Chapter 2: Her Hazy Appearance

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Under the hazy moonlight, everything appeared fleeting…

29 corpses with malevolent fierce appearances and strange postures, damaged limbs and broken arms were spread all across the ground.
And the blood flowing was interwoven among the bodies, creating a gloomy and sinister picture.

The girl wore a white brocade gown; her black hair was like satin.

Her entire body was bathed with dark-red blood.

Her laughter was more tender and beautiful than flowers; the look in her eyes was more mellifluous than the sun.

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Lu Ming never knew that in this world, there existed such a pair of eyes.
They were so breath-taking.

She didn’t say a single word.
She didn’t make a single movement.
She merely stood over the corpses inside the courtyard with her lips curved.
She smiled indifferently towards him with a calm look on her face.


She was just a girl who wasn’t even sixteen.
How could she have such a bearing?

“Who is she?” His mind, which had gone blank for a second, recovered quickly.
He suddenly asked the captain who stood next to him.

The captain frowned.
Just then, his subordinates had reported that they had inspected all the thirty sacrificial offerings which had been killed.
Why, then, had they left one alive?

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“Replying to Your Highness, she is the younger daughter of Leng jia1,” he said.
Although bewildered, he nevertheless immediately replied to his superior’s doubt.

Leng jia, was it? Lu Ming caressed the glass in his hand with his fingertips, looking at her thoughtfully.

The captain thought that His Highness wasn’t aware of the insider details, so he lowered his voice and said, “After her older sister finished her study abroad, she was rated as the most talented young lady2 in the middle east.
Because of her outstanding appearance and talent, few people noticed the younger one.”

Compared with her sister, she was inconspicuous?

The actual pearl had gathered dust? No wonder while he had seen her father and sister attending banquets, he had never met her.
Presumably, her father had never moved his appreciative gaze from his eldest daughter to her.
Lu Ming looked at those pair of eyes in the moonlight that shone just like glass.
Lowering his eyes, he sighed.
He was afraid that Leng jia’s second young lady was the true talent – the genuine rare pearl.

“Do you have anything you want to say?” Lu Ming put down his glass of wine, displaying rare patience.
He looked at Leng Yiyao with a shallow smile, waiting for her reply.
He only wanted to give her a chance to say her final words.
He sighed in his heart.
Such an exquisite pair of eyes, it was indeed a pity for her to die so soon.

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Leng Yiyao shook her head and looked up at the full moon that night.
A dazzling silver light seemed to flow out from her eyes.
The entire scene was beautiful beyond description.
It was quiet everywhere, just like in the netherworld.
But still, she had a genuine, charming smile on her face, saying, “Your Highness, you are asking these words to the wrong person.”

“Oh?” the girl was still very young, but her temperament was unmatched.
Her voice and words were elegant, so clear.
It had an otherworldly beauty.
Although she questioned him, covered with a bloody smell, interest rose in Lu Ming.
“Then who do you believe is the right person to ask this question?” It was highly unlikely that it would be the fifteen guards around him.
He lowered his head and smiled softly.

Indeed, truly a beauty.
A man with such an appearance, in all her reincarnations, she has seen only in this once.

Praising him once in her heart, she turned to him with a peerless smile.
“Your Highness, these words, you ought to say it to yourself.”

Say it to myself?

Lu Ming hadn’t had the time to respond, he saw her eyes raise gently.
A cold light like a bolt of heavenly lightning flashed in them.

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In the next second, a sharp screech of metal colliding sounded in the air, piercing through everyone’s eardrums.


Exactly that soft sound made all the bodyguards deathly pale.
All their pupils tightened in tension…


Jia – family, house
Qianjin – daughter of a wealthy, noble family

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