”Whats going on? ” He said woken up in a daze, as light flashes from the window illuminating his room

Kirean silver is currently on his balcony overlooking the city, thinking to himself how can this happen before everything goes dark

In kireans city a huge mushroom cloud appeared, shockwaves tearing down houses, and heat so high it vaporized everything, and kirean was one of the unfortunate ones who were too close to the blast

”Where am I? ” Said a kirean as he struggled to open his eyes, upon seeing whats in his vision he begins to panic

In front of kirean is void, a pure darkness with no end in sight, ”what is this place? ” ”HELLO ANYONE THERE??? ” ”HELPPPPP? ”, His voice the only thing sounding in this void and keeping him sane, but he was running out off sanity and as all hope was lost


[Hello host, this is the Ultimate species system its my goal to help your new species rule the universe!!]

”What!!who are you? ” Kirean said visibly shaken by the first voice he heard other than himself

[I am the Ultimate species system host its my job to help you build the best species]

”Huh system? So like them novels? Im reincarnated? ”

[Not yet host you first have to create your custom species]

”Wait but what happened to me? I know I died because that mushroom cloud and heat that turned me to ashes is pretty noticeable, but why did I die what happened? ”

[Host your old world has started a nuclear war and you city was a target of the missiles]

Sigh that sucks kirean thought with a sad nonexistent face ”wait system what am I and where am I? ”

[you are in the void host, and you are a soul right now]

”How do I leave ”

[create your species and you will be transported to a planet in another universe]

”How do I do that? Do I say create species or something? ” As soon as kirean sad that a screen popped up in front of him





Hmm I think I get it so I can customize us I better not ** up or I can look at the face of my species


in front of kirean another screen pops up, it has everything height to eye color, I set the body shape to be like humans, they can grow to 6ft-9ft with crystal skin thats has runes in them that are visible from the outside, I gave them 2 hearts a normal one that pumps gold blood and another that looks like a crystal heart that has dozens of different color, they have a face so beautiful it surpasses devils and angels with 2 dragon horns that come out of their forehead and makes a crown on top of their heads with white hair, I also gave them 6 wings one of angels, dragons and demons on each side and I set their lifespan to 10 thousand years but as long as they get stronger it goes up, and their eyes are golden with a shut eye on their forehead

As I look at the hologram of my species I gotta say they are quite handsome but now I need a name ”hmm how about Ultima to be the apex species and rule the universe ”

As I said the name the name Ultima is on top of the avatar of my species in front of me

Now that Im done with how the Ultima looks time f

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