It didn’t look like she will put it down.” 


“Can I get something similar?”


Bell rolled her eyes.
I have decided to make this cute and lovely girl my partner.


Get me one.”


There was a glimpse of pity in her eyes.
I didn’t want to take a long time to explain it for no reason.
Whatever she misunderstood, if I could get what I wanted, that was enough. 


Bell nodded.
Her face was filled with determination.


“I, I’ll make sure to get it!”


I smiled at the loyal Bell.




Not long after that, I had an earring in my hand that looked like the one the mistress wore.
How I will use it has already been decided. 


Dozens of scenarios were prepared in my mind.
But people don’t move as I please.
That was the problem.


Someone’s voice was heard outside the door.
Bell quickly took the earrings I gave her and hid them in the drawer.
Then, I heard a knock on the door, and someone came in.



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It was the butler.
She’s been polite to me since she got a pay cut.
Well, even if I think about it, there must be no excuse for making men and women roll around in the hostess’ room.


The only reason I cut her salary was that she had no regrets.
As I had thought, the butler who couldn’t manage the key properly didn’t have anything to say, even when I cut her pay.


It would be normal to be kicked out without even getting a letter of recommendation.
It was clear that she looked down on me, but that wasn’t enough to stop her from making a living.


“The Count asks you to have tea together.”


She told me that the Count had invited me to tea in a very hesitant but polite way.
Oh, it’s been quiet for a while, and then what? I erased the bad words that popped into my head and asked.




“He says he’ll wait in the garden.”


I looked sideways at the garden through the window.
The sun was so bright that it didn’t seem like a good time for tea.
But I nodded gladly.


“Prepare tea food in moderation.
I like the tea I always drink.
I put lemons in my teacup, and the Count’s—”


I remembered Carla’s favorite bitter tea.


“Make it strong.” 


The butler bowed her back and left again.
It seemed that she had only come to deliver the Count’s words.


“Madam, do you want to decor your hair again?” 


“No, that’s enough.
I just need to put on a shawl and go out.”


I’m going to see my husband anyway.  I was curious to hear what he would say about her outfit, which seemed out of place.
Above all, I didn’t want to look good to him.


I shrugged my shoulders and changed into light daily clothes.
Through the window, I could see the maids moving tables and chairs.


I waited until the maids were ready and headed for the garden.
Just as the shadows over my head moved away from the table, the Count arrived. 

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I thought I should have brought a book if I knew this would happen, but I soon erased the idea.
Reading in the hot sun was bad for my eyesight.
Besides, the weather wasn’t too hot, so it wasn’t bad to sit still in the garden. 


It was nice to smell the fresh grass after the gardener had just cut it back.
If not, I would have punched that slow-walking face.


“The tea is cold.” 


He started talking nonsense as soon as he sat down.
I wanted to pour tea water on his face right away, but I held back.
As he said, it wasn’t boiling tea.
So instead, I raised my voice and sarcastically criticized him.


“I didn’t know you liked hot tea.
I thought you were coming just in time for the tea’s temperature to drop on purpose.”


He glared at me.
I put on an exaggeratedly naive look.


“Next time, I will tell them to bring it to your taste.”


As if my intentions worked, the Count’s eyebrows narrowed.


I beckoned Bell as if it were because of the sun. 


“Can you put a parasol for the Count?”


The Count, who was looking at the colorful parasol in the maid’s hand, clicked his tongue.
I wanted him to notice that it was a parasol he had bought me a while ago. 


As Bell unfolded his glamorous lace parasol, he stretched out his hand to express his unwillingness to use it. 


Tsk, I expected it to be funny.
I held up a cup to hide my pouting mouth.
And elegantly sips the tea—.


“Is she the maid you bring with you?” 


I was going to drink it, but I put it down.
Bell was always next to Carla, but now he’s acting like he doesn’t know.
I looked at Bell and answered.




As if there was something wrong, I glanced at him.
The Count’s mouth was tight shut and didn’t look like it was easy to open.
His face looks dirty.


He didn’t have the trustworthiness that was talked about in the novel or the kindness that seemed to fade away.
The man sitting in front of me was just a damn deceiver. 

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