. 

She exhaled, calming herself down and maintaining her focus. 

Blood pooled in the man’s mouth, but at that moment, he didn’t care much.
He spat out his broken teeth and brought the scimitar down towards her. 

A top-down movement ferociously aiming to cut the other party. 

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Leng Yiyao clenched her teeth, but blood began to once again flow from her abdomen, form her torn wound. 

Just as leeches were sensitive to their food – the smell of blood, light flashed in the man’s eyes as he exerted even more strength at attacking her with the scimitar. 

Clap! Pow! Bang! 

The sound of the scimitar colliding against metal was heard across the room. 

One blow heavier than before, one blow more fierce than before. 

“Aren’t you very good? Don’t you dare to kill? Laozi will definitely chop you up, today!” Seeing that Leng Yiyao could only defend, the man laughed crazily, attacking her.

Look, she was but a little girl.
Who would believe that she could kill people?

Not only was he going to chop her up, but he was also going to feed her to the dogs!

With bloodshot eyes, he waved the scimitar around in his excitement.
For some reason, he saw a flash of a knife and immediately avoided it. 

With the scimitar still pointed towards her, his eyes were wide open.
He subconsciously felt cold and his ears seemed to hear the sound of death. 

Leng Yiyao smiled slowly.
What she had to do was bear the pain of the torn wound and dodge the man’s blows at the same time.
Taking advantage of the situation when he lifted the scimitar higher and higher, she twisted her body to reach a blind spot of his behind him.

Then, she looked up with her hands crossed.
His head was completely detached from his body.
As the head fell, the red eyes were staring straight ahead, disbelieving of the fact that he had been killed. 

Yes, dead in the hands of a weak-looking woman who also happened to be wounded.
If someone had dared say that he would die this way, he would have immediately crushed the other person’s eyes.
But now, he didn’t even have that chance, because he was just another body in a run-down house.

The two bodies lay on the ground, still bleeding copiously.
It wasn’t a good end and neither was it a pretty sight. 

If she was a typical woman, one was afraid that she would only scream.
But Leng Yiyao could only grit her teeth and bear it, going towards the first man and taking off his coat. 

This damned difference in temperature. 

Leng Yiyao frowned.
She had no problem wearing her tattered clothes because she didn’t have to meet any person of importance right then.
But with her weak strength and loss of blood, she would inevitably freeze to death on the side of the road in a few hours with these clothes. 

But just as she was about to remove the robe from that man, her movements suddenly paused. 

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Before she knew it, a black HKP7 pistol was pressed against her head. 

Leng Yiyao’s fingers stiffened. 

She didn’t expect that just after this game, a third person was still hidden. 

It was just that even though she was weak now, the person was able to soundlessly walk behind her and hold a gun against her head right under her nose. 

Her eyes sank, but she didn’t say a word.

This person’s intentions were unclear.
Was he related to the two dead people or was there any other reason?

“You are very strong.” Unexpectedly, he spoke first.
And what he said…

She had a faint look on her face, raising her eyebrows.
She didn’t expect his words to be a praise.    

Naturally, it was a matter of pride to get a man’s praise in this patriarchal land.
It was just that… was this something that could be said after she killed two people?

“Death cannot wipe out the crimes of these two men.” The man guessed what she was thinking.
There weren’t any undulations in his voice.
Instead, his eyes swept across her cheeks, falling to her bloodstained waist and then to her hidden knife before saying, “You won’t survive the night if your wound isn’t treated.”   

Leng Yiyao nodded, not surprised.
“I know.” Otherwise, she wouldn’t put up with their nonsense again and again at first.
But when the dirty hands touched her shoulder, it touched her bottom line.

“I’ll give you two choices.” The man’s voice seemed to have some interest.
He had probably never seen anyone speak so calmly with a gun held to their head.   

In his opinion, she was one breath away from being buried and laid to rest.

“Tell me.” Since the situation wasn’t in her favour, she didn’t talk much.
Because this man wasn’t paying attention earlier, she was able to take advantage of the situation and kill the prince and his guards. 

These two men were killed because they didn’t know who they were up against and were arrogant.
But this man who had seen her skills and abilities and had more weapons than she did, would naturally not be foolish enough to play into her hands with a surprise attack.

“The first option is that I call the police now and you will be sentenced to death for intentional homicide,” he smiled and explained his first option. 

“What is the second option?” Leng Yiyao asked quietly.
She knew that what he wanted her to choose was the second one, otherwise he wouldn’t have wasted so much time talking to her.

“The second option,” he began.
As if laughing, he continued.
“You come with me.”

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Leng Yiyao’s finger circled around the knife handle.
Go with him?

Instead of inquiring further, she raised her head and smiled softly at him.
“I choose the second option.”

If she went with him, at least her wound would be cured that night, so she would be saved.
Now, everything was unfamiliar to her.
With no money or power, it was the right choice to ‘rely on’ someone.

As for why the man wanted her to go with him…

A cold light flashed in her eyes.
They just had to wait and see…

The man didn’t expect her to raise her head so quickly as if she wasn’t afraid that he would pull the trigger and blow her head off.
He couldn’t help but re-examine her.   

He knew that the girl was pretty when he stood outside, but when he looked at her up close he realised what was described as ‘amazing’.

It wasn’t just about the appearance.
It was the aura and calmness that she exuded, that came from her bones.

But he saw her fingers move away from the knife handle, and he fell into deep thought. 

While civilians had a habit of carrying around knives, carrying a curved knife was unusual. 

After years of transformation and evolution, the length of this curved knife was only 60 centimetres.
The blade was tempered well and the handle was made of ivory.

In their country, ivory was the speciality of the royal family.
But given that most royals now chose to carry guns, only some royal guards retained the tradition of carrying the knife.

Where the hell was this woman from?

As he pondered, Leng Yiyao moved her hand, dragged the robe off the dead man and draped it over herself, somewhat resisting the cold.
Then she turned towards him, covering the wound and saying with a weak voice, “Da ge, please get someone to help me with this injury.”

Saying that, she turned her head and rested on the other’s shoulders. 

What a joke.
If she had free labour, why did she have to work so hard?

The man was deeply influenced by her precious image of being ‘strong’ and stared at the woman resting on his shoulder. 

At that moment, he was wondering whether the wilting woman in front of him had surreptitiously replaced herself with a fake!

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