Once the maid was sent out was when I started to look into the situation.

From the look of it, it’s definitely of nobility.

I dug up as many memories as possible from back when I was running the merchant organisation.

Most of the people who lead businesses were nobles, so I often visited their mansions.

On that account, I had a high level of understanding of the aristocratic mansion.

After looking around a few times, I was sure.
That this was a noble mansion.

But why is there no furniture?

I went out to the lobby just in case, but the situation outside was the same.

There was nothing at all.

There was no one to manage the mansion either.
It was like a haunted mansion.

I left the room, wandered from place to place, and by chance arrived at someone’s office.

The room was a complete mess.

Books and papers were scattered on the floor, and there were many ink marks that appeared to have been thrown around on the wallpaper.

I looked at the stack of papers on the desk.

I recognised what it was at once.

Debt reminders.

It was not just one, but countless debt reminders.

Now I could understand the situation roughly.

This family was probably in debt.
So much that I could not even dare make a guess of the figure.

As a result, all the furniture was taken away, and even the workers who did not receive a single penny of salary abandoned the mansion and left.

So that’s why she didn’t want a salary earlier, and asked me to write a letter of recommendation instead.

Having a letter of recommendation would make it easier to get a job in another family.

However, it was only for commoners that a recommendation letter was needed.

The maid from earlier must have been a commoner, the only one left here without a way out.

There was one particular pattern on the wall that caught my eye.
A pattern engraved with flowers and deer.
Underneath it was inscriptions in the imperial language.

House of Craycia.

This was the Craycia family.

I found an aristocratic almanac book on the bookshelf and looked through the contents.
Based on the pattern, I was able to find what I needed quickly.

The Craycia was a Viscount family, and the members included Viscount Buddha and his daughter.

I intuitively knew that I was the daughter.

Eureia Craycia.

My name was Eureia Craycia.

At this point, a question naturally came to mind.

Where did the Viscount Buddha go, leaving his daughter alone?

In order to find an answer to that, it seemed that I had to go back to the maid again.

As I left the office, I found the maid almost instantly.

The maid was not difficult to find.
Because she was hovering around my room door restlessly.

The maid was muttering something.
She did not even notice that I had come.

“What should I do…? No matter how weak the young lady is, she still gives me a hard time.
Besides, since the master and the madame were like that, she’s become insane…”

Hmm, I guess something must have happened.

“You there.”


As soon as I spoke, the maid who came to be aware of my presence was startled, and she fell as she stepped back.

“Oh, my lady!”

“I didn’t mean to surprise you, are you okay?”

“Oh, yes…”

The maid stood up awkwardly and looked at me.

Apparently, this maid was much more timid than I thought.

I was wondering how I should ask her, but I just ended up being straightforward.

“Do you happen to know where my father and mother are?”


The maid’s complexion darkened at my question.

The maid then asked cautiously.

“My lady, you don’t remember…?”


I played innocent.

Moments later, tears welled up in the maid’s eyes.
Soon, she replied while weeping.

“Both of them… are dead.”


The maid looked at me like I was some sort of patient.

As for me, I pretended to have lost my memory.
That way, it would be more comfortable for me to state my questions.

As a result, I was able to know more about the situation that the current body’s master, Eureia Craycia, was going through.

The maid, Eril, explained in quite some length, but to summarise, it was as simple as follows:

The Viscount, who was famous for being generous and kind-hearted, was deceived by his most trusted friend and entrusted all of his assets to him.
In short, he was swindled.

His debts snowballed, and the Viscount, unable to bear the guilt and pressure, eventually committed suicide, leaving his daughter and wife behind.

Perhaps because of the shock of losing her husband, the Viscountess also died suddenly after suffering from grief and pain.
However, the exact cause was unknown.

In the end, their daughter, left alone, locked herself up in the mansion, both her mental and physical health gradually deteriorated as time passed.

Eril said it looked like I was on the verge of dying.

No, she might have actually died.

Then it made a little more sense why I came into this body.

It was said that the debt the Viscount owed and the increased interest alone was enough to build ten mansions.
According to the crying Eril.

“My lady, you better leave this Viscounty and run away.
If it goes on like this, you might be sold off as well.”

Eril’s words of concern for me passed through one of my ears and out the other.
I asked her.

“Eril, how long did you say your overdue salary was?”

“Yes? Oh, so it’s been 5 months… About 1 diamond…”

The currency of this world included cairns, diamonds, bellings, and cents.

It was approximately 10 million won.
( around 7,500 USD)

Eril was looking at me curiously.
She must be wondering why I was asking her all of that, while I had nothing to give her.

I said to Eril.

“Eril, don’t quit.”

“Pardon? But….”

Eril hesitated.
I also understood her situation.
Who could have afforded to waste any more time in a place which owed them 5 months’ worth of pay.

But I said confidently.

“I’ll give you all that money, so don’t quit.”

“I beg your pardon?”

Eril’s eyes widened.

I gave her an assuring smile.

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