As kireans senses return to him he trys to slowly open his eyes, as his eyes open blinding lights blind him as it took a second for kirean to get used to the light what appeared in front of him is a wide grassland as the eye can see with forests to the Easts and mountains to the north and a river running through the grasslands.

[Welcome host the ever expanding and infinite universe of Myth]

[host can name the planet that will be the home of your race think carefully]

”Hmm how about Aurora meaning dawn as this will be the dawn of our glorious race ” said kirean with visible pride of being able to create such a monstrous species

[planet named Aurora]


NAME: Kirean silver

RACE: Ultima



SPEED: 10000


TRAITS: [Forefather] [….

”So the strongest strength a human can achieve is 1 while ultimas are 10,000 times stronger without training or cultivation ” kirean says out loud with a wide grin.

Hmm I haven looked at myself yet thought kirean as he went to the river to see himself, ”wow Im such a handsome guy haha ” in front of kirean is the reflection of a Ultima with gold crystal skin and golden crown of horns standing at 10ft tall.

Damn Im handsome lets check out this new trait I got I can check all of them because I literally have trillions of them but a new one is interesting kirean thought as the information of his new trait is put in front of him.

[Forefather]: you are the first Ultima and are the forefather,every Ultima respects you and see you as their leader as you have the supreme blood of your race.

”So Im like the ancestor of my species well it does make sense since Im literally the creator and first ” kirean said out loud with visible smugness on his face and a wide grin.

”System how am I suppose to get more of my species I can [Ultima wed] a wild animal and start the race right ”

[Ding! Starter pack is delivered]

”Hmm starter pack? I hope the system gives me some techniques or something like that I feel like a child with a lot of power with no way to use it ” kirean said as he feels mana of all elements flowing through him crudely with no order, kirean would imagine using power like this would be so inefficient that even ultimas with almost unlimited amount of mana won last long.

”Open ” said kirean with hope in his eyes

[starter pack opened]

[congratulations on getting-

Ultimas: 500 (equal number of females and males)

Shield: shield off the planet for 10,000 years, during this time no one can see Aurora or detect it in any way]

Golden lights blinded kireans eyes but quickly returned to normal, kirean was stunned in place as 500 ultimas male and female look around in confusion,then they sense something and look at him immediately all of them got on they
e knees

”Forefather!!! ”

The ultimas yelled with respect and admiration in their eyes

Kirean was deeply shocked now, it took him a minute to get his rapidly beating heart and overwhelming ambition in check, he looked at the 500 ultimas with the most charming smile that can melt any womans heart with a soft look in his eyes he said ”my people welcome to our origin planet Aurora, as ultimas don kneel to anyone my people as we are the pinnacle of this universe and all of existence where this with pride ”

”Yes forefather ” said the 500 ultimas getting up with worship in their eyes as they look at kirean, seeing this kirean let out a laugh as he came to the Ultima that was in the front of the group ”whats your name? ” Said kirean placing his hand on the 9ft tall muscular Ultima in front of him

”Im called Adam forefather ” said Adam with a warm smile

”Haha Adam you don have to call me forefather all the time my names is kirean, Adam I need you too lead everyone into building homes and to find someone to wed we need more ultimas if we want to conquer the universe ” kirean said as he didn need to show them any because with all their traits we know how to do anything now kirean is happy for the 10,000 years protection as he has enough time to work on a technique ultimas can use.

”Yes forefather ” said Adam with worship visible in his eyes as he leads the other ultimas near the river to build they
e settlement.

Kirean stayed in place while thinking about the elemental heart, god domain,god blood and evolution if he can find a way to link these to form a technique that refines there energy then that will be amazing

Elemental heart stores every element in existence that gets sucked up by crystal skin, gods domain opens up a world inside of the user, god blood is blood that runs through the elemental heart comes out full of elemental energy through the body to make it stronger and build up resistance to all elements as well as super regeneration, and evolution puts all our growth stages into evolution where once we grow past our stages of growth our cells evolve to hold more energy this keeps going until we can potentially hold a universe worth of energy so if we can open up the world in our elemental hearts and use it to refine our energy and blood so our blood carries more refined and controllable and better energy to make our bodies stronger and cells stronger so they can hold more energy and link up evolution with gods domain so when we evolve our world evolves with us giving the benefit of more refined and controllable energy then that will be good but first I need to make stages of strength so we know how strong we are thought kirean

STAGE 1: asteroid lord: ultimas have the energy of an asteroid

STAGE 2: moon lord: the ultimas has the energy of a moon

STAGE 3: planet lord: the ultimas has the energy of a planet

STAGE 4: sun lord: the ultimas has the energy of a sun

STAGE 5: system lord: the ultimas has the energy of a solar system

STAGE 6: galaxy lord: the ultimas have the energy of a galaxy

STAGE 7: universe lord: the Ultima has the energy of a universe

STAGE 8: unknown

Kirean looked at his strength system with satisfaction as kids were asteroid lords and teens were moon lords due to their evolution as they evolve from kids to teens they
e world aslo evolves from asteroid to moon and this continues on ” I have no idea what stages are after the adult stage as it doesn say it and we have no experience ” sighed kirean as he knew they were going to be the pioneers in their power system hopefully their future generations had access to a complete power system thought kirean

Kirean leaves his train of thoughts as he has to pioneer their first power system ”here goes nothing ” said kirean as he took a deep breath and activated god domain in his elemental heart as the world is opened up in his heart kirean can see a little blue planet in his heart he concentrates as he controls all his energy to go into the world where it gets devoured by the world and the planet is visibly growing it will stop growing when it reaches maximum potential of a planet then it will start growing other planets this will continue until your power can go on anymore and you upgrade to a sun lord where all the energies from all your planets pull together to build a sun as it grows it goes through the same process as the planets until u got a universe, as the little blue planet devours kireans energy it keeps growing and while it grows it sends the pure planet energy thats been refined by the core and is freely controllable to the heart where the blood carries it around the body to further increase energy capacity and his body strength and this cycle will forever continue

As kirean feels his ever growing energy and body strength and the control of his energy is so great that he will never waste energy and will always use it optimally and kirean also found out when he becomes a sun lord the birth of the sun will release crazy energy to his body and allowing it to evolve so his cells hold the energy of suns it goes on like this till you hold the universe energy and the more planets you have before going to sun lord stage the more energy you get the faster u climb the ranks and the more refined your energy is this goes for all levels he also found out if he can somehow create a black hole in his world then he can be a black hole lord but at this moment kirean doesn know how and doesn even know what stage that is it can be above all the stages

As kirean feels his ever expanding planet, energy and strength he also found out you can have sun energy capacity without being a sun lord as your capacity increases it still won count as a sun lord even if u have billions of planets but if those billions of planets build a sun it will be massive and you will evolve to hold uncountable times ur previous capacity but normally it will be 5 times your capacity and will increase with all the planets you get but a planet lord with billions of planet can only planet energy you can have more energy then sun lords but can move it or fight with it, you can a temp to fight with planet lord energy higher than sun lords but it will destroy your body as your cells haven evolved to sun lord cells yet so its best to always built as many planets,suns,galaxys, universes that you can as it will define your potential and give more power than those that evolve with fever planets than you and youll practice faster and get stronger than those with fewer planets than you at sun lord stage.

”Im getting excited as I imagine the future but what should I call this technique hmm lets go with Ultimate universal art as it allows us to be our own universe and maybe multiverse if we cultivate it to the limit ”kirean said with visible excitement on his face then waves his hand to the mountain in the north and lighting comes out of kireans palm and creates a 100 meter wide tunnel going all the way through the mountain

More excitement can be seen on kireans face as that attack didn waste any energy at all and he can turn any element into any form as he pleases to attack as his energy is extremely obedient which means we don even need attack skills as long as we imagine anything it can come forth

”HAHAHAHA!! ” Kirean starts laughing out loud as the previous attack alerted the ultimas as they rushed to his position.

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