Chapter 23

Although they were not of equal status, Li Nannan was still grateful to Ji Ruo.

That was why she had been listening to Ji Ruo’s sword art theory while treating her poison.

Li Nannan had made up her mind to teach Ji Ruo well.
If Ji Ruo was willing, she would teach him everything she could.

After all, he had saved her life.

However, after listening to Ji Ruo’s explanation, she suddenly felt that this student was overly ambitious.

Was Ji Ruo’s sword art theory not good? In fact, it was actually very good.

However, was it not feasible? Theoretically, it was possible.

However, it was too advanced for a martial apprentice.

Even for a pulsing realm martial artist like her, it was slightly ahead of her time.

It was common knowledge that no matter if one was a martial apprentice or in the pulsing realm, if one wanted to block a hidden weapon or a flying tool with a sword, one could only fight speed with speed.
Using extremely fast sword techniques to form a simple ‘sword defense’ in front of one’s body to block it was simply based on luck.

Judging a person’s position by sound was a technique that almost all martial artists knew.
However, predicting was not a skill that could be learned just by listening to sounds.

Battles with demons or martial artists were ever-changing.
It was almost impossible if one wanted to know the position of all the flying objects in an instant by listening to the sound, and predict the landing point of those flying objects through brain calculations at the same time while unleashing sword moves.

Even a pulsing realm martial artist would rarely have such a strong reaction speed, let alone a martial apprentice.

The sword technique that Ji Ruo described could only be called an illusionary sword technique.

Li Nannan hesitated for a moment and said, “Student Ji Ruo, martial arts should be down-to-earth…”

She could not say it too clearly, for fear of hurting Ji Ruo’s self-esteem.

However, Ji Ruo understood what Li Nannan was implying.
She thought that he was overly ambitious.

Therefore, Ji Ruo waved the stick in his hand and said, “That’s all for the theory.
Teacher, can you do me a favor?”

“What favor?” Li Nannan was stunned.

Ji Ruo turned around and picked up a pile of small stones from all over the hill.
He placed them in front of Li Nannan and said, “The knowledge gained from the book is always shallow, I must personally demonstrate it for this matter.
Swordsmanship can’t be learned just by listening to the theory.
You still have to watch the actual combat practice.
Teacher, please throw a stone at me.
I’ll demonstrate it to class president.

“You want me to throw stones?” Li Nannan hesitated for a moment, then nodded.
“All right,” she said.

She was hesitating whether she should use more force or not.

If Ji Ruo could not handle the heavy words, it might hurt his confidence.

But if she said it lightly, Li Nannan felt that she was lying to these children, which would do no good to their martial arts path.

She was a little conflicted.

“Teacher, I’m ready.”


Li Nannan took a deep breath and decided to hit him harder.
If his confidence was hit, so be it.
On the path of martial arts, there was no room for sneaky tricks.

She wanted to use this opportunity to teach Ji Ruo the principle of ‘one should not be overly ambitious in martial arts.’

Li Nannan picked up a stone, twisted her wrist, and threw it with the standard throwing technique of hidden weapons.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The stone was so fast that even Ji Ruo, a level 6 Martial Apprentice, could not see it clearly.

Li Nannan thought to herself, “If this stone had hit me, it would have been very painful, but the ‘teaching effect’ would have been remarkable!”

She stared at Ji Ruo.
With her pulsing realm, even if she had not fully recovered, she would not miss.

Ji Ruo was only a level six Martial Apprentice, so this attack would definitely hit.

But the next moment, she was stunned.

Ji Ruo did not even look at the stone she had thrown.
He even turned to talk to Liang Shixian.
“Class president, look carefully.
By listening to the sound and predicting the position, it’s Solitude Nine Swords broken arrow form.”

At the same time, the sword that Ji Ruo had been carrying on his back was now in his hand.
He didn’t even look at it, he just waved it around casually, and it stopped at a certain spot.


The stone was bounced off by the sword.
Li Nannan was slightly stunned.

“Was it luck? Or did Ji Ruo really master that sword technique?” she wondered.

At this moment, Ji Ruo turned around and smiled.
“Teacher, don’t stop throwing.
Do throw more.
We will be able to see the effect by throwing one at a time, won’t we?”

Li Nannan took a deep breath and said, “Fine!”

She picked up three stones and threw them at the same time.

The three stones flew through the air at a speed so fast that the naked eye could not see them clearly.
They formed a triangle and flew toward Ji Ruo.

The three stones were thrown at a tricky angle.
According to Li Nannan’s plan, even if Ji Ruo could block one of them, he would be hit by the other two.

It was impossible for a level 6 Martial Apprentice to block three stones at the same time.

Even if Ji Ruo could react in time, he would not have the time to block the other two after blocking one.

However, Ji Ruo suddenly moved his sword to the left without any reason.
He swung his sword from the bottom to the top, forming a semi-circle.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The sound rang out almost at the same time.

Li Nannan’s mouth was wide open.

It was not that she could not do it, but Ji Ruo was only a level 6 Martial Apprentice.
“How could he predict the trajectory and order of the stones I threw just by listening to the sound?” she mused.

Ji Ruo turned around again and said to Liang Shixian, “Class president, as long as you master this sword technique, regardless of whether you can see or not, as long as you can hear…”

Li Nannan’s eyes narrowed.

She threw out seven stones in a flash with a special technique.

Some of the seven stones were fast and some were slow, but the difference in speed was not big.
They could be considered to be moving at the same time.

Not only that, three of the stones were not flying in a straight line.
Instead, two of them were flying in an arc, and one was flying in a curve.

Ji Ruo was not even looking at the stones.
Even if he could see clearly, he would not be able to predict the trajectory.

The stones were knocked down one after another, but Ji Ruo did not even look back.

At the same time, the last stone that Li Nannan threw was the one that flew in a curve.

Ji Ruo still did not turn around.

The stone was already in front of Ji Ruo.
If he didn’t block it, the stone would hit his chest.

However, Ji Ruo did not seem to notice the stone.
He did not block it with his sword.
Instead, he raised his sword and placed it above his head.

Liang Shixian did not understand what Ji Ruo’s action, but Li Nannan was shocked.

The stone did not land on Ji Ruo’s body.
Instead, it broke into dozens of tiny pieces above his head and fell down.

Ji Ruo’s sword moved again, and his movements were light and relaxed.

Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!

The sound of the crushed stones hitting the sword was blocked.

Ji Ruo was still talking to Liang Shixian, “After hearing the sound, you can predict the trajectory and counter it one by one.
In fact, this sword technique doesn’t require much powerful calculation ability.
I’ll tell you some tips on this sword technique later.
As long as you master these techniques and practice diligently, you’ll naturally master this special rhythm and movement.
After that, it’ll be very easy to use this sword technique in battle.
You can just follow your instincts and attack.”

“Ah, this…” Li Nannan was dumbfounded.

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