ehind her pull on her cloak, and she unhurriedly turned her head around and met a quick-witted gaze——while their body’s condition was not much better, their eyes shone with a distinct light. 

“Are you alright?”

The other person, who looked like they were the same age as her or perhaps a bit younger, asked in a low, halting voice. 

The child shook her head silently, seeming like she had neither the energy nor the desire to talk with the other, and went to turn back around directly. 

The other person hurriedly pulled on her hand again and cautiously pulled a water sack out from underneath their cloak.
Their concerned gaze returned, like they were wordlessly asking if she wanted a sip. 

They were slaves being trafficked, but to keep them alive, the interstellar rogues would provide them rations at set intervals——of course, it would not be an expensive, nourishing nutrient pack.
It was just to keep them alive. 

Even if it was like this, everyone’s water supply was far from enough. 

Two days had already passed since they had last been provided water, so the child did not expect that the other person would have a sip left. 

She stared at the other person calmly.
Pure, simple, with an unworldly innocence.  

And an undefinable, overflowing sympathy. 

The child’s frosty eyes seemed to twinkle, and her gaze met the other’s momentarily, then she averted her eyes, as if nothing had happened. 

Head shook. 


The other person wanted to say something else.
However, the child had already resolutely turned away and continued to stare at Lilith’s back. 

Like a snake slithering in pursuit: glum, composed, strong, and patient. 

Lilith was currently playing with the little gift she got from Zhao Yu. 

For a split second, she sensed some kind of frightening gaze on her.
She instinctively turned around, but could only see the child, who was walking along like she might keel over at any moment. 

“How much longer until we’re there? The client only specified how many slaves, but didn’t so much as show their face.” She shifted her line of sight slyly, “Then they gave us the coordinates to the outskirts of a planet where even birds don’t shit——do you all see anyone here for the trade off?”

“Doesn’t matter! As long as we get the money! Just wait until we get the payment then we’ll slip away at the nearest jump point——I’m still worried about the Federation Police.”

Zhao Yu shrugged.
Just as he answered, a message came through on his personal Star Link terminal. 

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All of the interstellar rogue group members received the same message simultaneously. 

A holographic screen popped up in front of his eyes.
Zhao Yu skimmed through the message quickly and his expression shifted abruptly. 

“What? He’s calling off the deal?!” Lilith roared, her complexion bad. 

Just as she said this, Lilith’s ears caught an immense electromagnetic buzz. 

A gargantuan, bullet-shaped starship suddenly split the sky above the Crimson Sand Planet with the force of a tremendous destruction! In the clear light of the day, the colossus was terrifyingly imposing.
The enormous, dark-green Federation Police signal slashed across the yellow sand, which whipped through the air and into everyone’s eyes. 

“Damn it! Are they so well-informed?” Lilith spat and grumbled. 

“Listen up!——Give up the goods, everyone scatter!”

The bandit leader’s order came through the communicators of each member for them to hear. 

All of the slaves trafficked by the bandits revealed glad smiles. 

“Fuck!” Lilith pulled the laser gun at her hip.
Just as she was going to look all around for a place to conceal herself, she suddenly caught the child, who had been standing next to her earlier, staring at her intently. 

“What’re you doing?” Lilith’s voice unconsciously revealed a trace of unease. 

But the child, as before, kept her frightening silence.

Except, just as Lilith finished her question, the emaciated child, with legs like twigs, suddenly produced a great springing action, and she leapt into the air! Her hands wrapped around her neck, exposing the blue veins on her arms.
Using Lilith’s neck as a fulcrum, she flipped over in mid air!

Her two legs replaced her hands, and she used the silver chains binding her feet to form a deadly garotte around Lilith’s throat and choked her to death.
She grabbed the laser gun clutched in Lilith’s dead hands, then, without waiting for the other interstellar rogues to react, she took aim and opened fire!

“Damn it!” The others sensed that something was wrong and pulled out their laser guns.
Laser beams from every direction melted sand as they converged!

“You little whelp!”

“Look out!”

“Kill her!”

But the child used Lilith’s body as a shield, skillfully evading the first strafe.
Bringing along Liliths’ already-dead corpse, she somersaulted and intercepted the incoming laser blasts to sever her chains.
Lilith’s disorderly jewelry was also torn apart in the brawl. 

A sharp sequin had sliced a thin, deep cut on her left arm from shoulder to wrist, and countless bits of gravel and accessories had been embedded in it, but the child lowered her eyes and hid behind the corpse, not saying a word. 

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“People below, put your hands up! If you continue to fight, it will be considered resisting arrest! I repeat! Put your hands up!”

Innumerable small spacecraft split off from the main ship into two divisions.
Police dressed in Federation Police uniforms controlled the fleetingly chaotic scene. 

A low hum rumbled through the outskirts of the Crimson Sand Planet, reverberating through the open space. 

“Come out!” A police officer coldly pointed their gun at the child hiding behind the body and watched them intently, “Put down your weapons and put your hands up!”

The child was half-squatting on the ground, looking at the kid who had shown her kindness.
They were holding their hands in the air, looking at her anxiously, their worried expression seeming to urge them to comply. 

The injury on her arm felt numb, like water was gently washing the wound, affectionately and lingeringly.

The child tilted her head, stared at the other person, and slowly revealed a slight, slight smile. 

“You have the right to remain silent.
Now, put down your weapon.”

A light buzzing of energy instantly flowed from her cranium to her eardrums.
Her tense nerves broke, burst, exploded into colorful fireworks. 

The ice-cold muzzle of a gun pressed down on her head. 

The author has something to say:

FL enters the stage in chapter 7.
Interstellar, slow burn, plot-centric.
People who aren’t drawn in by chapter one, please persist until chapter 7 to see FL, then decide if you will drop it!

I hope you all enjoy reading!

(The author continues discussing another one of their works set in the same world)

Translator notes:

There are a few names in here that are English/phonetic/other names.
I don’t really know what to do with these, so I just kind of sounded them out.
Please, have mercy on me, I suck at this QAQ

克塔尔: ‘ke ta er’, could be something like Ketar, or KTR, but it’s Khetar for now.
If there is more context later, I will change it. 

莉莉丝: ‘li li si’, I am almost certain this is Lilith

西洛伊斯: ‘xi luo yi si’, I legit have no idea with this one, just put Sylouis for the sound

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