“Everyone present here can bear witness to the fact that he stripped my clothes off, and yet I didn’t commit any fraud at all…” He screamed out in trepidation, trembling exceedingly.
However, in the next moment, he couldn’t speak anymore.


Because, at this moment, a cold hand slowly clutched his throat!


“Noisy!” When the man in the white robe was not smiling, his face was akin to a glacier.
In front of the master, this person dared to bark noisily.
This was practically the same as having a stray dog!


Apart from the foreigner who couldn’t speak due to him being strangled, the others were also taken aback and stunned in shock.


Xiller glanced around indifferently, his face expressionless.
But the bearded man who created a huge ruckus, accusing the other party, was rendered speechless.
Because at this moment, the man who couldn’t breathe was stubbornly extending his hand pointing towards him….


A smile flashed across Leng Yiyao’s eyes and she raised her eyebrows slightly, watching the bearded man’s face become increasingly paler as the minutes passed by.


“Save me, save…Save me, at the beginning….
We had clearly negotiated…” The person’s voice was shaky as if a lump was stuck in his throat, but everyone in the room heard clearly understood his words.


“No, no, it’s not me.
I am not involved in this.” The bearded man was frightened, and immediately knelt down towards Xiller: “I am being wrongly accused, I don’t even know this person.”


“Oh..Really?” Xiller turned his head and glanced down at the person kneeling at his feet.
The voice was neither too high nor too low, yet it was so cold and lacking in emotion that everyone’s hearts chilled subconsciously.


The man in the white robe, looked towards his master, their gazes meeting.
Bowing his head slightly, he instantly let go of his grip from the man’s neck.


The next moment, as if being fished out of the sea, the foreigner gasped and coughed, lying on the ground clutching his throat.
The hoarse and compact cough made people wonder whether he had any lungs at all.


But before he could get over, he rushed to Xiller’s feet, “Sir, I’ve said-, I’ve said everything that I had to say, please spare me…spare me.” He kneeled his head and kowtowed loudly, “Bang” “Bang” “Bang”-the sound of the forehead hitting the floor made everyone’s heart feel cold.


Xiller lowered his eyes for a moment, then raised his index and middle finger slightly.
Immediately, the white-robed man came forward and stepped on the bearded man who was about to speak up and refute.


Everyone could hear it clearly.
The man’s spine was trampled to the point of making a ‘creak’ and ‘crunch’ sound of the bones grinding together.
Before he could utter a blood-curdling scream, he was gagged and pressed on the ground, unable to even lift his head up.
Not even a bit.


“You were saying” Xiller said these two words as if he hadn’t seen the bearded man twitching on the ground at all.


“I-, him and I came to City D for a trip together and stayed in a hotel.
But yesterday we almost spent all our money.
When we were packing our luggage and preparing to leave, a man suddenly found us and said that as long as we were willing to complete a task in his stead, he would offer two gold bars each as a reward.
We-, We were momentarily blinded by greed and thus agreed to his offer.
He said that you never visit the casino and as long as we create a disturbance and be careful not to get implicated due to lack of evidence, the casino would not embarrass us any further.
He said trembling, as he explained the ins and outs of the matter as clearly as possible. 


Deeply fearing that others would suspect him, he took off his clothes: “I really didn’t cheat.
We were just accusing each other without any purpose.”


Yes they didn’t cheat.
Nevertheless, they dared to fish in troubled waters.
This was simply taking the opportunity to brew trouble, wasn’t it?


Leng Yiyao touched her chin, and felt that this person’s IQ was really worrying.


To intentionally create trouble in other people’s casinos and to tarnish their reputation.
This, in addition to committing fraud.
Which one was lighter and which one was heavier? (which of the two crimes were more serious?)


Sure enough, before others could sneer, Xiller paused to stand up in an indifferent manner and proceeded to throw out a sentence: “Chop off the hands and feet of these two people.”


“Mmmpff–” The bearded man who was being stepped on, started to struggle like crazy.
Even the one who confessed and was compliant was completely frightened by this sentence.


However, the security guards were quick to react.
They swiftly knocked the two people unconscious and proceeded to drag them away like dead dogs.


“It is the negligence of our casino to disturb your gambling.
Today, you can use the VIP room on the first floor at will.
In addition, we will prepare ten gold bars as compensation for everyone.
Please forgive me.” The white robed man gave a slight bow in apology to all the guests and then promptly went to complete the follow-up work.


The person who was originally planning to say a few words to the famous gambling king suddenly realized that Xiller was quietly staring at a woman- a petite woman with a black robe and a veil…

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