TG:ROTBBW Chapter 22

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Colonel speaking.
Are you available this noon?” A cold voice came from the phone.
He stated his identity, but there was no emotional fluctuation in his voice due his status.
One could hear vague indistinct voices from the other end.

Zhai Mu was very familiar with such background noises, knowing that the other party should be in the office at this moment.

“I am available, how can I help you?” The voice on the other side of the phone was not familiar, however the number from the incoming call actually came under the scope of the entire military organization. 

When talking to the gambling king, he had a casual demeanour.
However, when receiving this call, he had already subconsciously adjusted his posture.
His whole person was as taut as a stretched bow, as if he could unleash a terrifying power at any time.

“This is the General Staff Department.” The other party’s voice paused slightly, as if his breath was stuck in his throat, so he lowered his intonation and spoke in a milder tone: “Just received a notice from the superior- the Marshal will come to City D this afternoon and will be resting for one night.
Thanks to General Xu’s strong recommendation, your superior has decided that you will be incharge of the reception tonight.”

This was simply like a huge blow on a sunny day! For a moment, Zhai Mu wondered how to react. 

That’s the Marshal!

The first person in the whole empire to gather the entire military power in his hands!

Even if you went back a thousand years, there was simply no one in this country who could compare to him.

In this country where the royal family is respected, if there was one person who could surpass the existence of the emperor, then there would only be the Marshal, and him alone!

Zhai Mu opened his mouth, only to find that his throat felt dry.
He didn’t know what to say.

The officer of the General Staff Department had probably been accustomed to such reactions, and smiled slightly: “General Xu is your superior, and he happens to be the leader accompanying the Marshal on this trip.
He has repeatedly praised you for winning the championship in the national shooting competition last year.
Only then did the other leaders agree to give you such a special case.”

That was the most powerful Marshal in the entire empire!

The royal family represents the face of the empire, and the government represents the interests of the people, but there is only one person in charge of military power in the country!

To get such an opportunity to meet such a person is tantamount to reaching the sky in one step!

Opening your mouth not knowing what to say, and not screaming out of control on the spot was in itself an amazing feat!

“Thank you, thank you.
This is the highest award given to me by my superiors.” Zhai Mu clenched his fists, his face strikingly bright, and in the next moment, he asked carefully what he had to do: “Can you please let me know what I need to prepare?….”

The people in the General Staff Department were decent people, and were naturally willing to give him face.
They told him in detail the specifics and other tasks that should be paid attention to in advance.
After conversing on the phone, half an hour had already passed. 

Zhai Mu politely waited for the other party to hang up, following which he kept his phone down.
Lowering his head and glancing at his clothes, he couldn’t help but frown.
When he accompanied Miss Leng outside he was just thinking about how convenient it would be in this outfit, but how could he receive him in this attire? He was afraid that he would be seized immediately even before he could get close to the Marshal.

Not even bothering to look back at the direction of the casino, he rushed back to his residence immediately.

The place where he lived was actually not far from the cellar where Leng Yiyao had been recuperating, only two streets away.
The elevator opened with a ‘ding’ and entering his fingerprint, he immediately walked towards the closet in the room.

The most orthodox military uniform seems to manifest the most disciplined aspect of an individual to its fullest.
Facing the mirror on the dressing table, he had completely transformed.
There was no longer the casual smile on his face, though his eyes held turbulent waves, revealing the excitement brewing in his heart at a glance….

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