Leng Yiyao’s eyes lit up with excitement, and she rushed toward the noisy crowd: “Let’s go watch the fun!”


It was really good luck to be able to run into such an amusing scene.
Everyone  knows that casinos rely on the expertise of “betting”.
If you dared to play tricks in front of the dealer, there could be only two outcomes – either your technique was superior and every bet would win! Or, if you tried to wield a knife in front of Lord Guan Yu1, you had to be prepared to have your hand chopped off!


Zhai Mu raised his eyebrows.
He didn’t expect that she would be fond of watching this sort of “liveness”, but he still followed after unhurriedly.


The guests of the casino seemed to be attracted by the noise, and in groups of twos and threes automatically gravitated towards the centre of the gaming table.
There were nine men sitting there, watching the cards.
They must’ve been playing baccarat.


Leng Yiyao swept a glance towards them.
Among the nine people on the table, seven were locals, the other two were foreigners.
And precisely the two people who were causing trouble at the moment were foreigners.
It was just that the man with the long beard had yellowish skin, and the complexion of the foreigner he was butting heads with was astonishingly white.
At the moment, the white man’s hand was firmly nailed to the table, unable to move.


“You’re spouting drivel!” The white man had a gentle face.
Seeing everyone gathered together, his face darkened instantly.
He twisted his shoulders in an attempt to break free from the control of the bearded man.
Unfortunately, he lacked sufficient strength and the more he struggled, the more embarrassed he became.


The rest of the people at the table watched indifferently, without making a sound.


Leng Yiyao had an odd feeling, when Zhai Mu suddenly pointed towards the chips on the table.
Only then did she discover that this old man who had been caught was quite interesting.
There were so many people at the table, and the others, except the two, remained motionless.
He specifically picked the bearded man to start a fight with.
There were only a few chips left in the opponent’s hand, which was a pitiful sight in comparison to the rest of the tablemates next to him.


“You have definitely hidden the card in your sleeve.” The bearded man sneered and grabbed his hand, waving to the casino staff: “If you take his clothes off, you’ll know it.”


This was the perfect method to catch the thief!


But before the staff could make a move, the foreigner immediately shouted: “For what reason are you searching me? I came here for a vacation so, don’t gamble if you cannot afford to lose.
Without evidence, if you dare to search me casually, believe it or not, I will sue you for libel!”


The crowd watching the commotion immediately whispered.
Sure enough, this person is a swindler.
He is quite smart and knows how to pick “customers” to dupe.


There are countless rich locals in D City.
Without finding out the details, if a foreigner rashly went against a local, he wouldn’t even know how he would end up dead.
However, it was a different matter altogether if he messed with foreigners.
After all, he did not harm other guests on the table.
Therefore, none of the remaining seven people made a sound.
Instead, like the other onlookers, they sat and watched the two foreigners arguing with great interest.


“Slander?” The bearded man gave him a sullen look, and his eyes were full of fierceness: “If I really wronged you, I will give you another million in addition to the money I lost just now! But if I find out that the thousand-dollar card is in your possession then…”


All of a sudden, the bearded man drew out a knife concealed in his bosom and – “Bang”-pierced it on the table with a resonating sound, nailing it next to his index finger, “I will chop off your fingers one by one and feed it to the dogs!”


After speaking, the man did not let the other voice his protest.
Picking him by the collar, he then proceeded to remove his clothes!


Leng Yiyao’s eyes were practically bright enough to set off fireworks.


This man was quite daring!



A Chinese Military Official

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