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Chapter 3: Oh The Sweet Lies


” Elias Its been since yesterday. When will you come back? ”


After sending the message I placed my phone on the table its been all day that he hasn come back and Im sick and worried. Im so tired of sending these messages because he isn responding

Elias hasn come back yet since yesterday Im getting worried. I don know if I should call the police or a friend. It hasn been 24 hours yet so I can . He says hes a music producer but I can hardly believe that why he does be so late all the god dame time?

He told me he would be back around midnight but that was three hours ago Im getting worried about him. Its been going like this for a few months now and I don know whats up our dog bailey had been missing him too. She comes curling against me whimpering

I feel the same way babes

Why do I keep putting up with this? I know hell keep disappointing me. Why am I even surprised at this point? Every time he said hell be back around 10 am, he never is. Its a repeating cycle. A lie. Yet, I keep hoping itll one day be the truth.

Im still hoping for him to keep his promise I know Ill be disappointed unfortunately

Keeping Up With The Kardashians was on I decided to turn off the T.V. Its not like I was watching it anyways. I pulled the covers around me since it was the fan that kept me cold due to it being hot in there.

These covers were Elias they had his scent on them it was very strong too we both shared it every night and morning now that hes rarely here I keep it all to myself.

I miss him being around, so it keeps me comfortable. He sleeps in our room while I sleep on the couch keeping my distance from him. When Im passed out on the couch he would often carry me to our bed if he feels lonely.

An alpha can sleep without his omega out of his sight and I was his

He used to be sweet and loving towards me when we first met love at the first sight they said and it was. His charming handsome smile brings the light of my day positive vibes other than that he changed and began to come super late. At about 1 in the morning, the latest he comes is 6 am I get pissed and start yelling crazy at him but he shuts me out every single time when I brag to him about coming late.

He gives me uncanny vibes when Im around him. It doesn matter if his arms are around me, having rare conversations with him just small regular talks. It gets awkward. I tense, by looking at him I stared brazenly into his chocolate eyes for a brief minute before we broke eye contact whistling lowly. I furrow my brows drifting off to sleep about 5 minutes later the door opens and I open my eyes blinking a couple of times for my vision clear

My eyes wandered off to the front door a large figure who happens to be my boyfriend Elias, an alpha he is almost alpha too we
e both possessive and protective of one another but Im slowly drifting away from that. He was beautiful I might say his skin catches my attention the most its so heavenly dark mocha skin to die for.

It makes me in love with him even though he comes back home late I still love him somehow toxic I amuse. He caught me staring at him I start to stammer at him but he cut me off by shouting

”What the hell Dorris! Youve been blowing my **ing phone at 10 pm over 20 text messages and phone calls are you some lunatic. ” His jaw clenched and I stared at him full in shock those words stung me hard

Hes been gone since this morning I knew that I have every right to call him or text him if I wanted to which I do. But he never replies

”Can I not worry about my boyfriend who doesn come home around this time almost every night? I shouted back

”And where the hell were you Ive been blowing up your phone to get your ass back home, ” I added on

My mouth went dry soon after that he rolled his eyes in annoyance while speed-walking straight to our room and his dreadlocks bounced at every movement he stepped on.

”Don roll your eyes at me, young man! ” I yelled I was older than him by two years I feel like such a parent to him.

I sat up cursing under my breath getting up from the couch and chasing after him. He closed the door once I got to it but pushed it open he takes off his clothing beginning with his shoes. Placing my hands on hips moving my head from side to side giving him small hints to explain himself

”Im waiting, ” I told him he met my eyes but broke it off within a second and we made meaningful eye contact. This is bullshit this isn the man I fell in love with, wheres the wise-spoken-hearted man I feel for?

He just stared at me taking off his shirt and sweatpants.

”Aren you gonna tell me where the hell were you or just keep on ignoring my question! I was beyond furious with him my heart increased and sweat went down my head. I was also never ya for his next response I didn want to fight with him but we
e getting there quickly

Once he took his shirt off his muscles were on display he gave me a glance going to the dresser ”Just friends ” he responded why be with friends for that long?

”It was friends, okay I know its been for that long but it was nothing else. ” He also said

”But why that long I was worried sick about you Elias I thought you were I don know…dead, left me, or-. ” He cuts me off by hugging me tightly against his naked chest his heart began rising. Our hearts pounded when we hugged we must love each other even if we got into a small fight

He pulled away kissing me softly ”Don worry baby Im fine I was making songs producing here and there and I didn like what weve made. Just go to sleep okay Im heading towards the showers. ” I nodded slowly watching him walk to the bathroom leaving me all alone in our room with the fan on

Tears formed in my eyes I gulped down hard as I got into bed pulling the covers over me and thinking about what happened earlier. It was weird. He must be bipolar I don know much about that maybe he must be telling the truth by going to friends but I don know anymore if he keeps this up more I have to call up my friends to stalk him

It hurts to think that way and him coming home so late Im so worried sick now and then. I don know what else to do

He pulled away kissing me softly ”Don worry baby Im fine I just had to handle some business go to sleep Im heading towards the showers. ” I nodded slowly watching him walk to the bathroom leaving me all alone in our room with the fan on

Tears fell down my face as I got into bed pulling the covers over me thinking about what happened earlier. It was weird. He must be bipolar maybe he must be telling the truth by going to friends but I don know anymore but I might have to hit up his friends on whats going on

Im sick and tired of it


Next morning

I felt a gentle rub on my shoulder and I groaned, starting to move around. He wasn giving me a break I knew I had to get up, sitting up and rubbing my eyes so they could adjust to the bright light. I looked over to my right and saw Elias.

I stared down at his legs I wasn in a mood to look or talk to him. Im still hurt from last night. Hes always been distant from me; he wasn like this before. He would often be by me telling me all of these sweet words which I hardly hear anymore. It makes me feel so lost in the world. I was his world but Ive been dragged into a maze of it finding a way to get him to love me again

”Good morning. ” He says with his morning voice

I nodded

”Why are you so up early in the morning its only 7 am, ” I told him tritely he places me on his lap Im worried about what he was going to say next. He would often go over to this friends house and then comes back home so late Im here alone in this apartment of ours.

”Today is you and me. The day after what happened last night I feel guilty not being around you for so long. I want you to give me a second chance. ” He pleads I rolled my eyes Im always giving him too many second chances I don know what else to do anymore I try my best to keep this relationship stable but nothings working though

”Doris I-I don know. ”

”Come on just imagine you and me hanging out together doing the stuff you love to you just like the old times we had. I promise Ill only focus on you. ” He says his eyes beg for forgiveness and understanding while mine are misery and suspicious. Hoping his words were true I sighed and he smiles brightly kissing me and alarming me


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