Chapter 3: Busy Working Hard 

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A thin-edged knife flashed through the air with a terrible, gloomy aura.
It cut through and split the air moving unhindered in a domineering manner, heading straight towards the handsome Lu Ming’s heart!

Everyone could only think that the knife’s speed was unimaginably fast! They were frightened to their bones!

They wanted to move, take a step to block the knife, but the fact was that they hadn’t even taken one step before they heard a muffled groan.

“Your Highness!” all the bodyguards immediately cried out in alarm.

However, they saw a shadow leaning over the body dressed from top to toe in unblemished white.

Unexpectedly, it was the captain!

Such a narrow escape! The bodyguards slowly sighed with relief as they saw the blood flowing out of the captain’s chest.
Although they were nervous, their hearts hanging in the air fell, stuttered to a start and resumed beating.
After all, the captain blocked the killing move of the knife at the right time, and His Highness was now safe.

However, they hadn’t had enough time to rejoice dodging the bullet when instantly, their hearts jumped to their throats.

“No!” a sorrowful scream startled everyone, making them lose their souls in an instant.
It was the voice of the captain.

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The fifteen bodyguards watched, frightened, at the hole in the captain’s chest which had been pierced by the knife.
The captain held His Highness in his arms and, swaying, kneeled down instantly.
“Your Highness, please hold on! Don’t close your eyes! Your Highness!”

The fifteen bodyguards rushed to the noble figure immediately.
Only, as they came near, none of them dared to take a single step forward to approach him.

Under the moonlight, the scene of a man came to view.
The noble figure had a knife stuck into his chest.
The sharp weapon had unexpectedly entered his heart with only the handle visible outside!

This light handle, just like a child’s toy, had actually gone through the captain’s chest and went straight into His Highness’ heart!

Impossible! This couldn’t be happening!

To cut through two bodies with a knife, a girl could never accomplish something like this!

They could see the man clearly before their eyes! The scarlet on the dazzling white clothes couldn’t be deceiving their eyes!

“Doctor! Call the doctor quickly!” the loud roar woke everyone up.
But they saw the sharp-tongued and severe captain die – he leaned backward and fall with his eyes open wide.

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One of them boldly went forward to look for his breath.
Instantly, his expression changed as he signalled to the others with his eyes.
The rest of them surrounded Lu Ming and tried to support him, but his entire body was stiff and rigid.

Even His Highness breathed no longer…

When they looked back, there was no trace of the woman who smiled like a flower – as if she had never appeared.

“God is punishing us! This is divine punishment!” a scream tore out of a bodyguard’s mouth.
He forgot the training he had gone through, forgot that he had never believed in gods or ghosts.
As if crazy, he raised his blade and ran through the bodies slashing randomly.

Zhi! Zhi! Zhi!

The sounds of clothes ripped apart, skin being torn, and bones being broken were h

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