Light running after he teaches a certain distance he hears a voice

”Sup pussy ” he looks around and sees no one around hmmm

”Who are you ”Light asks while still looking around

”The greatest thing that ever happened to you, ”The voice said with a voice of excitement

”How the heck did you materialize an emoji in my head, ”Light asks the voice

”he he he, ”The voice giggles

”What are you, ”Light asked again

”Must I spell it for you I am the greatest thing that ever happened to you without me you won ever have been able to smell pussy talk less of **ing it throughout your pathetic life and with the little Weiner haa you didn stand a chance surely you noticed the huge improvement in the size and you will have continued being a bitch to that bitch Sakurai? ”The voice said

”Shut up you talk too much and you have been ranting for a long time I appreciate you for helping me but you are giving yourself soon much credit, and what are ”Light was asking but was interrupted

”Duck now ”The voice shouted. Light manages to to to dodge a fatal blow but the blow ruptures some internal organs Light raises his head and sees his PE teacher Mr… Nelly and cleans the blood off the corner of his mouth while clutching his midsection and feeling dizzy.

”Im impressed you managed to dodge that but I am dragging your weak ass back to school ” Mr. Nelly with a mischievous grin and rushes light with a flurry of punches with Light clumsily dodging and several punches

”I can help you, ”The voice says

”How, ” Light asked while panting heavily

”Making you stronger temporarily but with a little sacrifice, ”The voice says

He hesitates a little then receives a massive punch which sends him flying

”Do it I am gonna destroy this stupid cunt ”Light speaks to the voice in his head

[forcefully opening maniac mode]

[awakening abilities]

[available abilities:Time stop(5 seconds because you are too weak)

”Oops almost forgot the sacrifice, ”The voice says

Then suddenly Light screams slightly frightening while clutching his hand and it seems to fade out of existence

[sacrifice completed]

[forcefully awakening maniac mode]

{stats increase}




Then something weird begins to happen Light skins start regenerating at a visible rate which shocks Nelly before he could react a punch sends him flying Light catches up to him and tries to land another blow but Nelly suddenly disappears

”You don think I am that weak I don where you got that boost or you were just hiding it, Don get cocky you stupid brat ” Then suddenly reappears again and throws a punch but its too late for Light to respond then he suddenly yells

”Time stop ” and everything stops

”So cool ”, Light says

”You might want to admire later you have five seconds, ”the voice says then Light delivers a devasting punch to his rib cage of Nelly then time resumed instead of Lights body being sent flying its the exact opposite, and Nelly spitting out a mouthful of blood

”it was perfect how did he do that ”Nelly thought inwardly and his face was horrified as he continued coughing up blood.

”W! What are you ”He manages to ask with blood dripping down the sides of his mouth.

”I am the cocky stupid brat who just whooped your ass and Im not done yet ”Light puts his feet on his crotch area.

”No, No please don ”Nelly tries to plead but

Light grins widely then steps on it with tears flowing down Nellys eyes

”payback for all the shit you did to me and Im so sorry I can torture you to death but don worry I will come back to end you I am sorry I can no time ”Light sincerely apologies to Nelly before he speeds up and gets farther away.

[Maniac mode has worn off]

[going into to comatose state]

”What?? ”Light asks

”Your body is extremely weak ”The voice replied

Light starts feeling dizzy

[going into hibernation]

”How long Im going to be ” then he falls unconscious.

Then a mysterious group with red capes and a monkey at the center

”pick him up and return him to base, ” the hooded man said then Light was taken away.

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