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Opening his eyes Light notices he was in some kind of hospital room and tries to move off the bed but lands face first on the floor.

”pffffff, hahaha ” The voices laughter ringed in his head

”Bitch, what are you anyway just came into my life let me ** some bitch, and made me sacrifice my finger, ” He said while rubbing the place his finger used to be with a sad face.

”Im here to get you to the top of all the worlds and ** the best pussy on your way to the top and my creator gave me the name maniac, ”The voice said in a humble tone.

” and you can blame me for any shit instead you should thank me for helping your sorry ass ** Sakurai and destroying Nelly without you would have not done shit, especially with that sorry ass dick of yours ”The maniac continued nagging Light in his head then a man walks in as soon as Light saw his face and he was horrified because the man was known as the most dangerous man on mars.

”Get up and Lets go, ” The man said in a commanding tone scaring Light as he hurriedly tried to get up but his legs were too weak to stand

”Oh, I forgot you were asleep for six months, ”The man said as he smiled and put his hand on his head

”Six months!! ”The light couldn help but shout but immediately became quiet as the man glared at him. He snapped his fingers and a floating chair appeared

”Get on ”Light crawls on the chair and moves following the man.

”Well, its because of putting too much burden on your weak body Im not to blame ”Light wanted to retort but he knew what it was saying was right so he kept quiet.

”Well, I loved how I **ed Sakurai after what she has done to me but my revenge is complete ”Light said with a sadistic smile appearing on his face.

”That is what I want to hear but first you need to ** some pussy because of your horniness level and if it reaches max and no free pussy you will literally ** anything that moves animal or even a guy and I will never let that happen if it does you know what happened to your finger that is what will happen to your dick ”When Light heard that he placed his hand on his crotch area with a horrified look.

”Or you will explode into a gory mess if you can deplete it in time ”Maniac said in a serious tone.

”Wow, I can still regenerate my finger but my dick its impossible still the regeneration causes a lot of pain has have heard, ”Light said as he rubbed the place his finger used to be.

”Get off, you can see the council while sitting, ”The man said as a Kane appeared in his hand

”He must damn strong teleportation without a thought, ” Mani said as Light got down and collected the Kane as he walked into a large hall with people sitting at every corner and a huge monkey etched at the center of the hall.

”Walk to the center, ”The man said as he gave Light a tap on the back.

Light was looking around as he turned he saw a middle-aged woman

”Holy shit, What a Milf you need to ** her you have to, Milfs are the best with their juicy tits and well-rounded ass you have to ** her ”Maniac continued screaming in his head

”Shut up ” Light screamed attracting the attention of everyone in the hall as he realized what he had done he quickly apologized.

”Ahem ” A man with a mutilated cleared his throat and stands up

e all aware of what we are here for ” His voice resounded through the hall but it wasn loud but everyone could hear it as he said that the faces of everyone sitting turned grim.

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