Zhai Mu quickly changed into a set of military uniform and rushed to the D City Military District immediately as per the instructions.
The martial law imposed in the city did not affect the normal life of citizens.
But because of the assassination of Prince Lu Ming, probably not many people were smiling.
However, the moment he stepped inside the gate of the military area, he clearly felt the barely concealed excitement on the faces of everyone present in the area.


The first person to hold the entire military power in the palm of his hand!


The person who was only heard of and seen in news reports and military biographies…never thought that one day he would actually be able to see him.


There were none who didn’t feel that this was a pie that fell from the sky, and even the highest commander of D City Military District couldn’t control his elation at this moment.


Probably, there are really this kind of brave people in the world.
Even if he chose to put aside his dignity and status, he still had the ability to make his seniors feel proud of him with his achievements!


“The Marshal is busy with his business.
This time he is arriving in D City for an investigation as per the official report, but you have to know that things will never be that simple.
Having been in the army for many years, logically speaking, you are also a veteran.
Don’t say anything you shouldn’t say, and don’t ask questions you shouldn’t ask.
I don’t need to remind you more about these things.
Just remember that when the time comes, take note of General Xu’s signals, use more brains and talk less.” 


In the room, all the high-ranking officers of the military district would be gathering.
It was impossible to say that they would not be envious and jealous.
Why was he here to participate in the reception when their military ranks were higher than him? The military is a place where seniority is given utmost importance.
The royal family relies on birth, and the government relies on ability.
But in the military, if you want to move forward, you ought to have more than just these two conditions.
Fortunately, everyone was aware of the importance of the situation and understood that General Xu deliberately promoted Zhai Mu.
Hence, they were willing to explain everything to him kindly and patiently.


“Please be rest assured, leaders.
I will definitely not discredit our military region.” With both his legs together and posture straight, he calmly met the scrutinizing eyes in front of him, his face calm and composed.


The others looked at each other and smiled calmly.
Since everything that should be said has already been said, the rest is up to his good fortune.


At 11:40, the phone in the office rang, and the group of proficient old foxes solemnly awaited further instructions.


This time, General Xu used his mobile phone to dial the number himself: “Let Zhai Mu come to the shooting range.”


There was no cause or effect, and no more explanation regarding the destination of this trip.
With a simple sentence, he hung up the phone.


Zhai Mu thought that in the military, even if he couldn’t meet him one-on-one, he would be able to see him from a distance…


The old foxes were filled with disappointment, but Zhai Mu’s eyes flashed slightly.


“Since the general has explained, don’t delay, go now and don’t be late!” After thinking about it, they let him rush out.
The shooting range was at least half an hour’s drive from the military zone.


“Understood!” He raised his hand, put his five fingers together and gave a military salute in the standard posture.
Then he turned around, and ran to the basement.


Along the way, his mind did not relax…


City D has been an economic city with countless rich magnates and tycoons.
And guns have always been popular among aristocrats and wealthy businessmen.
This also led to the creation of a shooting range with an extensive range of firearms and one of the most spacious venues in City D.


Looking at other surrounding areas, there is truly no other place like this…


The officer of the General Staff Department called and said that General Xu recommended him because he won the championship in the shooting competition last year…


He suddenly felt that the purpose of the Marshal’s trip to City D was by no means simple…

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