The man raised his head and glanced at the huge sign again, his gaze undecipherable.
This was one of the places with the deepest background in the city.
Was she just casually pointing it out, or did she have a plan in mind?


Leng Yiyao didn’t bother caring about his reaction.
After crossing the road, she went straight into the place.


Such blatant business took place in broad daylight.
It was a sight to behold.
To be honest, except in Las Vegas, she had never seen a city so overt and grandiose before.


As the saying goes- ten bets and nine losses.
Casinos are not generally business hotels in the true sense.
People who could afford to open such luxurious casinos most definitely had trodden on the path of black and white1, behind their backs.


She killed someone, and also assassinated a member of the royal family.
If she wanted to leave the city under martial law, she definitely had to take extraordinary measures.
But now, the crux of the matter lies in the fact that, behind her was a man whose identity remained unclear.
She had to find a chance to escape before she could return to the Leng Family’s manor quietly.


As her mind raced with possibilities, she quickly examined the casino in front of her.


From the entrance, it took a full five minutes to get to the signboard gate of the casino.
Popular cars could be seen coming and going, while she in a plain attire, simply walked on foot.
It was quite an uncommon sight.


Sure enough, before even entering the door, she was stopped by four men in black robes.
They stared at her veil and looked away, seemingly questioning the man walking behind her with doubtful eyes.


According to desert customs, only the noble party could walk ahead.
Regardless of the fact that a woman’s status in the desert was inferior to a man.
Just by looking at the man’s clothes, he ascertained that the man was not an ordinary person.
How could he let a woman walk in front of him?


Leng Yiyao was stunned for a moment before remembering the status of a woman in the world she was in.


‘Women- the disadvantaged social groups’.
These five words were simply not enough to describe their sadness and despondency.

The rich had the liberty to buy civilian women to be slaves, wives, or even mistresses.


Unless you had a noble background, you wouldn’t even have a chance to say “no”.


As far as her -‘I’ll take the lead, you remain behind’ performance, unless she was a noble lady, she ought to be immediately dragged out to mend her ways and focus on etiquette!


The man walked up to her, seemingly no longer surprised by her unusual behaviour.


Whether this woman really lacked social life skills or had brain issues, he felt that it would roughly take a day for him to understand.


Looking at the four well-built men in front of him, he just nodded perfunctorily, and then indifferently questioned her in an indescribable tone: “Even if you are in a hurry to go to the bathroom, you shouldn’t be so hasty, alright?”




Leng Yiyao dared to swear, she absolutely heard the laughter of the four men!


Your sister!


You are in a hurry to go to the toilet! Your whole family is in a hurry to go to the toilet!


But could she say it?


Absolutely not!


Because the four men who had just looked at her with a skeptical expression just moved their feet suddenly, as if urging her to quickly resolve her problem!


Holding back for too long is not good for your health.


It was also an act of last resort for her, to have walked in front of the man.


They understand, understand…


Understand my foot!


Leng Yiyao glared at the “culprit”, gritted her teeth, and took a deep breath.


“It’s still early, and there are not many guests inside.
Miss, please.” Seeing her staring at the man beside her, the brawny man reminded her kindly, and whistled at the people inside.

As soon as the sound fell, the door of the casino opened.


Leng Yiyao squinted, turned her head to look at the entrance of the casino, and suddenly smiled like a spring breeze.


This damnable man of unknown origin said that she was walking in such a hurry because she couldn’t hold back, right?


She’ll let him have a good experience today, what it means to be unable to hold back!


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