Chapter 6

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Translated by Tam


I waited until Bell got back with the laundry, then said.


“Bell, I need to run you an errand.”


“Yes, Madam.
Where should I go?”


“Call a tailor.
When was the last time I call it—”




I blurted out my words as if I didn’t remember.
It’s not that I don’t remember, but I don’t have the memory at all.
Bell thought for a moment, and then she opened her mouth.


“It’s been a year now, Madam.”


Carla was such a great woman to have lived without buying new clothes for a year.  I couldn’t get rid of the feeling that she was pitiful and foolish at the same time.
She was a pitiful and stupid woman.


A woman betrayed by her husband with no money and no support behind her.
She must have looked like a ghost with her dark eyes and cheeks, which showed how sad she was. 


As long as I’m in this body, of course, things like that are now a goodbye.


“Tell him that you are going to get several things.”


“Yes, Madam.” 


 Bell replied politely.
Her hands were always politely gathered under her navel, but they’ve been rougher than usual the last few days as she’s helped me clean up my clothes and satisfy my whims.
I hesitated and added. 


“Buy some ointment while the butler is paying you to run errands.”


“Pardon? What are you going to use the ointment for, Madam?”


She looked at me in surprise.
I replied bluntly as if it was not a big deal.


“Your hands are rough.
Is that how a maid’s hand should look when she serves me? Buy plenty.
We can share if we have leftovers.”

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Bell’s face looks brighter.
She bowed deeply. 


“Thank you!”


I was embarrassed to receive a thank you.


“Hurry up and come back quickly.”


I felt a little relieved after sending out Bell.
It would be funny if I didn’t give her a bottle and medicine but instead bullied her until she bought me some medicine.
But it seemed better than not giving at all. 


I decided to give them a big bonus when I got all of Carla’s dowry back from the Count. 


I thought I would have to wait a long time, but the tailor came to the mansion in less than three days.
The Count looked displeased at the tailor who had prepared a lot, but he did not openly argue with me.
Instead, the tailor laid out thick pattern books and looked at me. 


“Madam, you’ve become more elegant while I haven’t seen you.”


I just nodded my head when she told me a lie.
It was fortunate that Carla’s body hadn’t changed much and that I didn’t need to be measured again.


If I hear compliments for a few minutes about how skinny and ugly my body is, I might want to die of shame. 


“Long time no see.
How have you been?”


Ignoring the tailor’s awkward smile, I looked through the pattern book.
I was just rummaging around because I didn’t know what was pretty, so the tailor quickly grabbed a yellow cloth.


“Madam has nice skin, so you will look good in any color.”


The Count snorted as he smoked a cigarette on the other side of the drawing room.
He felt the tailor’s eyes on him.


“I don’t want colors that are too childish.”


At my words, she quickly removed the cloth and held out a cloth of a different color.  A light cloth stretched under her fingers.


“Then how about dark blue? It’s not too dark, and it’s going to bring out the elegance of the Madam.” 


The tailor showed me the pattern book and explained.
I found one thing that stood out between the pictures she showed me. 

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The fact that the neckline was wide enough to show the collar bone and the sleeves were big enough to stand out from it was ironically matched.
From the tight waist, it was even cute that the skirt flowed down in a round shape.


Even though the only decoration on the dark green dress was minimal lace, it still caught my eye. 


“I want to match one with this design.”


“Yes, yes.
Shall we match this outfit in navy blue too?”


I want green.” 


The tailor blinked.
Her big eyes were filled with questions.


“Madam, it’s a bit difficult to match these dresses with the colors that are trending these days–” 


The tailor held out a piece of fabric close to light yellowish green.
It’s a popular color these days, so when I said green, she seemed to understand it as that color.
It was a lively color that young children would wear. 


I wondered if I should know anything about this world’s fashion, but it was clear that Carla’s face would look dark if she wore this color of clothes.
I shook my head and pointed my finger at the picture. 


“I want to use the colors painted here.”


“Aha…Certainly, a dark green would suit Madam well.”


The tailor pulled out several dark green fabrics and laid them out.
It looked pretty much the same to me, but not to her.


The tailor made a sound of contemplation, then put the two sheets on my face and put them down repeatedly.


In the meantime, I flicked through the pattern book and picked a few clothes I liked.
There were three sets of night clothes, two sets of daily clothes, and two sets of outdoor clothes. 


After ignoring the Count’s coughing a few times, the tailor started to encourage me. 


“If you put a whalebone on your sleeve, it doesn’t get out of shape, so it’s really nice.
It will inflate that much.”


“Won’t that be too much?” 


“These days, even priests inflate their sleeves.
It is rather late.”

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“Then, please do it for me.” 


I pretended not to win at her encouragement and picked up a few more outfits.
The tailor felt good.
She recommended expensive things with amazing skill, and I nodded my head. 


The tailor’s mouth opened wide when I said I would buy three sets of capes with only different colors. 


The Count signed the check as if he was glad it was over.
But, seeing that he doesn’t do any bargaining, it’s clear that Carla’s lack of clothes wasn’t because she was poor.
Instead, it was because this guy was hard on her. 


“Your clothes should be enough now.”


Said the Count bluntly.
I nodded as I looked at the tailor packing the bags.


There are enough clothes.”


The Count wiped his face.
He stretched his arms with an expression that his tired work was finally over.
It’s too early to be relieved, you punk.
I continued with a mischievous smile.


“Now all I have to do is to match the hat, parasol, and shoes.
Oh, and the necklace and earrings have to be adjusted too.” 


I lifted my head to show him my empty neck.


“I think diamonds are better than rubies.”


The Count’s face turned pale.
I rolled my eyes at him and smiled.
It’s just the beginning.
What are you so afraid of?


* * *


It was really a waste of money.
I spent a lot of money.
I can’t bankrupt the Count right now, so I kept a reasonable line. 


It was fun to invite merchants near the capital to their mansions and play with what they showed all day long. 


 I had to do something, and the more I went, the easier it was to choose things.
On the first day, I only bought two ribbons, but on the third day, I bought two large-brimmed straw hats, a bonnet decorated with ribbons, and three parasols made of lace. 


The only difference between them was their color; they all had sophisticated, delicate patterns that made people feel they were a luxury items.
Just looking at it made me feel happy.
Choosing jewels was even more fun. 


“Madam, how about the emerald?”

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The jewels were so dazzling that it was scary to touch them, which shows that they were made with good tools.
There were endless accessories in their carriage, and they had to use all their fingers just to list the types.


From necklaces to bracelets, earrings, brooches and lockets, rings and headdresses.
As the price of the things they showed increased, the Count’s face turned white, but he looked away. 


He was holding back his anger.
If he asks her to stop choosing, he will become an aristocrat without money to spend on his wife, Carla, so I choose more.
He didn’t say anything and had to watch me pick. 


‘Ah, it’s fun!’


Seeing him holding back his anger with a sidelong glance was really fun.
The Count crossed his arms and looked at the merchant.
His stomach was boiling, but he couldn’t be angry.


He wants to know why I suddenly changed my mind and bought this and that, but I have no intention of telling him.
Instead, I asked the Count as I looked around for the necklace designed to reveal the neck.


“What do you think?”


“Not bad.” 


He had to answer it while grinding his teeth forcefully.
I was thinking about buying all the necklaces that hang around my neck, but I stopped.
After all, Carla doesn’t usually go out often.


“Okay, that’s enough of the necklace.” 


At my words, the merchant ordered the servants to put the necklace box aside.
And there were boxes of earrings lined up in a row.


Earrings that matched the other items and were put on the edge caught my eye.
It was a low-grade jewel for the Countess to use, and it was a striking design for users to use. 


“Would you like to see it?” 


The merchant used a small mirror to show me how my ears looked.
I hesitated as I tried to nod.
Carla didn’t have a few earrings. 


She only had two pearl earrings, which had faded because she hadn’t kept them properly.
Her ears were pierced, but it was clear she didn’t wear any other jewelry. 


Why? I tilted my head and put my earring on it.
The finely crafted earrings hung down with the hair. 


“Earrings don’t suit you.” 


Thank you for giving me an answer to my question even though I didn’t ask.
It was clear that he had been controlling Carla in that way.
She might have been blinded by her love and endured, but I wasn’t. 


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