Chapter 25

After that, Ji Ruo taught Liang Shixian for a while.
This class president was quite talented, but he was still far from the beginner level.

However, Ji Ruo had already taught him everything he needed to.
All Liang Shixian needed to do now was to practice.

Two hours later, Li Nannan moved her body.
She had almost recovered.

“Students, please take a break,” she said to the students.

The students, being exhausted, nodded.
They had not had a good rest for the past two days.
Now that Li Nannan had recovered some of her combat power, they could finally relax their tense heartstrings.

Conditions were limited, so the few of them lay on the ground and prepared to sleep.

The four teenagers were lying on both sides of Li Nannan.
Zhang Quan and Liu Neng were lying very close to Li Nannan.

Ji Ruo and Liang Shixian were lying on the other side.

They were all exhausted.
Liang Shixian fell asleep almost as soon as he laid down.

Ji Ruo was exhausted, but he did not fall asleep immediately.

He still had a chance to upgrade a certain achievement, and he planned to go to sleep after he added the points.

“System,” Ji Ruo called out in his heart.

A light screen that only Ji Ruo could see suddenly appeared in front of him.

There was a picture with extremely simple lines on the edge of the screen.
From the style of the drawing, it looked like a simple doodle drawn on the blackboard by a primary school student with chalk.

[Host: Ji Ruo]

[Unlocked achievement category: Martial arts, Swordsmanship, Functional skills]

[Unlocked achievements: 6]

[Current upgradable achievement points: 1]

[Martial arts: Iron Sand Palm at six years old]

[Swordsmanship: If a young man were to hold this stick, all vegetables in ten miles would be blown.]

[Functional skills: Foreign affairs spokesperson, gold-class tour guide, hide and seek expert.]

[Achievement in progress: A sincere compliment from an elder (1/10)]

These were all the achievements that Ji Ruo had unlocked.
Each achievement came with an ability other than the in-progress achievements.

The opportunity to upgrade an achievement was precious, so Ji Ruo ruled out Iron Sand Palm first, then foreign affairs spokesperson.

The conditions for upgrading the abilities attached to these two achievements were relatively simple, so they were not considered.

Out of the remaining achievements, Ji Ruo wanted to level up [gold-class tour guide] and [hide and seek expert] the most.

As for [Absolute Directional Sense], it was extremely powerful.
Not only could it be used to identify directions, but it could also be used for ‘treasure hunting.’

If the correction reached 100%, then Ji Ruo would be able to find anything he wanted, and that was the achievement he wanted to upgrade the most.

As for [disguise], it could increase the effect of disguise by 40%.
Its effect was so strong that even the spider queen at the divine stage of the pulsing realm would not be able to notice him.

Of course, this was also because the environmental conditions were too perfect at that time, and the spider queen had already lost her mind from anger.
In addition, the six-tentacled catfish had diverted her attention.
Under the combination of many conditions, a special circumstance was formed.

Ji Ruo wanted to level up both of his achievements, but he only had one chance to do so.

So, after some thought, Ji Ruo decided not to upgrade either of them.

When he was disguising himself at the edge of the swamp, he had gained a lot of ‘experience,’ probably because he had fooled a monster that was almost a whole level higher than him.

[Disguise] had been upgraded, from the originally 40% to 41%.

This made Ji Ruo realize that the effect of skills or abilities displayed in percentages was a percentage increase for each level up.

Ji Ruo wondered what was the percentage increase he could get from one ‘upgrade.’ There was only one chance to level up.
If Ji Ruo chose to level up one of the two achievements, the upgrade effect would only be a 1% increase.
It was better not to level up.

Since Ji Ruo wanted to level up both of the achievements, for the sake of fairness, he decided not to level up either.

Therefore, after considering everything, Ji Ruo decided to use this precious chance to level up the achievement [If a young man were to hold this stick, all vegetables in ten miles would be blown.]

The buff [sword appreciation] could increase Ji Ruo’s understanding of swordsmanship to the full value of his current level.

The current buff level was beginner.
Therefore, theoretically, Ji Ruo could learn any beginner level of any sword art in a very short time as long as he wanted to.

It was indeed powerful.

As for this kind of ability that did not have a specific proficiency level and only displayed the level, it should also be raised to the corresponding level after the upgrade.

At that time, Ji Ruo’s [sword appreciation] buff could probably be raised to the advanced level.

At the advanced level of the sword technique, one could use the sword energy.
Although the distance he could fly in the air was not far, the lethality was far less than that of a real sword.
However, sword energy was still sword energy.

What did it matter if it was harmless? The main point was that he would look cool.

Therefore, Ji Ruo decided to level up [If a young man were to hold this stick, all vegetables in ten miles would be blown.]

[Little host, are you sure you want to upgrade this achievement? You have to consider it carefully.]

Ji Ruo was at a loss for words.

To be honest, the built-in voice package of the achievement system was a little problematic.

However, it was really useful.

“I’m sure.”

[Consumed upgradable achievement points *1 to upgrade ‘If a young man were to hold this stick, all vegetables in ten miles would be blown’.]

[Congratulations, little host.
You have successfully upgraded your achievement!]

[Swordsmanship achievement has been upgraded to weapon-oriented achievement!]

[Sword appreciation buff leveled up!]

[Congratulations on obtaining a buff: Knife sword ambidexterity! (Beginner)]

Ji Ruo was confused.

He had thought that the level of the buff would be upgraded, but he did not expect it to be an achievement upgrade.

However, it did not seem too bad!

Ji Ruo lay on his side on the ground, subconsciously reaching out to touch the handle of the traditional knife on his back.
“I’m in Myriad Beast Mountain.
Even if I’m sleeping, I can’t take off my weapon,” he thought.

In an instant, countless knifemanship swarmed his mind.

The traditional knife was a kind of knife that could be held with two hands.
The blade was slender and long, like a seedling, so it was called the traditional knife.

Ji Ruo understood that this knife technique was very fast.

He recalled some of the not very reasonable anime, movies, and TV works that he had seen in his previous life and tried to use the [knife sword ambidexterity] buff to understand them.

In the end, Ji Ruo was able to grasp those knife techniques just by recalling them slightly.
His talent and comprehension were indeed maxed.


Ji Ruo lay on the ground and suddenly took a deep breath.

His breathing had a special rhythm, and it was extremely long.

As he breathed, there was a faint electric current flowing through his hair.


Ji Ruo exhaled a long breath, but he did not use his knife technique.

However, he had mastered a cool knife technique that only existed in his fantasy just by trying.

“It’s really good!” Ji Ruo thought inwardly.

Overjoyed, he was about to go to sleep.

Suddenly, he was startled by the abrupt noises.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The earth shook like never before.

The earth was quaking, and huge rocks kept rolling down from the edge of the mountain.
A huge crack appeared on the ground, and muffled thunder rumbled in the sky as if the sky was falling and the earth was cracking.

“What’s the situation?”

Ji Ruo stood up in shock.

“Students, gather around-” Li Nannan exclaimed.
She was about to gather the students when Zhang Quan and Liu Neng, who woke up in shock, rushed over and hugged Li Nannan, sobbing.
“Teacher, save me!”

Ji Ruo and Liang Shixian were separated from Li Nannan and the other two by the huge crack because of their positions.

Red hot lava gushed out from the crack.
The mountains shifted, and the leyline twisted.

A huge rock was rolling down Ji Ruo’s head.
Liang Shixian’s first reaction after getting up was not to run to Li Nannan, but to Ji Ruo.
He shouted, “Be careful, Ji Ruo!”

“Student Ji Ruo!” Li Nannan exclaimed.

She used her body technique and headed toward Ji Ruo, but her movements were restricted by the two giant babies on her.

Before Li Nannan could cross the crack, the surrounding scenery moved rapidly like a slideshow.

At this moment, Myriad Beast Mountain seemed to have a life of its own as it began to move violently.
The entire region was once again thrown into chaos, and the speed and magnitude of the movement were unimaginable.

By the time the group came back to their senses, they were forcibly separated and did not know where they were.

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