d at me as if they thought I could catch someone like them. 


“It’s amazing—” 


I got on the horse when I was left alone.
I didn’t know if it was because Carla had learned to ride horses to some extent.


It was fun to ride a horse.
Although it was a small horse, the field of view was higher than usual, so the scenery was completely different. 


The horse was gentle and didn’t jump or change directions on its own. 




I slowly circled the edge of the riding area.
Many red flowers were planted around the border of the stake, and although they looked like weeds from the ground, they looked beautiful from the top of the horse. 

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It wasn’t a bad walk at all.
Except that when I look at the forest, I have to turn my head quickly.


Even though it was a forest, it was like a small park with trees and bushes.
If I look closely, I can see that the shadows of people get tangled up.
I could hear someone moaning as I listened.


Trying not to hear or see, I drove the horse as far away as possible.
As I focused on the horse walking rhythmically, I felt like I was going to lose my mind.


“I want to burn it all.”


Without realizing it, a complaint came out.
But, rather than complaining, it sounded more like a criminal.
Maybe it broke my heart to think that I didn’t know how much longer I would have to endure in this world, so I started babbling like a madman.


“Does this make sense? How nice it would be if I could be possessed in a healing story.
A handsome guy on the left, a cute guy on the right, a pretty boy in front, a cat on my lap—” 


The more I talked, the more I felt unfair about my current situation.
Why did I have to be possessed by this novel? 


I resented my past, who bought a novel worth 1,000 won that I can’t even remember the title of. 


“It’s not like I wanted a lot.
Why is it a crazy affair story that I only read once? I don’t know if my husband handsome, but he’s even ugly.
Damn it, what sin have I committed for you to drop me into this world!”


After complaining for a while, I looked up and saw a different landscape than before.
I saw a horse tied up among the trees.
It was a place where unpleasant activities were currently happening.
It seemed that I came in the wrong way.


Confused, I unknowingly kicked the horse’s side.




The horse sped up and began to run.


The horse went so fast that I couldn’t see anything to the left or right.
All I could do was hold on to the reins so I wouldn’t fall off. 


It felt like the reins were about to break, and my body was about to fall apart.
I was so scared that I couldn’t find the words to ask for my life.


I didn’t want to die in vain in a place like this.
If I die, poor Carla’s place will be taken away.
I didn’t want to leave it like that. 

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I didn’t want to die.


“Help me!” 


In an instant, the speed of the horse decreased sharply.
To keep from falling off the horse, I had to put a lot of force on my body.
But I had no choice but to stumble sideways, and when I was about to fall off the horse—. 


“Lady, are you okay?”


I didn’t.
It was a passing knight who grabbed my body.
He pulled his horse close to mine, reached out with both arms, grabbed the reins, and held it firmly.
Fortunately, the horse stopped quickly.


I caught my breath while my legs were on the saddle and the man held my upper body.
My heart was beating terribly fast.
I lifted my head to look straight into the knight’s face.


“Where did you bump into?”


He asked kindly.
I opened my mouth to answer, but no voice came out because there was something more surprising than almost falling off the horse.


A handsome man’s face filled my eyes.
Bright blonde hair, blue eyes, flawless skin, and a slender body.
He was so handsome that I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.


In addition, he was wearing a Knight’s uniform.
Is there a woman in the world who doesn’t like uniforms?  At least I wasn’t.
I should be praised for not screaming or passing out when I saw his beauty. 


“Are you very surprised?” 


It must have been true that when someone is surprised, their vocabulary decreases.
Instead of correct sentences, only words of stuttering came out.
The knight frowned lightly.


“Lady, forgive my rudeness.”


He put his arms between my back and knees and lifted me up.
The thought that this place was in a lewd novel flashed through my mind for a moment.


Can I trust this man? What if I’m dragged and put through a rough act? Those thoughts came to me quickly.
His arms were wide and warm, but my body stiffened with frightening thoughts. 


I screamed shamelessly.


“I am a married woman!”

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