I was killed.

I was on my way home after the company dinner party.

When I got home, I thought I could feel some movements behind me.
And abruptly, something sharp stabbed me in the back.

I collapsed at the sudden attack, and the criminal in a black hat ran away.

Blood draining from my body gradually pooled on the ground.
My consciousness blurred and flickered.

And when I open my eyes, I am here.

I was lying on a bed.

At first, I thought it was the hospital, but I soon realised that was not the case.

Because there is no room like this there.

No hospital would use wallpaper with such geometric patterns.

There is even a chandelier.

Above all, the room was very spacious, but there was nothing else besides a chandelier hanging from the ceiling and the bed I was lying on.

Medical equipment was nowhere to be found after I had searched around.

Hence, this must not have been a hospital.

At this point, I would normally think that I had been kidnapped or something like that, but I had a rough idea of ​​where this place might be.

At that moment, the door swung open and a girl in a maid outfit entered.

Contrary to the brisk entry, the girl faltered when our eyes met.

I tilted my head.

“Miss! I have something to tell you! I can’t do this anymore! My salary has been delayed for five months.
But you don’t have to pay me.
So, could you just write me a letter of recommendation, please…”

Unlike the explicit start, the girl’s voice became smaller the more she said, blurring at the end.

A lady, in a maid outfit, and a structure reminiscent of a Western mansion.

I got up, passed the girl, and headed towards the window.

It was night, so I could see myself reflected on the window glass.

I muttered a little as I looked at my reflection.

“This is insane…”

I felt the girl flinch when she heard my voice, but I didn’t care.

Because I looked nothing like myself in the window reflection.

I opened the window and looked outside.

There was a purple crescent moon hanging in the sky.

A purple moon that I could never see in the world I knew.

Looking at the moon, I felt fed up.

I’m back here again?

A strange world, yet, I had been to this place before.


It was when I was in high school.

It was one summer vacation, I was on my way to school to take a reinforcement class before school started.

It was boiling outside that day, I got struck by the heat waves and fell into a manhole.
When I opened my eyes, I was in an unfamiliar world.

The name of the world I fell into was ‘Cliff Empire’.

It was precisely the name of a country.

The Cliff Empire was a completely different place from where I used to live.

Language, clothing, architectural style, and even my appearance.

It was difficult to accept reality at first.
But after a day, two days, and a week passed, I had no choice but to acquiesced.
That I fell into another world, and that I might die there.

There was no one to help me.

I did everything I could to survive.
I somehow managed to save up some money, and with that money, I set up a small group of merchants.

I, who was quite good at business, grew the group brilliantly, and when I came to my senses, the small merchant group I once established had become the best guild in the empire.

I even had more wealth than the emperor.

At that time, it had already been over ten years since I fell into that world, and I had completely forgotten about Korea.

Then once, I was on my way to sign an important contract.
Suddenly, my carriage shook and there was a commotion outside.

When I peeked my head out to check, all those who were escorting me were dead, and there were strangers in white cloaks approached me with blood-stained swords.

I was helplessly cornered.
I could do nothing but to freeze in place and look at them with horrified eyes.
And so I died with my head sticking out.

And when I opened my eyes…

I was lying in the hospital, wearing an uniform.

At first, I could not grasp the situation very well.

But when I saw the homeroom teacher with a depressed expression next to me, it hit me.

Oh, I’m back.

Back to the world I used to live in.


Returning to being an ordinary high school student, who was at the top of the class, I had to adjust to reality…And I did a quite fine job I would say so myself.

After dealing with only those who wanted to make a little profit every day, I felt a little more alive when I returned among the students.

I studied hard like any other student, passed the KSAT, entered university, took on assignments, graduated, became a job seeker, then got a job and became an office worker, being reprimanded by my boss every day.

That period lasted for 9 years.
‘Cliff Empire’ and ‘merchants guild’ had long since disappeared from my mind.

But once I died, I came back!

This time, in someone else’s body too!

I was frustrated that I died, but God just wanted to play a huge prank on me, so he moved me in dimensions and made me possess others’ bodies.

I closed the window and looked closely at my reflection on the glass.
I wanted to look in a mirror, but I couldn’t.
Because there was no other furniture in this room.

I’m…so pretty.

That thought first came to mind as soon as I saw myself.

Long, thin platinum hair like a skein of refined threads and eyes of cool blue colour, reminiscent of that of a lake in the winter.
Skin so white that it felt as if all the blood veins could be seen, together with a small, slender neck.

She must be a lady from a prestigious noble house just by the look of it… 

The problem was…

I looked back.

There was a maid still looking at me, unsettled.

The maid held out her hands to me.

“Please write me a letter of recommendation!”

Her fingertips were trembling.

I let out a deep sigh.

I had a bad hunch that this had to do with some unpleasant things.
An annoying feeling was already creeping in.

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