igners who formed a large part of the crowd.

Due to the long-term exposure to the sunlight, local people tended to have wheatish skin, while the skin of these foreigners was significantly fairer.
Under the glittering light, it appeared to be even more outstanding.


The ladies working in the casino travelled in twos and threes, occasionally flirting with acquaintances, but more often, they used other means to win tips or gambling money from the guests.


Leng Yiyao discovered that none of the charmingly dressed casino ladies had a veil.
Their smiling eyes held an alluring charm, attracting the guests who seemed unable to move their gaze away.


However, there was only one exception…


Leng Yiyao felt that the twinkling eyes of the beauties were all fed to the dog.
Whenever they smiled with an intent of approaching them, Zhai Mu always had the ability to pass by them without even squinting the corner of his eyes.


Tsk tsk, looking at the droopy countenance of the beauties, Leng Yiyao simply could not compare.
Could it be that there was a problem with the eyes? In that case, it would be quite easy to dupe this man of his money.


“What are you looking at?” Behind her ears, she suddenly heard a low voice.


She smiled slightly and looked calm.
Keeping a curious expression on her face, she pointed towards the luxury private rooms with closed doors behind the beauties: “Are those private rooms not open?” The door was locked tightly and no light could penetrate it.
It was a stark contrast in comparison to the atmosphere outside.


Zhai Mu suddenly smiled meaningfully.
“No, it’s not that it is closed, but….
Idlers are not allowed in.”


That was the VIP room?


Leng Yiyao looked around with interest.
The size of this casino was pretty amazing.


While the two were chatting at random, a gambling table in the central hall suddenly erupted into a furore.  Amidst the friction of the table and chairs, a man’s sharp cry pierced into their eardrum——


“Hold it! You dare to cheat!” —

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