When the bearded man pierced the knife in the space between his fingers, the fear of not being in control of his own life made him tremble.
The man sneered and pushed the knife closer: “As the saying goes, true gold does not fear the test of fire.
Why are you shaking? I haven’t even started searching yet!”


The security guard of the casino had already arrived and was standing aside observing the two.
Looking at the situation between them, he understood that the man with the yellow-skin had really suffered a loss.
So, he simply stood to the side with his arms folded, not interrupting them.



However, the attitude he displayed was in itself a tacit agreement.


The most taboo thing in any casino was to make money!


The bearded man picked the other up by his collar like a chicken, and the next moment, in front of all the onlookers, he started peeling off his clothes one after another!


The man bit his lip, as if frightened but did not dare utter a word.


Soon, the last piece of clothing and trousers were taken off.
However, only a piece of underwear that could cover his privates was left and yet there was no card to be found


The remaining pair of underwear was stuck to him like second skin and it was evident that there was no room to hide things at all!


Forget about a tool used for switching cards, not even the slightest bit of abnormality was found!


The bearded man’s face froze completely, and he turned the man over in disbelief, but found nothing unusual.


The man who was stripped naked finally raised his head to shout loudly: “If you can’t afford to lose, don’t come out to gamble! I’m not the only one you lost to, why only search me? I have finally seen what it means to bully the soft and fear the hard.
You bastard!”


Seeing the onlookers next to him begin to talk in a low voice, he picked up the clothes on the ground and snorted coldly as he put them on, “Weren’t you very confident just now? Didn’t you say that if you wronged me, you’d give me a million as compensation.
This old man has now taken his clothes off.
You better pay up now or I’ll be taking you to the police station immediately!”


Yo, this fight is getting intense.


Leng Yiyao blinked lightly, raised her head with interest, and looked at the monitor above her head.


With 800 gaming tables, there were no less than 400 surveillance cameras in the lobby alone.
It could be said that it was a total 360 degree prevention and control with no blind spots.


These two foreigners had been arguing here for so long.
Except for the security, not even a single management team in the casino was in sight…


She smiled, a hint of aloofness and mystery appearing on her face.


Zhai Mu’s gaze suddenly paused on her, and it was a long time before he finally looked away.


This woman…her attention does not seem to be on the two gamblers.


Amidst the hustle and bustle, the remaining guests on the table stood up one after another, seeming to have lost interest.
Disgust was already evident on their faces, and they were about to lift their feet to leave.
Suddenly, a man in a white robe appeared, blocking the path in front of the people.


This person had naturally curly hair, a pair of eyes with smiles like a crescent moon, and his cheeks were accentuated with two dimples.


However, the moment he spoke, the whole crowd suddenly fell silent.


He said: “Everyone, my host is in the VIP room upstairs.
Please come upstairs with me.
We will give you a proper account of what happened today.”


Leng Yiyao curled her lips almost invisibly, and her profound eyes landed on this little brother.
It seems that the management was not to blame for the neglect regarding the ‘liveliness’ here.
If  the boss himself had not expressed his opinion.
Who would dare to be superfluous then?


After the little guy said this, he suddenly turned around and walked towards Leng Yiyao: “Miss Leng, master asked me to invite you to come along as well.”


Miss Leng…


She lowered her eyes and couldn’t help but smile.


She had come here merely to inquire into the details of the casino.
It was best to take the opportunity to climb up to the forces behind this casino in order to escape smoothly.
She did not expect that…


Suddenly she raised her head and looked at the VIP room upstairs with scorching eyes.


Is it an old acquaintance…?

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