Skyscrapers towered up to the sky.
Countless cruise ships with white sails on the lake in the city, and all kinds of jewellery booths were lined up.


This–- where is the desert? This is obviously…




“Honk—” The prolonged sound of the car horn whizzed past from behind.
The driver was a middle-aged man in a white robe.
Seeing Leng Yiyao standing still at the intersection, he could not help but curse.
Speeding past he continued blowing the horn of the car.
The moment he passed by, he opened the car window and quickly gave her a middle finger: “Hey Country Bumpkin, don’t stand in the way!”


Leng Yiyao didn’t even bother looking at this fool1, but stared at the golden city wall in front of her in a daze.
Her inner OS2 was like – Damn, is this even real!


What the f**k is this!


Who can tell her why this city in the desert was even more prosperous than Dubai in the original world?


“Why are you staring at the city wall?” The man’s strange voice travelled into her ear.
From the moment she left the cellar, the woman’s behaviour seemed a bit abnormal.
Could it be because of the wound?


Leng Yiyao took a deep breath and pointed to the towering magnificent city wall not far away, “What is this wall made of?”

The sun was shining, and her eyes were almost blinded by the glare of the wall!


“It’s just ordinary material, but it’s coated with a layer of gold on the outside.” The man adjusted his veil and looked at her in a matter-of-fact manner.


It’s just a layer of gold…

Can I trouble you to not look at me like you’re throwing a handful of rice on my face?

Leng Yiyao stared.
From west to east, this endless city wall was actually plated with gold…


Rich and willful?

Nonsense! How can this be summed up by the word “willful”?

She simply suspected that she herself was the real bumpkin entering the city!


The man looked at the expression on her face changing again and again.
He couldn’t help but wonder – she was not only just a stranger, but she even lacked basic common sense.
“Due to the special geographical location of this city, a major part of the year only receives less than eight hours of sunlight.
After all, the effects of lighting and daylight are different.
In order to maximise the retention of natural light, the designer came up with the principle of golden light reflection. So, simply based on the most extended city wall, the city’s gold-plated wall was built.”


People in the desert naturally liked the colour gold, and gold also symbolises wealth.
Once this proposal came out, it was adopted immediately.
It took ten years to create the scenery in front of Leng Yiyao.


What land reclamation in Dubai, that foreign land! The people here handle gold and sprinkle it casually to hang it on the city as fluorescent lamps!


That night she directly cut off the necks of those people like chopping vegetables, as she was in a hurry, otherwise, under this strong light during daytime, how could she possibly escape?


Rubbing her eyes, she moved her gaze elsewhere, marvelling at her luck deeply.


Yes, although this was a desert city, it was good enough.
What’s more, this body originally belonged to a wealthy daughter.
Although she was a little pitiful and had no sense of existence compared to her sister, the day she will go home in the future…


Well, thinking about it, she felt a little excitement…


The man only felt that this girl suddenly smiled like a Persian cat, with a cunning gleam in her eyes, but on taking a closer look, there was nothing left.


“Didn’t you say it’s good to take a stroll? Let’s go there and have a look.” Leng Yiyao raised her head, pointing casually at a huge sign not far away.


The man paused at his steps and raised his eyebrows, “Are you sure?” This region is not suitable to be frequented by women from noble households…


“With you here, there should be no such problem, right?”


Don’t ask why, she just concluded that this man had money in his pocket, or was super rich!

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