Chapter 3

There are firearms among the weapons distributed by the school, but not many students would choose them.

Firstly, the martial arts examination would last for seven days.
It would be impossible for a high school student to have enough ammunition for seven days.

Secondly, using firearms to attack would cause too much of a commotion.

It was another matter if they could hit the demons, but the sound of gunfire could easily attract other demons.

As such, it would be more convenient to use ancient weapons than firearms.

Therefore, almost no one would choose firearms during the martial arts examination.

Ji Ruo picked a standard traditional knife.

He thought he would be able to trigger an achievement like ‘one day I have a knife in my hand.’

There was no achievement triggered.

Thus, Ji Ruo took another sword and crossed it behind his back.

The teacher who distributed the weapons was unbothered.

There were students like this every year.
They probably thought that the more weapons they had, the more hope they had for survival.

However, what was most fitting was the best for martial artists.
The high school students taking the entrance examination could only be considered martial artists’ reserve forces.

Those who had not experienced the bloodshed could not be called martial artists.

Liang Shixian, the class monitor, followed behind Ji Ruo.
Seeing that Ji Ruo was carrying a knife and a sword on his back, he could not help but ask, “Why are you holding a knife and a sword? Why didn’t you pick two knives or swords? Knife and sword techniques are different!”

“Do I have to report my knife and sword ambidexterity to you?” Ji Ruo raised his chin.

He tried to trigger the achievement by doing so, yet nothing happened.

The achievement system seemed to be dead.

If a child were to get a sword, he would feel great accomplishment.

Ji Ruo was not sure what the system’s criteria were.

However, he had already mastered the advanced level of Iron Sand Palm.
As long as he was careful during the college entrance examination, there would not be any problems.

Unfortunately, Ji Ruo could not reach the third stage, the perfection stage, due to the lack of time.

His current proficiency had only reached 536.

The basic skills of using conventional weapons were compulsory, and the original host had studied hard and mastered them long ago.

Therefore, it was not strange for Ji Ruo to carry a sword and knife simultaneously as he could use both.

Of course, his knife and sword ambidexterity was an exaggeration.

Liang Shixian was rendered speechless.

The class president frowned and reminded, “In short, be careful after entering the ‘examination field.’ Try to reunite with our classmates as soon as possible.
There’s strength in numbers.
It’s safer for everyone to be together.”

“Don’t worry.
I understand.”

During these two months, Ji Ruo was quite surprised that he did not encounter melodramatic plots like being bullied by his classmates like normal transmigrators.

The students in his class were very united.

In addition, the teachers in his school were also very responsible.

This was evident from the words of his form teacher three days ago and the principal’s speech before the examination.

Survival should be their first priority.

However, this was also good.
Ji Ruo’s achievement system was for children, so ‘acting cool and slapping faces’ shouldn’t be considered a child’s achievement…

“Classmates, do follow me closely!”

After the whole class had collected their weapons, Liang Shixian let out a low cry and was ready to be the first to step into the secret realm’s teleportation gate.

Although he seemed calm and collected, his hand that held the knife was trembling.
No one knew if it was from excitement or fear.

At this moment, Ji Ruo stepped forward with his sword on his back and announced, “I will lead!”

Then, Ji Ruo charged into the portal amidst the surprised gazes of his classmates.

No one noticed that when Ji Ruo entered the portal, his hands turned red, and his temperature rose sharply.

That was the performance of the Iron Sand Palm being used to the extreme.

There was a slight stagnation in the moment of passing through the portal as if he had jumped into the water.

The next instant, Ji Ruo found himself in a wilderness with lush grass and trees and out of the school.

Ji Ruo hid behind a tree vigilantly and observed his surroundings.

“Oh? It’s a random type martial arts examination?”

Ji Ruo frowned slightly.

Although the martial arts examination did not prohibit teamwork, the examination format was subjected to change.

For example, students from the same class or school would land in the same place for an easy stage.
A group of ten people would be the general difficulty, and landing randomly was the difficult mode.

The main reason was to let the students understand that plans could not keep up with changes.
Simply put, it was to develop a sense of crisis awareness.

The teleportation to the secret realm was instantaneous.
If it was the normal mode, Ji Ruo should be able to see the nine temporary teammates assigned to him for this test when he arrived.

However, he did not see them.
Therefore, this test was a random difficult mode.

“It’s a little hard to deal with.”

Ji Ruo furrowed his brows and started to observe the growth of the surrounding flora and fauna to determine the direction.

However, at this moment, a cry of pain caught Ji Ruo’s attention.

After turning around, he chuckled.

Liang Shixian had landed on the top of the tree.
Being caught off guard, he fell on his face.

“Fortunately, I have teammates.
It’s not completely random.”

Ji Ruo heaved a sigh of relief quietly.
He walked forward and helped Liang Shixian up.

“Class president, this is fate.”

“Ji Ruo?”

Liang Shixian was stunned for a moment.
He immediately looked around and asked, “This is a two-person match-type random martial arts examination?”

“It seems to be the case.”

Liang Shixian frowned.
“Let’s find a way to meet up with the other students first.”


Ji Ruo pointed at flora and fauna and stated, “I arrived earlier than you.
I have roughly identified the direction.
The west is in this direction.
I suggest we go this way.”

“Why?” Liang Shixian was taken aback.

Ji Ruo explained, “We shall eliminate demons by going in the west, while we shall return in triumph if we head to the east… That’s what it says in Journey to the West.”

Liang Shixian was rendered speechless.
“Let’s head east!”

Before the exam, the students of Grade 12 Class 4 had already devised corresponding plans for some possible exam patterns.

If it was a random martial arts examination, everyone must head east after landing and rendezvous before discussing other matters.

Ji Ruo knew this, so he said that.

They were on high alert as they walked toward the east.

The magnetic field in the secret realm was disordered, so a compass was useless.
They could only rely on theoretical knowledge taught in school to identify the direction.

Looking at the sun would not work to determine the direction either.
The secret realm of Myriad Beast Mountain had day and night, but there was no sun or moon.

Most secret realms were like this.

Two hours later, the two of them encountered another two-person team.

The other party was not a student from Yonkers First High School, judging from their school uniform.

“Be careful…” Liang Shixian tightened his grip on the steel knife in his hand vigilantly.
In this secret realm, other than demon beasts, they also had to guard against candidates from other schools.

Although the other party would not necessarily hurt them, they might not help them either.

In fact, the candidates from other schools might even snatch the spoils of war they had obtained from killing demonic beasts in a particular situation.
This was one of the criteria for judging the martial arts examination results.

Everyone wanted to have good results.

Therefore, the teachers in the school repeatedly reminded them that they had to be careful in the secret realm.

What Liang Shixian did was right, but before he could finish his words, Ji Ruo waved enthusiastically toward the other party and introduced, “Hello, my name is Ji Ruo.
I’m from Yonkers!”

Liang Shixian was taken aback and mused, “Didn’t I just frigging tell him to be careful?”

The other party was a little hesitant at first.
After hesitating, he said, “We… are from Henderson, and my name is Zhang Quan.

“I’m Liu Neng.

Seeing this, Liang Shixian sighed and thought, “Ji Ruo’s carefree personality makes people worry about him.”

No one noticed that after the two students from Henderson responded, Ji Ruo suddenly froze for a moment.
He then walked up with a smile and held Zhang Quan’s hand.
While the two students were still in a daze, he said even more enthusiastically, “Its fate that we met.
Why don’t we form a team?”

“Ji Ruo, we still need to…” Before Liang Shixian could finish his sentence, Zhang Quan answered hesitantly, “Okay, but we’ll split the spoils equally.

“Of course!” Ji Ruo smiled.

Liang Shixian’s jaw dropped, and he thought, “Are we not going to find our classmates now?”

What Liang Shixian did not know was that the reason why Ji Ruo was so enthusiastic about inviting the other party to team up was that Ji Ruo had received a system notification after greeting them.

[Congratulations to the host for unlocking the functional system achievement: The first person to greet a stranger in the new semester!]

[Acquired title: Diplomatic Spokesperson!]

[Title: Diplomatic Spokesperson.
Increases persuasion by 10%.
The effect of the title can be enhanced by greeting strangers.]

[Remark: Speaking is a form of art.]

Since Ji Ruo had become a diplomatic spokesperson.
It would not be logical for him not to team up.

Liang Shixian sighed.
Seeing that Ji Ruo had already started ‘establishing friendly relations’ with the students from Henderson, it would be inappropriate for him to leave.
Thus, Liang Shixian introduced himself, and then they began to set the rules for the distribution of the loot.

However, before they could finish discussing, a sound sounded.


The sudden hissing sound made them freeze for a moment.

Ji Ruo’s eyes focused, and five or six green shadows scampered out of the grass.

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