Chapter 21

“It’s a pity that such a good score was wasted,” Ji Ruo said with regret somewhere in the mountain.

The spider queen’s poison was so strong that it could even corrode rocks.
As the spider silk burned, poisonous smoke rose into the air.
Regardless of whether the spider queen died or not, the surrounding forest would be infected with the poison.
Ji Ruo was not in the pulsing realm, and he did not have that much resistance against poison.

He could not go back and take the free points.

The few people were speechless.

Liang Shixian could not help but ask, “Ji Ruo, can you not be so impulsive in the future? Do you know how dangerous it was just now? If your Iron Sand Palm can’t ignite the spider silk, then you’ll be courting death if you go back.
Even though the spider queen is heavily injured, it’s still not something you can fight against.”

Ji Ruo grinned and responded, “Isn’t it fine? Don’t worry.
Everything is under control!”

Was the young man impulsive at that time? Certainly, he was not.

Even though Liang Shixian was good at his studies, he was just an ordinary high school student.

All he wanted to do was to lie in the mud and wait for the spider queen to leave with her prey.
Then, they would be safe.

Ji Ruo had lived two lives, so he had a deeper understanding of the situation than Liang Shixian.

Although there would be a period of weakness when a devil advanced, the time for low-level devils to advance was not long.

There were still five days before the martial arts examination would end, so Ji Ruo and the others would have to stay in Myriad Beast Mountain for another five days.

This period of time was enough for the spider queen to devour the six-tentacle catfish and complete her advancement.

At that time, if the evolved spider queen wanted to hunt them down, they would have to face a spider-like monster at its peak that had surpassed the pulsing realm.

However, this was only a possibility.
If that really happened, they were not sure if the spider queen would be able to find them.

But as long as it was possible, Ji Ruo did not want to gamble.

Caution was the parent of safety.
In Myriad Beast Mountain, one could never be too cautious.

“That’s right, teacher.
You said earlier that there was an unknown change in the secret realm of Myriad Beast Mountain.
What did you mean?” Ji Ruo suddenly asked.

He had long noticed that something was wrong.
Along the way, everything they had encountered in the secret realm of Myriad Beast Mountain was different from what they had learned in school.

At the very least, the teachers in the school had never said that goblins could speak the human language and could grow blood-red rice.

In fact, even the patrolling martial artists had almost become food for the demons.

Li Nannan pondered for a moment.
“I’m not sure.
The designated area suddenly became chaotic.
The internet connection was cut off, and some demonic beasts and devils that obviously exceeded the standards of the martial arts examination appeared in the area under my jurisdiction…”

“The designated area for the marital arts exam is in chaos? Then, where are we now?” Ji Ruo asked.

In the secret realm of Myriad Beast Mountain, the area controlled by humans was only at the ‘foot of the mountain.’ It was divided into a total of sixty regions, and the further the region was numbered, the more dangerous it was.
This was the knowledge in high school textbooks, and it was no secret.

“I don’t know.” Li Nannan shook her head.
“My watch was damaged when I fought the spider queen.
I can’t check the map.
I don’t know where we are now…”

Ji Ruo frowned.
It was too dangerous for him to be in an area that was not specified in the martial test.

Although [Absolute Directional Sense] could avoid danger to a certain extent, this ability was not omnipotent.
The correction ratio was too low, and the slightest mistake would lead to death.

The other three also knew what ‘leaving the combat examination’s designated area’ meant, and their faces were filled with worry.

Seeing this, Li Nannan realized that she had said something wrong.
Although it was the truth, sometimes, the truth could not be told.

“Don’t worry.” She consoled, “As a teacher, I will protect you all.
There was an accident during the martial arts examination.
We can’t follow the previous rules anymore.
The most important thing now is to survive.”

Hearing her words, Liu Neng could not help but say, “Teacher, but you were caught by the nine-eyed magic Spider before.
It was Ji Ruo who saved you.
How are you going to protect…”

“Shut up!”

“Don’t you know how to speak?” Ji Ruo scolded.
The teacher said that she would protect us, so she will definitely protect us.
What nonsense are you spouting?”

Liang Shixian was also looking at Liu Neng with an unfriendly expression, and he mused inwardly, “This fellow doesn’t really know how to speak.”

Liu Neng opened his mouth, but he did not refute anything.
He sat back down next to Zhang Quan.

Li Nannan looked embarrassed.
She turned to Ji Ruo.
“Student, you are Ji Ruo, right? He is right.
It’s all thanks to you this time, I was planning to…”

Grr! Grr!

Before she could finish her words, Li Nannan’s stomach suddenly growled.
She blushed.

Fortunately, her face was still covered in a thick layer of mud, so it was not obvious.

During the martial examination, the martial artists who were on patrol had to enter the examination hall one day in advance.

Not only did they have to familiarize themselves with the exam area, but they also had to check if there were any demonic beasts or devils that exceeded the limits of what the exam candidates could bear.

On the first day of Li Nannan’s arrival, everything was normal.
However, after she had familiarized herself with the area she was in charge of, she was attacked by the nine-eyed magic spider.

The nine-eyed magic spiders had always lived in groups, and with the spider queen, who was equivalent to a divine stage of a pulsing realm martial artist, held the line.
The slowing demonic eyes could even affect a pulsing realm martial artist.
After a round of fighting, Li Nannan was defeated.

For the next few days, she had been trapped in the nine-eyed magic spider’s nest and was constantly injected with venom by a large number of nine-eyed magic spiders.
Li Nannan’s body was numb and muddled until Ji Ruo rescued her.

In total, she had not eaten for almost three days.
She had also experienced an intense battle.
After Li Nannan had escaped, she had been using her vitality to dilute the poison in her body.
She had long been exhausted.

Seeing this, Ji Ruo stood up and unzipped his school trouser’s pocket.
He took out two handfuls of blood-red rice that were covered in mud.
Most of the blood-red rice had been lost during the escape, and only a little was left in the pocket.

“It’s almost time, let’s eat… Teacher, you eat first.

Ji Ruo handed the blood-red rice to Li Nannan and said, “The conditions are limited.
I hope the teacher won’t mind.”

This time, Ji Ruo did not use Iron Sand Palm to stir-fry the rice.
His pockets were only this big, the amount of blood-red rice would not be enough to cover his palms even if he filled them up.
The special effect of ‘fried rice’ wouldn’t be triggered.

“This is… blood-red rice?”

Li Nannan was stunned for a moment.
The blood-red rice had not even been deshelled.
It must not have been brought from outside the examination field, but the students had gained ‘fortuitous encounters’ in the ‘examination field.’

“You guys eat first.
I’m not hungry…” Instinctively, Li Nannan wanted to refuse.

“Teacher, just eat.
You’re a martial artist who’s on the exam patrol.
You’ll only have the strength to protect us after you’re full, don’t you?”

Liang Shixian also chimed in, “That’s right, teacher.
It’s much more useful for you to eat your fill than us.
Don’t worry and eat.
If it’s not enough, I have more.”

As he spoke, Liang Shixian unzipped his trouser’s pockets and took out blood rice.

Ji Ruo raised his eyebrows.

He did not expect the class president to have the same thought as him.
He did not put all the blood-red rice in the simple bag made from the uniform jacket.
There was still some left.

Li Nannan hesitated for a moment and finally nodded.
“All right then.
I will eat first.
I’ll bring you guys to find other food later…”

“Wait!” Ji Ruo suddenly said.

Li Nannan was about to swallow it when Ji Ruo suddenly stopped her.
She thought that Ji Ruo had changed his mind.

Ji Ruo took the blood-red rice from Liang Shixian and Li Nannan, mixed them together, and put them on the ground.
Then, he raised his hands and gestured something.

“Teacher, it’s hard to digest raw food,” Ji Ruo said seriously.

“It’s okay, I…” Li Nannan said.

Before she finished, Li Nannan was stunned.

She saw Ji Ruo put his hands into the blood-red rice.
His palms were red and he was stir-frying.

“Wait a moment, teacher.
I’ll cook it for you before you eat.”

Li Nannan was dumbfounded and wondered, “Iron Sand Palm can be used like this?!”

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