As the ultimas got closer kirean can see the overwhelming worship and respect in their eyes, as they got in front of kirean they kneeled ”forefather you are so strong ” said Adam

”HAHAHA! Don worry this is the power system and cultivation Ive created ” said kirean as he started explaining the Ultimate universal art to them and they look astonished

As I gave them time to build the world and become planet lords as all adults are planet lords I look at my world, a planet surrounded by asteroids and 30 moon as me and the 500 ultimas didn develop the asteroids or moon stage our inner world generated them themselves on the basis of our talent since Im the first of our kind with the best blood and talent I got 30 moons on my planet I don know how many these ultimas can have said kirean looking at the ultimas with eyes shut

As time passed I started thinking about how the strength system affects our lifespan, as I check I was surprised to see that my lifespan is 100,000 years it seems all planet lords get a 10 times boost to life span I would imagine sun lords get to live a million years I think but Im not sure thought kirean, as kirean opened his element eye he saw all the elements going into the ultimas bodies and his own and he could see a small world being formed in their hearts aswell as the ever purer and controllable energy in them it seems they are almost done thought kirean

The ultimas simultaneously opened their eyes with excitement in them ” thank you forefather for your guidance ”

”Haha what are you thanking me for this is the cultivation of our race this is normal to give to the ultimas ”kirean said with visible pride in his eyes with his head and nose to the sky laughing

An Ultima female standing 8ft tall looking visible more beautiful than the rest first hesitated then mustered her courage and said ”forefather if our cells evolve then do our brains constantly evolve as they are made of our cells ”

As the words stopped kirean was left stunned for a sec then calmed down as he knew this already, this just made him think how hard are planet lords brains because their brains are basically planet cores kirean was thinking if anyone even had the capability to attack a planet lords mind and if it keeps advancing won universe lords be omnipotent and ever present with a mind that can literally kill anybody anywhere in the universe with only a thought Kirean shuddered just thinking about this

Kirean look at the female Ultima who said this and gave her an approving look which she looked a little overwhelmed by her forefathers look

”Whats your name ”

”Amber forefather ” said amber getting a little excited by her forefathers attention

”Haha amber your pretty good with a flexible brain I want you too gather others with smart and flexible brains from the Ultima and research how to get resources out of our god domains ”

”Yes forefather ” said amber with overwhelming excitement

”Forefather we have finished building the houses ” said Adam

”Haha what are you waiting for start wedding and having kids ” said kireans with a wide grin as some female ultimas blushed with their heads down while peeking at males while some aggressively stared at males,seeing this kirean can wait to see the little Ultima kids running around.

”Oh yeah find some people good at management and start growing food and livestock and some schools too you should know everything to do with your inheritance of all species to ever live ” said kirean while looking approvingly at the ultimas for knowing everything without his help as this saves him a lot of stress

”Yes forefather ” said Adam with not burdened by the heavy responsibilities

Looking at Adam ready to take responsibility kirean nodded in approval then look at the little village with a stone castle in the middle these buildings are beyond artistically beautiful as it combines all building techniques of every race even the wooden houses look like god palaces

”Ok go raise some children as we need them we only have 10,000 years we need all the population we get ” said kirean with a serious face as he flew to his castle to explore

The ultimas who heard his words got extremely serious at the mention of only having 10,000 so they look at the opposite gender with with a very serious glint in their eyes, and soon they were all wed

1 year passed quickly, now if you looked at the tribe its vastly different now as you can hear cries from babys from every corner of the tribe and a wheat like plant with golden luster like gold planted in fields, you can see ultimas practicing new techniques by the day as their super computer brains just keep on creating new ones, theres also a lot of livestock but whats odd is there large size and gold luster as 5 months ago an Ultima tried to give blood to an animal which made it evolve bigger although the strength was not great well compared to ultimas it was amazing for livestock as it was bigger more nutritious extremely energy rich meat and they are really tame as we used our blood so they are perfect livestock, with the wheat we found on the grassland we got interested in what our blood can do and tried it on wheat seeds which gave them a gold luster as we planted them we realize they grow every 3 months extremely resistant to disease and weather and as energy rich as the livestock meat so we planted it as though the energy was too little to planet lords to make a difference we can use it to raise our young and trade later on

Now the tribe has 750 people and ultimas grow at the same pace as humans, in a castle in the middle of the tribe 4 people knelt to a golden 10 ft tall Ultima and yelled ”forefather!! ”

”Ok get up ” said kirean as he look at a 7ft tall male Ultima he picked to act like his minister and tell him everything going on in the tribe his name was Christian, ”Christian tell me whats going on in the tribe ”

”Yes forefather, in the tribe the kids are growing fast as some of them have started building their 2 asteroid while others not far away they have grown fast because our energy filled food, we built a library for the ultimas to put in every technique they understand for future generations this is optional of course but the ultimas have a strong sense of kin so they do it every time they comprehend a new technique, and some planet ultimas have began to build their 2nd planet ”

Kirean nodded at his words happy for the fast growth of the kids and the kinship of the planet lords as for some of them beginning to build to build the 2nd planet he was happy for them as he build his third planet

Kirean with a huge smile turned to a 8ft tall woman that is slightly worse then amber the woman was his future resource division her job were to manage all the resources coming out of the planet lords and above worlds when we figure out how to get resources out you can imagine how important she is but right now her job is to take stock of all food,materials and weapons when we get some in the future ” hows the storage Amanda ”

”Forefather, we have excess of every material and food to last us for 3 years as we only harvested 2 times since we figured what our blood can do ”

”Do you think we have to worry about food deficit in the future Amanda? ” Said kirean a little worried now since this was his kin

”Honestly forefather, I believe we won be running out of food until we start trading with other species or using it on other things, the amount of food we output is outrageous and we can eat it up and we will only get more with the rise of population ”

”Sigh ” kirean sighs feeling better as this whole year he has been panicking and stressing over food situations of the future and imagine terrible stuff for his mental health now he feels refresh

With a wide smile that can make flowers bloom on his face as the weight on his shoulders were gone he looks at amber ”Haha amber how about your research? ” Said kirean with a relaxed tone

All four ultimas smiled seeing the refreshed kirean as the forefather was someone all of them worshipped and would die for him without a thought and seeing him burden himself about the future of the ultimas it made them resolute to take some burden of they
e forefather to help him

”Forefather we have made great progress as we can go in the god domains with our minds and the eye of elements is linked to our minds we figured we can use the space element to create a portal in the gods domain to take resources out but it needs more testing as we figure out how to make the portal and ensure its stability ” hearing her words made the already refreshed kirean so excited that he directly laughed so loud the whole tribe could hear him as his laugh sounding in front of the kids they also laughed joyful as they could feel the presence of the forefather and the parents seeing this also laughed with smiles of content and a little of killing intent in their eyes for who dares threaten their kin and family, the whole tribe was full of joyful laughter and in the castle kirean was sitting on his thrown nodding his head repeatedly with a bigger smile, ”ok go enjoy your time with your families ” said kirean as 3 of them got ready to leave Adam stepped forward ”forefather I feel like Im not doing enough to lessen your burden ” as Adam said this with a serious face all of the three stopped and look at his eyes full of determination and couldn help feel respect

As kirean heard Adam he couldn help feel stun for a second then started laughing out loud this greatly startled Adam as he thought he said something wrong, ”haha don be startled Adam the reason Im laughing is because you haven figured out how important you will be in the future as I have picked you to defend our species from others your job is very important so get stronger the stronger you get the less burdened I am, hmm how about you hold a competition every 20 years so we can continuously hone our fighting skills ”

Adam heard this and immediately a big smile was hung on his face ”thank you forefather for your care I will protect our race with our lives ” said Adam with determination all over his face kirean nodded and told them to go on with their business as he had to think about the future.

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