The door of the VIP room slowly opened, and Leng Yiyao walked out from inside.
The security and senior management at the door looked up at the boss’s face, only to see him take a slight step forward and personally hook the veil back on Leng Yiyao’s face.
His face showed a sudden stunned look.
However, everyone present there was tactful and immediately walked to the side in a respectful manner, awaiting further instructions.


The man in the white-robes stared fixedly, as Xiller helped her put on the veil, after which he beckoned to him.
Immediately, the man bowed slightly as he walked over towards them.


“You take her to the car and wait for me.
We will go visit the Leng Family later.” As for him, naturally, he had to handle that Zhai Mu first.


The white-robed man’s name was Ai Li.
Ever since his parents died, he had been working for Xiller.
Everyone in the entire city was aware that he was the most trusted aide of the gambling king.
Seeing that Xiller personally instructed him to escort this young miss, he immediately turned towards Leng Yiyao, his gaze meaningful.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Leng Jia…

Ai Li thought in his heart.
The empire-famous eldest lady of Leng’s family was naturally known by everyone, however this second lady had always been dull compared to the brilliance of her eldest sister.
Previously, he had met Leng Yiyao several times while accompanying Xiller, only that he never saw his master behave so seriously…


Furthermore, his attitude today seems to have reversed… 


He had always seen Leng Yiyao brimming with enthusiasm towards his master and his face would remain expressionless, but today…


Looking up, Leng Yiyao, who was wearing a veil, only revealed a pair of faint eyes.
When her eyes fell on him, it seemed as if she could peer into the depths of his heart.
He halted mid-stare and immediately nodded, proceeding to bow as he led the way for her.


Leng Yiyao on the other hand, wanted to stay and listen to what Xiller and Zhai Mu had to say.
However, given that she was almost immediately treated as a porcelain doll and was guarded like one, she stretched her waist lazily, disinclined to be a demon(to interrupt).


While the group of people were escorting her to the underground garage in a grandiose manner, Xiller had already led Zhai Mu into his office. 


Just now, the commotion caused by the tussle between the two foreigners did not have any impact on the business of the casino.
On the contrary, as time went by, more and more guests came and went.
But Xiller’s office was a completely different world compared to the outside.
No matter how lively and crowded it was outside, everything here was unimaginably quiet.


“I heard that you saved Yaoyao last night.
I have to thank you properly for that.
After all…Nowadays, good-intentioned people are hard to find.” Xiller lit a cigarette and took a drag quietly, his sentence meaningful.
A moment ago, when he spoke to Leng Yiyao, he knew that she had been cautious and did not reveal her identity and real name, but instead told this person that her name was Leng Yao.
He called her Yaoyao, with such ease, it made one think that the relationship between the two was not shallow. 


Zhai Mu smiled casually and didn’t seem to mind: “It’s simply a coincidence.” He was under the impression that Xiller was talking about accommodating her in the cellar, changing her dressing(medical), and solving her food and clothing problem.


“It’s just that the whole city is under the martial law, and you killed people.  After all, one is likely to misunderstand.” Xiller carefully sized the man in front of him with a careful expression, and felt that this man was not only shrewd but he also had an outstanding temperament.
No matter what he said, the other party seemed to be able to laugh it off.
Such kind of people were definitely not ordinary.


There were many self-styled geniuses in the business world.
He never feared those intelligent people.
On the contrary, he was most afraid of the type of  people whose thoughts he seemed unable to fathom.
He suddenly remembered the malicious smile Leng Yiyao gave before she left and couldn’t help but frown in his heart.
Who exactly was she provoking…? 


Zhai Mu was taken aback for a moment as he blinked.
As if hearing a funny story, he fixed his sight onto Xiller, but there seemed to be a dangerous glint in his eyes, “She said, I killed people?”

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