of shackles had long been obsolete for a prisoner of her level, but the red marks left behind on her wrists and ankles from before still remained. 

Her bones popped loudly as she stood up. 

She was stiff from sitting too long. 

She was wearing a snow-white prison uniform.
The low-quality fabric rubbed against the scratches on her skin, tickling slightly. 

A long corridor awash in white light, white uniforms, white screen, white robots…

Even the end of the corridor was blocked by a white door. 

Hazy, dreamlike, reminiscent of the Holy Paradise of legend. 

The child walked very slowly, each step in time with her breathing.
She lowered her head, carefully counting the number of steps she took toward the end of the corridor. 

Her pulse was a steady seventy-six beats per minute.
Walking to the end of the corridor required five hundred and ninety seven steps, so she could waste approximately seven minutes and eight seconds. 

One minute. 

Three minutes and eight seconds. 

Six minutes, nineteen seconds, and seven milliseconds. 

Seven minutes, six seconds, thirteen milliseconds, and eighteen microseconds. 


The child stopped in her step. 

She raised her head.
The door opened inward, a cold wind gusting in—along with a glimpse of the twinkling blackness of the stars. 

The black uniform was like a drop of ink spilling into the pure, white space. 

A stain. 

This word suddenly streaked through her mind. 

Starlight danced on the black buttons of a military uniform, overflowing with silvery light.
A badge of the Avaricious Wolf[2] was emblazoned on their chest, a mark of the military’s foremost special forces unit.
Black hair, golden irises, and angularity marked their features, radiating a chilling presence. 

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The Eastern Galaxy had four major special forces units: the Avaricious Wolf, the Vermillion Bird, the Black Tortoise, and the White Tiger.[3] 

The unfortunate thing was, because of their legendary status, the average soldier had never heard of them. 

The transfer officer was stunned for a moment, then swiftly performed a standard military salute. 

The person who had arrived did not mince words and simply passed over a piece of paper. 

——In the paperless era, one should know what this means, right?

A top-secret military order. 

This flimsy piece of paper, could, when carried in the hands of a trusted person, avoid the distinct possibilities of system viruses or mental hackers!

“I’m taking this person.”

The man merely flashed the paper in front of the transfer officer and took his position, like a darkness suddenly cleaving the Holy, intolerant of both questions and hesitation. 

He stopped in front of the child, standing with his legs parallel.
A slight tap of his military boots’ heels released a powerful sound, which bounced around the wide prison block. 

Every inch[4] of the uniform was closely tailored to his skin: precise, proud, cold, and strict. 

And the child in front of him simply tilted her head, amber-colored irises sweeping over the man indifferently.
She was standing there, barefoot, dressed in a uniform that looked like it was pulled off an adult. 

Truly worthy of being called shabby and miserable. 

She frowned and looked the man up and down with her strange eyes.
She said, as if this whole thing was commonplace, “Where’s Hyde?”

“Informing Colonel Lu! When Lieutenant Colonel de Witt was on standby, he received an urgent transfer order.
My name is Jiang Wei, graduated from Almia Military Academy in 2844, here to replace him.
Please instruct!”

The child raised her eyelids, somewhat listening to him. 

She turned and passed through the space between Jiang Wei and the long-stupefied transfer officer, then spoke composedly:

“You are four seconds late, your military salute is two and one half degrees more tilted than the standard salute, and you say too much useless rubbish.
One sentence beyond the direct submission of orders is a waste of words.”

Her voice did not sound discontented, like she was merely stating facts.
She asked rhetorically: “Are the Origin Planet’s[5] requirements for new graduates this low?”

Liang Wei looked dazed, then immediately became a little embarrassed. 

He had graduated fifth in his year.
He had never been ridiculed like this before.
After fighting for a long time, it was inevitable that the essentials of etiquette would become rusty, but he had never thought he would encounter a new superior this derisive. 

“What are you doing standing there?” The child turned around and glanced at him calmly, “Are you waiting for my invitation?”

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“…Understood! Colonel Lu!” Jiang Wei rushed to answer and walked with vigorous strides to catch up to her. 

However, the child frowned again, “You don’t even remember the basic material? I’m not surnamed Lu.
Louie[6]——this is my full name.”

The author has something to say:

Ai, many readers have pointed out the problem of the military ranks…I can only explain a little bit.
This piece definitely changed before publishing it, so there are some bugs that have not been changed.
In the latest version, Louie was promoted from Colonel to Lieutenant General.
If there are any bugs, you are welcome to point them out.
When I have time and see them, I’ll change them, but the military ranks do not have much of an impact on the plot and don’t affect the reading experience.

T/N notes: 

*The title, 贪狼 tanlang, refers to one of the three stars in Chinese astrology, 杀破狼 sha po lang (priest readers will be familiar with this name, of course).
Coincides with Dubhe, or Alpha, of the Big Dipper and symbolizes lust or greed.
狼 lang also means wolf, hence why I translated it that way, given that the other group names are animals.

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↑1 Here and in other spots, the author uses the word 精神, which can mean mind, spirit, soul, vitality, etc.
For now, I’m treating it as a mind telepathy kind of gig
↑2 贪狼, see note at the end of the chapter
↑3 These names may be familiar to some readers.
The Vermillion Bird, Black Tortoise, and White Tiger are three of the four mythological animals of Chinese mythology alongside the Azure Dragon.
The Avaricious Wolf, 贪狼 Tanlang, is not part of this group, but rather comes from a form of astrology.
↑4 I will be translating 寸 cun as inch because it’s closer to the actually length than a centimeter.
Hopefully we aren’t using U.S.
Customary/Imperial System in the future QAQ
↑5 母星, or Mother Planet.
Also refers to the Capital Galaxy mentioned earlier
↑6 I’m basing her name on a transliteration of 路伊, Luyi, but this is just my guess

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