Chapter 20

“Hiss! Hiss!”

The spider queen gasped for breath with difficulty.
Two of its remaining five spiky legs had been broken.
At this moment, it had two legs on each side of her body, and one on each side.

Not only that, but more than half of the nine scarlet eyes on its head had been blinded.

There was no taboo in the battle between devils.
They fought according to their instincts, and each move was fatal.

Although the spider queen was in a miserable state, the six-tentacled catfish was not any better.

It had been affected by the spider queen’s demonic eye of slowness and had been injected with a large amount of venom.
At this moment, it was covered in injuries and could no longer move.
It was tied up by the spider queen’s tough spider silk and was bound to the spider web.

The victory was decided.
The spider queen had won by a narrow margin.

“They’re done fighting now.” Ji Ruo smacked his lips.
“What a fierce fight.”

Liang Shixian reminded him in a low voice, “Ji Ruo! Don’t talk anymore.
If it finds us, we’ll be in trouble.”

The spider queen had lost more than half of its legs, and it was barely able to stabilize herself on the spider web.

But fortunately, it won, and all of this was not a problem.

The advancement of devils was quite special.
Devouring powerful demons, demonic beasts, or martial artists could greatly increase their strength, and the injuries they suffered in battle would also recover at a very terrifying speed.

Therefore, as long as it was alive, it did not matter how serious its injuries were.
It was fine as long as it won.

Of course, the evolutionary path of devils was not fixed.
After devouring some powerful existences, it might even change their species.

Ji Ruo could almost foresee that after the spider queen devoured and digested the six-tentacled catfish, its life form would definitely change.
At that time, it might no longer be a nine-eyed magic spider.

After the spider queen panted for a while, the remaining magic eye on her head suddenly glowed red.

Ji Ruo and the others lay on the ground, watching the spider web that had been used as the battlefield between the two sides suddenly shrink and bind the six-tentacled catfish even tighter.

At the same time, the spider silk wrapped around the spider queen’s body, turning into spikes and sealing its wounds.
It was actually using the spider silk to repair its broken body.

Of course, the spider web limbs did not have the strength of their original bodies, but they were enough to be used as artificial limbs.

It did not intend to devour the six-tentacled catfish here because the monster was very weak when it was advancing.
It would be dangerous to advance here.

Therefore, no matter how tempting the six-tentacled catfish was, it had to endure it.
The spider queen could only devour it after returning to the cave and laying down the spider web again.

The reason why devils were called devils was that they had a few special abilities in addition to their strange way of advancement.

For example, the nine-eyed magic spider had the special ability of the slowing magic eye, which could reduce the speed of its prey.

Not only that, but as spider-type devils, they also had several general abilities of spider devils.

For example, ‘poison making,’ and ‘spider silk manipulation.’


The spider queen fell down with the dying six-tentacled catfish on her back, no longer as agile as before.

It slowly walked towards its own cave.

Liang Shixian and the rest did not dare to breathe too loudly.
The situation was different from before.
If they spoke rashly now, they would be discovered.

Ji Ruo thought for a while and suddenly got up from the mud.

“Ji Ruo, what are you doing?” Liang Shixian was shocked.

The spider queen was too heavily injured to notice them.
Letting the spider queen leave seemed to be the best choice.

But Ji Ruo thought for a while and pointed at the spider queen, who was moving slowly and said, “It’s so heavily injured.
I’m worried about it going back alone.

“Why do you care?” Liang Shixian was going crazy.
“Lie down.
Don’t let it find you!”

We can’t just leave her in the lurch!” Ji Ruo said seriously.

The few of them was rendered speechless.

Even Li Nannan, whose body was still a little numb, was dumbfounded.

She thought, “Do you even know what you’re saying? That is a monster! Watch it die and not save it? Was this the time to consider this?”

However, before they could persuade him, Ji Ruo got up and rushed out.

“Fellow townsman! Fellow townsman, don’t go.
You’re so seriously injured.
It’s not safe for you to go back by yourself!”

Covered in mud, the teenager whose face was so hard to recognize from the mud waved his arms and chased after the spider queen.
His words of concern seemed to be really thinking about the spider queen.

Of course, if the mud on the young man’s palm did not quickly dry up and crack, revealing the red palm inside, it would be more believable.

The heavily injured spider queen was slightly stunned when she heard the sound.
She was so severely injured that her reaction was a little slow.

By the time it realized something was wrong, Ji Ruo was already behind the spider queen.
Before the spider queen could turn around, Ji Ruo jumped up and landed on her back.

A pair of red and hot palms slapped the spider queen’s dark purple spider silk.

His movements seemed gentle, as if he was patting the shoulder of a friend who was about to part.

“Fellow townsman, why don’t you stay here first? You’re so seriously injured, so don’t rush back.”

As Ji Ruo consoled her, the extremely warm Iron Sand Palm rubbed against the dark purple spider silk at a high speed.
This fellow was indeed a monster at the divine stage of the pulsing realm.
Even the spider silk had a higher heat resistance than ordinary nine-eyed demon spiders.

However, it was useless.

Ji Ruo’s Iron Sand Palm had already reached the ‘exemplary mastery’ level.
In theory, it was also a level that could only be reached by a martial artist in the pulsing realm.
The temperature was extremely high, and at this moment, the friction was so high that the dark purple spider silk was ignited in the blink of an eye.

First, it was a spark, then it quickly spread.

Ji Ruo had already jumped away.
He was as agile as a monkey, and he quickly climbed up a tree.

“Hiss! Hiss!”

The spider silk was easily flammable, and it was difficult to put out once it was set on fire.

The spider queen’s body was covered in a large amount of spider silk.
It was originally used to control her injuries and to move, but now it had become a curse.

In the raging fire, the spider queen roared and rolled on the ground, trying to put out the fire.

However, once the nine-eyed magic spider’s silk was ignited, it would be very difficult to extinguish it even with water.
How could it be extinguished so easily?

The heavily injured spider queen was burned by the fire, and her injuries worsened.

The dying six-tentacle catfish was also burned by the flames.

However, it no longer had the strength to struggle.

Ji Ruo squatted on the tree and looked at the spider queen who was rolling on the ground in pain.
He could not help but exclaim, “If you don’t want to stay, you should have said so earlier.
Such a big spider, why is it still rolling around and making a scene?”

The dark purple spider silk was highly toxic.
Now that the spider silk was ignited by the flames, purple poisonous smoke slowly rose.

The secret realm of the Myriad Beast Mountain, without the sun, also had the distinction of day and night.

It was daytime, and the sunlight shone down from the sky, passing through the treetops and forming spots of light on the grass in the forest.
It also shone on the spider queen, who was howling in pain.

Ji Ruo wondered, ‘Is this the legendary purple smoke produced by the incense burner under sunlight? So you’re called the incense burner…”

When the purple poisonous smoke rose, he had already left the treetop.
He helped Li Nannan up, who was still a little numb, and called everyone to head upstream.

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