order of accidental death will automatically be issued.”

She spoke without a hint of hesitation.
Even as she was just considering the issue, she was already calculating the odds of Hyde’s survival. 

To be a preeminent graduate of the Military Academy, it was impossible for her to spare any sentiments for a subordinate. 

Almians did not need pity or sympathy.
Rather, they completely lacked pity or sympathy. 

In their eyes, there was only the division of rank and their utter obedience. 

This also made Almians—and by extension, the students of AIMA—excluded from other races and species in the universe.
Aside from certain biological characteristics, what difference was there between these kinds of people and the coldness of robotic machinery?

Having flesh and blood only made them even more frightening. 

Louie soon cast this little interlude to the back of her mind.
She took her left arm out of the bathtub and discovered that, with the application of the hyperplasia ointment, the wound from tearing open her own arm was as good as new. 

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Her finger slowly slid along her smooth arm, the slightly coarse whorls of her fingerprint leaving a lingering, wet trail like the serpent of Paradise Lost languidly flicking its tongue. 

In that moment, Louie thought of that child on the Crimson Sand Planet who had shown her kindness. 

The serpent was tempting Eve to eat the apple. 

Sentiment was a poisonous snake, desire a forbidden fruit.
But she was not Eve. 

She suddenly withdrew her fingertips.
She felt an abrupt pain in her heart, which was almost always calm.
It was only for a moment, but the completely foreign sensation left Louie a bit uneasy. 

Perhaps her lengthy time undercover had caused this kind of illness. 

Right, in the motto each student at the Military Academy needed to recite, thinking for yourself too much was deemed an ‘illness’. 

One that required therapy. 

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As soon as she became aware of this feeling, she immediately distanced herself from it. 

Ever since she had left the Military Academy, this kind of feeling had never appeared. 

After the Great War, Astronomical Time 423[3], the same year that the Federation government and Almia Interstellar Military Academy was established, the method of tracking time was changed to reflect the new Federation era. 

Pure-blooded Almians were decimated during the war, and to ensure the continuation of their civilization, they had no alternative but to reconstruct the academy.
To expand enrollment, admission to the Military Academy was opened up to other races, and the traditions of Almia carried on as before. 

Louie was both unfortunate and fortunate. 

She was the descendant of Earthens and Almians.
Apparently, her Almian ancestors had perished in the Great War, and she would have to trace her lineage back who knows how long to find her Earthen roots.
Her blood was mostly of Earth, but this ratio seemed a bit unreasonable. 

But this was just something she had heard about.
In the misty clouds of water vapor, Louie reminisced about her childhood, a period which was not particularly happy for her. 

Cold-blooded parents who died in a scuffle on a street corner somewhere, leaving her with some strangers at an interstellar shelter.
And a woman, who, upon taking a trip to Earth, had been fervently ecstatic to discover that Almian blood flowed through her veins. 

Martha Philby.

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