sps seemed like sounds of nature to the people with ulterior motives.

The door that couldn’t be locked was kicked open by a man.
His eyes were like a hound’s as they quickly searched for their prey in the room.

The next second, his gaze fell on Leng Yiyao’s cheek and his entire person became ecstatic.
In the past few days, he had been enduring his anger with great difficulty.
But unexpectedly, this evening, he could bump into a soft-skinned, tender little beauty.
She wasn’t even wearing a veil.
In this desert country, the fact that she was bare-faced meant that she didn’t have any special identity at all.

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Like a fly that smelled meat, he looked down.
His face brightened when he saw her clothes stained with blood.

It seemed that she was not only without any identity, she must also be a slave who ran away from her master’s house.

Although many among the aristocracy had abolished slavery in this city, there were some traditional ‘lords’ who still enjoyed the practice and never paid attention to democratic rights.

Taking a closer look, she seemed to be only 15 or 16 years old.
The more he thought about the situation, the heavier he breathed.

The other man behind this one, dressed in black clothing and with a long beard, looked like a rough man who relied only on his strength.
His eyes were stuck on Leng Yiyao’s body like glue as he stood motionlessly.

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Hearing the two men make such a fuss, the next second, she moved her fingers.
Unfortunately, it was too late to move.
She was overcome with dizziness and lost her balance.
She lowered her eyes, her mouth curving ironically, but she remained silent.

A member of the royal family was dead tonight… and she was drenched with blood.
If she was caught, she would be arrested immediately and hanged.

Seeing that she had no strength to even shout, the two men swallowed.
Behaving like wild dogs released from their cage, their rough palms stretched out to touch Leng Yiyao unscrupulously.
In the blink of an eye, her beautiful body was half-naked.

The bright white, delicate, undulating breasts suddenly stimulated the two, their faces heating up.
Their breathing became increasingly urgent and the atmosphere turned strange.

At that moment, outside the house, another man in black robes looked on with a frown.
Seeing that she was about to be exploited, he was still motionless.
His eyes were cold.

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