General Xu’s age was well over half a century.
As a lieutenant general of the empire, he was no longer active in the front line of the military.
However, nearly 35 years of military qualifications and acute political intuition allowed him to stand out amongst the other generals.
In recent years, he rarely made a media appearance, mostly remained behind-the-scenes, and was practically not far from becoming a legendary general.


However, today he was wearing a military uniform buttoned all the way up to the top of his collar.
His entire body seemed to be casted in steel and every detail was rigorous and filled with solemnity.


At this moment, he stepped out of the off-road vehicle, then turned around, bent his waist, and personally put his hand on the top of the car door as he pulled open the car door in a respectful manner.


A group of sergeants stationed at the door suddenly held their breath as they quietly looked towards the car door.


A pair of dark military boots came into view first.


The cowhide craftsmanship, handmade, shone with a cold lustre under the sunlight.
Without stopping, they moved forward.


Everyone raised their heads subconsciously.
As if they were being controlled, they instantly raised their heads, chests out, and saluted.


The dry desert soil was mixed with the green grass in the shooting range.
For a moment, everyone looked at the Commander as he stepped out slowly from the car and felt their eyes getting dazzled.


Who was it, whose disposition was tall and straight, and whose gaze was cold.


Who was it, who looked secluded but had a lofty and imposing aura.


In this world, there were probably such types of people.
They didn’t have to say much and didn’t need to be forceful.
Just a mere look from them was enough to make people tremble and surrender!


His presence itself was overbearing, and too eye-catching.
As a result, there was no need for any further introduction or ostentatiousness.
Even when he wore a simple uniform, it was capable of shocking everyone’s hearts.


This was -the Marshal!


In the entire world, he was the only one who held a country’s military power, but no one dared to speak of it.


Even in the most bustling countries in the West, when the Marshal was mentioned, everyone couldn’t help but show admiration and reverence.


This man represented the most powerful military force, the most sturdy force, and was the aspirations of many in this world!


Under the enthusiastic eyes of everyone, General Xu quietly led the way for Marshal He Mo until he reached the independent shooting training range and bent down to open the door by himself.


Suddenly, the white background wall, full range of electronic monitoring and display equipment, and a shooting target set apart, seemed to isolate the heat of the blazing sun outside from the coldness of the room.


Only a lone man in military uniform, wearing a sound-proof headset, stood quietly in front of the shooting target, with his back to the door, seemingly in a predicament…


General Xu squinted his eyes, and suddenly realized that, not seeing him for a year, this young soldier seemed to be somewhat different from before.


“General, everything is ready.” The officer in charge of bringing Zhai Mu in before, carefully walked to General Xu’s side and reported quietly.


He didn’t know why, but after entering the shooting range, the Marshal’s breath suddenly became cold, and he didn’t even have the courage to even look up….


“Let him start, then.” General Xu’s shrewd eyes swept behind Zhai Mu’s back, and without any hesitation, he turned to invite Marshal Hemo to sit down.


The pitch-black eyes were deep and distant, indifferently falling on Zhai Mu’s limbs, as if evaluating all the functions of his body.


Everyone in the entire empire knew no one, before the eyes of the marshal, could hold a secret.


Because when those eyes fell on you, all the innermost fears and concerns hidden in the depths of your heart, would be exposed involuntarily.


At this moment, Zhai Mu obviously had turned around, his back facing the Marshal, but, for some reason, his heart suddenly felt cold.
At that moment, it was as if someone had held a gun against his chest, the fear of being penetrated caused his limbs to become stiff instantly….

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