There really wasn’t much to prepare for joining.

Usually, the way to join was to go through the document and interview process, just like any other Guild.

But currently, this was practically impossible.

In order to join as a member, I had to go through a more thorough and strict procedure.

It was said that the standard had been put to a new high after I disappeared, and the difficulty of passing had been raised significantly as a result.

Furthermore, they only receive applications once a year.
And that point had already passed.

I had to wait another year to send my next application.

I didn’t think it was this hard until I experienced it.

Well, it’s understandable.

The group of white-cloaks men that attacked me had already infiltrated the carriage path.

It means they knew my schedule in advance.

Meanwhile, my schedule was top secret.
Even the number of people who knew within the Guild was very few.
It must be at least an upper executive or higher.

There’s obviously a traitor inside the Guild, but we didn’t know who it was.

In a situation where the traitor was unknown, it would be impossible to add more people hastily and carelessly.

Without trusting anyone, Leone had maintained the Guild alone.
I felt very sorry for him because I knew better than anyone how lonely it was.

Anyway, for that reason, there was only one way I could join right now.

It’s often called parachute hire*.

T/n: parachute hire – aka high-handed personnel administration – refers to a person who enters from the outside through a connection, ignoring the existing organisational system, through the selection of high-ranking people in the workplace.
It is called parachute hire because it coincides with the fact that it falls from the sky out of nowhere like a parachute.

The backing force, of course, was Duke Leone Finisis.

It’s a bit uncomfortable for me to be parachute hired into my own organisation, but it could not be helped, could it?

The joining method has been decided, that’s the first.

As I drank tea with my legs crossed, I glanced at the list from Cheshire that Leone had sent me.

Some names were familiar and some were not.

Looking at the names makes my memory come alive.

Nine years was truly a long time.
Seeing this again brought back my memories.

There were quite a few people who collided with me back at that time.

As the Cheshire Merchant became huge and expanded overseas, people with different business ideas began to speak out.

It caused several crashes.

Seven years had passed since that time, how had they changed?

I am looking forward to it, but I am also worried.

As I thought of them, I unwittingly let out a sigh.

Those intractable people.

Now that time had passed, wouldn’t they have become much more stubborn human beings?

Leone… It must have been really hard for him.

Next time we met, I would give him a pat on the head for his hard work.

With that thought in mind, I glanced down at the list.

Then, my gaze suddenly stopped.
A name stood out.

[Hecard Lukdem]

My eyes were fixed on his name.
Almost immediately, my mind traced back to the conversation I had with Leone.

Hecard wouldn’t believe my death.

He must have become an adult now.

If I joined the Merchant, I might cross paths with him again.

“…I have to be careful.”

I mumbled quietly, reminding myself.

Of course, I didn’t think Hecard would recognise me.
Because the current me, Eureia Craycia, was completely different from the original me.

My height, my looks, not to mention my voice.
There was nothing in common.

However, it was possible that Hecard might have those special eyes.

The royals of the Lukdem Kingdom were born with ‘eyes that can penetrate the essence of the soul’.

However, since Hecard was an illegitimate child, not a complete royal, I could not be sure of his abilities.

“It wouldn’t hurt to be a little more careful.”

I had no intention of using my past identity to gain their trust.

Of course, I revealed my identity to Leone to settle debts and complicated things, but…

It’s only because it was imperative.

I don’t need to reveal my identity anymore.

Seven years ago in this world, I had already died.

The feeling of having my head cut off was still vivid to me.

And when I woke up again, I was lying in the hospital in my school uniform.

It was the school uniform that had long since disappeared while working in this world.

In addition, the scars from all the troubles I had gone through as the Guild’s owner had also disappeared.

In other words, only my mind and soul were transferred.

In Korea, my body was fine, only losing consciousness.

Maybe that’s why I could go back.

Maybe this time…

Were I to die again, I might return to my original body like before.

…Or I could actually die for real.

Both were the worst for me.

It’s no use to experience the same thing again.

All the things I had accomplished so far were here.

This place was like home to me.

If not, this time it might be really desperate.

Whatever it might be…

I’m not going to die.

In any case, my identity should not be revealed until the end.

The amount of time that we had been separated was so long that I was no longer the person he knew.

And he wouldn’t be the one I once knew either.

Unnecessary expectations would only lead to greater disappointment.

That said, I had to act completely different without a mistake.
So there would be no expectations or disappointments.

The sun was setting in the west.

A reddish hue was colouring my room.

After the sunset and the night passed, my daily life would become different.

If I have to…

“I would have to do well.”

I murmured and turned my gaze back to the list.

So as not to make any mistakes in the future.

That’s how the night went by.

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