Chapter 9

None of them slept well that night.

The sounds of battle and screams continued, and they seemed to be getting closer and closer.
Everyone, including Ji Ruo, was extremely nervous.

The conditions of this campsite were pretty good in all aspects, but the open terrain was both an advantage and a disadvantage.

When there was no danger, they could observe the situation around them from the slightly higher terrain of the hill.

However, once danger came, there was no place to hide on this mountain peak.
If they were exposed, they would have nowhere to run and could only be live targets.

Fortunately, although the chaotic sounds were getting closer and closer, they did not affect the few people on the mountain top.

With their hearts in their mouths, the chaos continued until dawn.

“It seems to have stopped.”

“Do you want to go and take a look?” Ji Ruo asked in a low voice.

This idea was actually a little dangerous, but even if he didn’t look, the strong smell of blood left behind by the chaos had already drifted up with the mountain wind.

If he continued to stay here, it was likely that he would be discovered by other demonic beasts or devils that came to look for food.

It was fine if there were only a few demonic beasts and devils, but once the enemy’s numbers increased, they would be waiting for death if they stayed here.

Liang Shixian understood this, but he was still hesitant.

“How about we go down the mountain from the other side? Let’s not go there to collect points.
What if something happens…”

Before the start of the martial arts examination, all the candidates, teachers, and parents, had been repeatedly reminded that safety was the first priority.

Ji Ruo thought for a while and said, “Let’s take a look.
Those demonic beasts and devils are coming to our campsite.
If something goes wrong, we can run away.”

It was not that Ji Ruo was not careful, but he had been using [Absolute Directional Sense] to find a safe direction the whole night.

When the chaos continued, the ‘safe’ direction was very vague, and the 5% direction correction effect of [Absolute Directional Sense] was almost useless.

But now, [Absolute Directional Sense] gave Ji Ruo a feeling that it was pointing in the direction of the chaos.

In other words, it was theoretically safe to go from here.

Of course, he still had to be careful.
After all, the effect of direction correction was only five percent.


“Class president, that’s a free score!”

Liang Shixian’s mouth twitched and thought, “What does he mean by free martial arts test scores?”

After hesitating for a moment, Liang Shixian finally gritted his teeth and said, “All right, let’s just take a look…”

Ji Ruo thought that this was probably the effect of the title [Diplomatic Spokesperson.]

The few of them tied up the rest of the blood-red rice with their school uniforms and carried it on their backs.
Then, they carefully walked down the mountain.

The hill was only about a hundred meters high, and the slope was not very steep.
Under normal circumstances, they could run down the hill in a few seconds with their strength as level 6 Martial Apprentices.
However, they could not do that now as they had to be careful.

Therefore, it took them nearly an hour to cover the short distance of a hundred meters.

When they arrived at the foot of the mountain, Zhang Quan and Liu Neng saw the hellish scene and vomited on the spot.

Although the apprentice-level exam candidates who were trained under the standard education were not exactly flowers in a greenhouse to a certain extent, and everyone had seen blood before.

However, before the start of the martial examination, the most they did was to personally kill some chickens, ducks, fish, and pigs.
Moreover, because they were all personally doing it, the wounds were very regular and not disgusting.

But now…

In the conventional sense, there were no rules to speak of in the battle between demonic beasts and devils.

They had all sorts of strange weapons, either simple stone tools or simply hard stones.

What was more was that they liked to use their body parts to attack most of the time.

For example, sharp teeth, sharp claws, sharp beaks, and hard horns.

All in all, there were about two hundred demonic beasts and devils that had died here.
The green-skinned goblins made up the majority of the casualties.

Most of the dead demonic beasts and devils had dismembered limbs or their internal organs scattered on the ground.

The strong smell of blood was mixed with a large number of strange smells, which were both eye-stinging and head-piercing.
Coupled with the visual impact, Zhang Quan and Liu Neng vomited on the spot.

Liang Shixian and Ji Ruo did not vomit, but they did not look too good.

Ji Ruo did not know why Liang Shixian did not vomit, but he wanted to vomit himself.
However, he thought that it would be a pity to vomit because it was his first time eating such a high-end ingredient like blood-red rice, so he suppressed his desire to vomit.

“It seems like they’re all dead,” Ji Ruo said in a low voice.

Then, he picked up the dead body of a demonic beast that looked like a gopher and started to collect them to record his score.

The others were still in a daze.
Ji Ruo frowned.
“What are you doing? Make a move.
You guys want to see me get into a famous martial arts school, is it? Hurry up and run after you’re done recording.
Otherwise, we won’t be able to escape when the smell of blood attracts other demonic beasts!”

“Ah? Oh.

It was only then did the few of them start to move.

A corpse could only be uploaded once.
Now that there was no signal on the watch, it could only store information, so it could be recorded again.

However, after the martial arts examination was over and all the data was uploaded, if the AI system found out that a demonic beast’s corpse had been uploaded multiple times, it would be judged as cheating.

The combat examination didn’t prohibit team cooperation, but it prohibited multiple people from uploading the corpse of a demonic beast and devil.

That kind of behavior was not within the scope of normal teamwork.

Fortunately, there were a lot of corpses here.
They divided it into four areas and each person recorded one area.

Although Zhang Quan and Liu Neng had already activated the help function on their wristwatches, the martial artists on patrol had yet to arrive.
In theory, they were still in the middle of the examination.

These points could still be counted for them.
When the martial arts examination ended, if they were still alive, they could all go to university.

As Ji Ruo had said, these were like ‘free’ points, and although it was a little disgusting, it was very fun to pick them up.

However, Ji Ruo frowned.

Because he found something familiar in the blood-red ground.

It was blood-red rice stalks.

“Who would pick up rice straws in a chaotic battle? Could this be the original location of the blood-red rice field?” he wondered.

However, that position was clearly close to eight hundred meters away from the small hill they were hiding in.

“Could it be… the ground can move?” he continued thinking.

As Ji Ruo was picking up the items, he was shocked by his own thought.

“If that was the case, then their situation,” he mused.

“W-Who’s there?”

Suddenly, a weak voice made Ji Ruo shiver.

He looked towards the source of the sound and saw a muscular goblin lying in a pool of blood.
One of its legs was missing, and the other was also irregularly twisted.

There was a huge wound on his abdomen, and his internal organs could be seen wriggling slowly.
He was on the verge of death.

“S-Save me, I don’t want to die…” the goblin said weakly.

He did not even have the strength to lift his head, so he did not know that the sound he heard was the arrival of a human.

Ji Ruo raised his eyebrows.
This goblin was dying.

In theory, there was a deep hatred between humans and demons, so Ji Ruo should not interfere.

However, Ji Ruo was a good kid.

How could a good child leave the goblin in the lurch?

Ji Ruo ran to the muscular goblin and pretended to be anxious.
“My fellow townsman! Fellow townsman, are you alright? I’m Ji Ruo, a martial arts trainee who has been practicing martial arts for two and a half years!”

The goblin’s eyes were dazed, but his strong desire to live forced him to reach out to Ji Ruo.

“I beg you! S-Save me…”

“Fellow townsman, don’t worry! I’ve learned first aid before, I can definitely save you.” Ji Ruo said seriously.

Then, he squatted beside the goblin and pressed his hands on its chest.
“My fellow townsman, this first aid method is called ‘cardiopulmonary resuscitation.’ I usually see people getting injured on TV and other people save them this way.
Don’t be afraid.
I’m here!”

Ji Ruo’s palms turned red.
Apparently, he had used Iron Sand Palm.

Then, he pressed down hard.

The goblin’s eyes widened, and his chest was squeezed by a huge force.
A large amount of tissues sprayed out from the huge wound on his abdomen.

“Y- You…”

Without knowing what the goblin was trying to say, he died before he could finish his sentence.

Ji Ruo was a little regretful, “It’s a pity that I didn’t learn enough skills to save him… But don’t worry, my fellow townsman, you will become my score in the martial arts test and return triumphantly with me!”

Then, Ji Ruo scanned the goblin on his watch and turned it into his score.

“Beep! Congratulations on killing the Goblin Lord.”

Ji Ruo was stunned and wondered, “A voice broadcast? I’m quite lucky!”

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