was still obsessed with the prince who was known as a perfect person by the whole country.
Now, in fact, the youth’s head had been separated from his body and fell to the ground.
The youth had died without an intact corpse.

Second sounds of desperate screams followed; then a third, a fourth, a fifth…

These teenagers who were usually arrogant and willful now faced fifteen strong men with ice-cold faces holding swords.
Their faces were bathed with tears.
Blood flowed from the cuts in their skin.
It was a grotesquely gorgeous picture of interwoven scarlet.

All eyes were staring in a terrified manner at the beautiful prince, desperately hoping for a miracle to occur, as if he were their final hope of surviving.

However, behind them was the sound of people approaching, the sound of meat being cut.
Their hearts were as if they were hanging from a cliff.
All of this was only in one moment before only torn body and crushed bones were left, the people dying without an intact corpse.

A moment before opening her eyes, Leng Yiyao was still confused, struggling to know what condition her body was in: whether the lower half of her body was cut off, or whether her abdomen was impaled with an iron hook.

It was as if her whole being had been torn into pieces, her body being cut open with a knife and her five viscera and six bowels were crushed into minced meat.

Endless pain… as if a sickle was cutting every single nerve in her body.

Pain… at least meant that she was alive.

Rejoicing, she breathed out, sighing with relief.
But the next second, even this opportunity to leisurely amuse herself and enjoy her well-being ceased to exist.
Because she had no perception of the pain she had just been experiencing.

Sighing helplessly, she subconsciously tried to move her little finger.
But unfortunately, no matter how hard she tried, it yielded no results.

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All right.
Her broken body was useless for the first time ever.
Having been disappointed too many times, her disposition had already been trained to become like Ming Wang.

Calming her heart down, she listened to her surroundings keenly.

Extremely quiet, like a mortuary or a grave.
But the smell of blood was too pungent, destroying the mood she wanted to indulge in the dark.

From her ear, a sticky, viscous, dense thing flowed endlessly.
If she didn’t guess wrong, that had to be her blood.

No, no.
It wasn’t ‘her’ blood, but the blood of her ‘body’.

Ordinarily, if she were in a good mood or if she had a live audience at the scene, or she could speak to get a good understanding of her situation, she would use the most concise language to summarise this bizarre situation.

This is a case of ‘reincarnating in someone else’s body’ not just in name but also in reality.

Only, it was a pity that at that time, there wasn’t one individual with good intentions to stay beside these dead bodies to show concern about ‘her’ reality and experience.

Tut, it wasn’t the first time she had reincarnated.
She was once again an innocent sixteen years old.
In this case, if she met other people, the best way to not be considered a monster or a devil was to lay still quietly.

Leng Yiyao’s eyes flashed subtly.

Initially, as a special agent cultivated by a secret institution, she used to think that the pursuit of hunting, killing and stealing secrets were the simplest activities of life.
Unfortunately, after her death, and since her first rebirth, every time she woke up, it was in a ruined, ragged body.
Her worldview kept getting refreshed, to the extent that now, she wasn’t very shocked with her situation.

Hehe… a pair of biting cold eyes which reflected the desolateness of the moon gradually opened.
Then, as if nothing had happened, she sized up the circumstances into which she had arrived.

Have to say that the scene of thirty bodies stacked on one another, lying down in rows was not very elegant and tasteful.
Moreover, the area was firmly enclosed in a circle with fifteen robust men in black clothes made the good mood she had after her rebirth instantly disappear.

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After the rebirth, this time, the memory that remained the brain was inherited by her as usual.

Very good.
She hadn’t gone back to the ancient times but was simply reborn in an unknown Middle Eastern country.
The degree of civilization was similar to the 21st century.
It was a pity that it was a completely parallel world and was fully different from any place she had been born in.
The technology of mobile phones, computers, automobiles, and airplanes were all lacking.
In addition, there was no motherland or hometown that she had any attachment to, here.

Ah, when she was in her own turf, she was the host there.
Now that she was born again, she had unexpectedly traveled to a desert region.
She didn’t know whether or not to thank God for this dog luck.

The climate was dry and it was reasonable to say that there wasn’t much rain and nourishment for the land, making it barren.
But unfortunately, the exclusive ownership of the unique resources present here have turned it into another UAE empire.
The four main words that were engraved above the empire were: yǒuqián, rènxìng [wealthy, unruly].

Compared to other civilized countries, this desert country was still very strict with status and ranks.
Of course, male superiority was still retained from age-old traditions.

Obviously, Lu Ming, who had given the order to ‘clean them up’ that day was a member of the royal family standing at the top of the pyramid.

Regretfully, too many people witnessed the sudden movement of ‘her’ corpse.
In order to eliminate future troubles… she sighed.
She had to make these people disappear without a trace, leaving behind no trail.

But this girl was really a beauty, a!

Her melancholic mood was only momentary.
The next second, Leng Yiyao looked at the man who had closed his eyes and couldn’t help but smile.
Even if there were countless people watching her, she couldn’t help but sigh at that moment, “Best quality.”

All the splendor between heaven and earth seem to gather in one place – in the face that looked holier than the moon and had reached a perfection that was unattainable to ordinary people.
Pure nobility, pure to the bones.

Lu Ming, who was appreciating the dim night, felt a coldness in his heart.
He felt an illusion of being hunted in the forest, as if the hunter peeled him layer by layer till he reached the bone, until an arrow hit him, letting a river of blood flow.

This was the thrilling feeling people had before they died! It was the gloomy, sinister, eerie feeling before being hunted, before a massacre!

“Shua!” As he turned around, his clothes moved in the air, making a curve.
He was astonished to see, inside the courtyard, a pair of tranquil eyes where one could see the tossing of billows.

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