The onlookers at the scene suddenly looked at Leng Yiyao with subtle expressions.


This veiled woman in black clothes was actually acquainted with the owner of the casino here?


When Zhai Mu saw the man in white robe standing sideways with respect, he suddenly smiled meaningfully.
It seems that today’s wandering around was not in vain.


Leng Yiyao leaned sideways and looked at everyone in the audience, and then smiled at the little brother in the white robe: “Please lead the way.”


At the same time, the two foreigners who were red-faced because of their outbursts were “politely” invited by the security guards on each side to go upstairs together.
The other 7 guests at the table were all about to leave, but they immediately followed after seeing the situation, their faces barely concealing their excitement.
Although their gamble had been interrupted, to get a chance to see the rumoured boss, who didn’t feel as if a pie had fallen from the sky?


This was the famed gambling king!


More than two-thirds of the casinos in this city were under his name!


It was said that he had not even reached the age of 30, but had accumulated wealth that others couldn’t use for hundreds of lifetimes!


Even the royal family gave him face when they met, let alone ordinary civilians?


However, it was said that his whereabouts had always been a mystery, and he rarely showed up in front of other people.
Why did he happen to come here today?


With rising curiosity, the group quickly followed Leng Yiyao.


On reaching the second floor, only then did they realize that the decoration here was completely different from that of the central hall.


If the gambling hall on the first floor was said to be splendorous and majestic, in that case, the decoration on this floor, in contrast, was completely outstanding and one of a kind.
Finely-carved jade utensils, expensive and famous paintings, and exotic plants with lush greenery added to the exquisite nature of the surroundings.


At the end of the corridor, two men in black stood calmly at the door, their strong limbs seemed to be tense, ready to take action, and even their eyes were squinted, as if they were on high-level guard at all times.
Seeing their group approaching, the two quickly searched the crowd, and after confirming that no one was carrying a weapon, they bowed their heads slightly and opened the door.


At that moment, Leng Yiyao clearly heard that the breathing of the people around her, couldn’t help but quieten down..


The next moment, the lights in the room illuminated the front.
In the spacious and luxurious room, there was only a sole person occupying the high stool alone.
The chair slowly swivelled around.


Like a classic clip played in slow motion, Leng Yiyao watched that handsome face under the hazy yellow light, revealing the entire picture bit by bit.


The first glance fell onto the towering bridge of the nose.
The eyes protruding from the temples were slightly squinted.
Upon closer inspection, you could find that his eyes were much lighter than ordinary people, like the colour of chocolate under the sun.
His eyes contained a ray of clustered light within, making people unable to look at him directly.
Everyone in the audience, on meeting his eyes as he turned around and immediately averted their gaze. 


Only Leng Yiyao, stared at him fixedly.
And in the next moment, her eyes followed his firm and steady lower jaw all the way up, finally landing on a scar on the corner of his eyebrows.
The scar appeared to make him seem more unfathomable and added a layer of mystery to him.


Seeing that the person’s face gradually became clearer under the light, she seemed to hear a soft “thump” from the bottom of her heart.
Giving a languid smile, she closed her eyes gently.


Xiller’s(Xi Lei) eyes fell silently on her, and his fingertips curled slightly in the palm of his hand.
At that moment, his lips seemed to move, and his expression was dazed for a moment.
However, when he turned his eyes away and saw Zhai Mu behind her, all the expressions on his face were like a tidal wave, disappearing completely.
He didn’t stop for a second longer in her direction, and looked at the two foreigners caught by the security guard. 


“What’s the matter?”


The deep voice was like the golden sand polished by sunlight, with a hint of flavour that seemed to capture the will of everyone and a cold air that swept through their hearts.


There was silence in the room, and the two foreigners who were arguing before, instantly turned pale.


Everyone seemed to be shocked by his momentum, and no one uttered a sound.


Xiller never had the habit of repeating his words a second time.
He turned around indifferently and proceeded to settle himself into the sofa.
At the same time, the man in the white robe kicked the two foreigners to the ground.
His face was cold: “Master asked you a question, are you deaf!”


“I, I just lost my sight and thought that it was him who cheated.” The bearded man quivered in fear as he stood up to explain himself hastily “As a result…” 


“He searched me thoroughly and my reputation was tarnished.
Since he couldn’t afford to lose, he instead chose to blame me.
I absolutely didn’t commit fraud.
Everyone here can testify!” This person, a moment ago was downstairs yelling on top of his voice.
Now however, his legs trembled in fear, but he still managed to speak in a hoarse yet clear voice.
Who didn’t know that this casino was owned by the gambling king.
However, he never expected that this esteemed person would arrive at this casino for inspection.
Why today of all days did he unexpectedly come? This sort of event was truly hard to come by in a million years.


Thinking of the fate of those old people who were caught by the casino in the past, his teeth began to chatter, and he felt that he was in an ice cave.


Got it! He certainly got it! …….


He shuddered and gritted his teeth, his pupils dilated…

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