The ending of All

9. Over-powered



One thing I must mention is that WHATEVER has happened, the greatest benefit I have experienced since past week is due to these new powers. I can easily freeze or boil stuff without have to move even half an inch. My electric kettle is quite mad at me because we have broken up but hey, electricity is costly. I may have a tone lot of money but the less electricity I accommodate means less harm to the environment, one way or another. All I have to do is touch the water with a resolution that it gets to its boiling point and taadaa, instant hot water for instant hot coffee!

Initially I thought that controlling these powers would have been hard but this is actually so easy! It is easier than running a multinational company and that says a lot! But here is the thing, there is still a pinching nail, at the back of my mind, constantly reminding me of the fact that my aunt is going through constant pain and THAT makes me feel powerless…. Yet here I am, in my office attire, drinking coffee before I leave for work. I am trying to be hopeful. Luka has control over these things so if my powers can advance one day then maybe I will also be able to make a difference. And that reminds me of what he said last time..

work partners in a pretend love relationship!

The coffee immediately hit the back of my throat and I started to cough uncontrollably. My appetite is suddenly lost as I winced on that cringing fact. I barely tolerate that son of a b-….being and NOW THIS! My cough did die down but for some reason, it hurts in my chest a little more than usual. I set aside those thoughts and stood up to get my things and go to work, when a mere wave of dizziness washed upon me. I guess I am overworking? And I think I-


”who would call me this early in the morning? ” I asked myself before checking the caller ID….it was unknown but familiar. Something in me clicked but I had my second guesses so, I picked it up.


on the phone


”Hello? This is Jihha Lu- ”, without any manners or something alike to that, the person on the other end broke in my sentence.

”yeah yeah, Jihha Lusik speaking I know! Is it not disrespectful that you use your fathers name as your last name and NOT your real mothers name? ” the voice spoke. I know that poisonous voice anywhere. My breath hitched for a moment before I took a shaky inhale and straighten up my shoulders.

”Having the same last name as your loving parents is not disrespectful. If you have no more to say I- ”

”send me some money! ” she spoke, demanding her wants as if she still have some rights over me. My own birth mother called me after she got free from jail for THOSE monstrous things she did and she is asking me for money? ”hello? have you gone deaf? I need money and send it to me in 2 hours, also- ”

”how could you? ” I gritted my teeth in pure fury. The mug in my grip started to get frozen from its core and the glass material of it began shaking.

”What did you say you little bitch? I raised you!!! I AM THE ONE WHO- ”

”do not speak to me again or else I will make sure to return your favors ten folds more! I am not that little girl anymore! You have no idea what I am capable of! ” I asserted my point in an intimidatingly low voice. I heard a scoff on the other hand and that infuriated me so much that the mug in my hand finally shattered into million pieces. Before I could have said or heard anything else from the other side, my phone got snatched out of my grip and the call ended.

”HEY! ” I turned around with the determination to kill anyone who was there but the one who actually was there was not…kill- able. For some reason, my infuriation and annoyance at my mother did die down. A pair of black eyes framed behind a beautiful pair of elegant glasses directly gazed at me. There was a hint of annoyance in his expression. ”next time you are mad at anyone, ” he spoke while taking steps forward, towards me, ”do remember that you are not a petty human anymore! ” he keeps striding towards and I kept moving backwards until I was completely shoved against the counter, my anger came back but in less intensity. I gripped the marble counter to support myself up. He tossed my phone on the counter harshly and placed his arms on it, trapping me between his frame and spoke, ”your madness would rumble jumble the environment around you with that pathetic, unreasonable and psychopathic emotional reactions of yours! ”

He does not know anything any yet who is he to judge? I crossed my arms around me and took a step forward. I was infuriated towards him now! ”it is not my fault that you need to call me petty every time to ease up your ego! ”. With each step I took forward, he moved backwards. ”I ACTUALLY feel pity for you! ”

He scoffed while tracing the outline of my face, ”My little human, you- ”

I yanked away his hand with as much forcefully as I could and spoke, ”I? I, what? You have no idea on what and how emotions feel and that is why YOU feel inferior to us, us HUMANS! YOU feel completely powerless due to this lack of humanity in yourself and THAT is why you want authority! SO YOU WILL FINALLY KNOW AND FINALLY WOULD NOT HAVE TO FEEL THAT YOU ARE NOTHING BUT JUST AN INSECURE, INFERIOR BEING! ”. When my sentence did end pearls of tears were formed but none dared to escape. And Luka, he was already shoved against the wall. Shadows of guilt and hurt danced on his expression as he failed to say anything else. ”human….all of that are just your speculations! ” he spoke in a whisper as hesitation laced his voice.

”Speculations? Do you want me to tell you one more thing, you almighty being? ” I asked while putting emphasis on the last part while my eyes lingered on to his eyes while I gritted my teeth. ”h-human…you are frustrated…and I think that you- ” his voice cut short when I finally realized how my mood is affecting the environment because of the halo red faded haze around me and a glass bottle shattered as it hit the wall, merely inches away from Lukas head and my face. He flinched lightly before that expression immediately evaporated. I quickly realized the lack of distance between us and how I may destroy something more if I stayed like this so, I took a sharp inhale before glancing at him and went towards the counter to grab my phone.

”Luk- I mean, Sir, you should go! I am also going to my office! ” I spoke in a low tone and addressed him as sir to try to tone down the heated atmosphere. I moved away as specks of guilt took over. I may have crossed the line a little over the distance of half of a centimeter. Luka remained still in his position with his gaze hanging low. A part of me wanted to apologize but…. I moved towards the door and was about to step out when I turned around and saw him staring at me. Particles of dejection flew over his expressions and a sad frown formed before he finally spoke, ”complete what you were about to say before you… ”

”before I? ” I asked and he gestured towards outside and said, ”before you go! Complete what you were going to tell me… ”. It was more of a plea, a request. I hesitated for a moment because what I wanted to say was the honest truth I came to realize and it is time he acknowledges it too. I diverted my gaze for a mere moment when he spoke in a whisper again, ”please…. ”. I looked over to where he was standing and finally decided to speak.

”I wondered why I hated you….I thought about it and I came to know the reason! ” my words caused him to look at me before he searched any sign for me to continue, ”turned out the reason was simple! I hate being powerless and inferior. And that is why I hate you, or hated you. Because I see myself in you! ”. He looked just a tad bit confused when he opened his mouth and shut it again due to the lack of words he had. He just…nodded subtly. ”Glad to know that you hate me! Only on THAT point, we both are on the same page then? ” he asked with a bitter chuckle and I hummed.

”And you know why we are on the same page and even on the same line, sir? ” I put an emphasis on sir while giving a hint of sarcasm to it. He just shook his head slowly in confusion without breaking our eye contact. I bitterly snickered and then gave him his answer…

”It is simple! You also hate me and it is because you also see yourself in me! powerlessness and lowliness in our existences are OUR common traits! ”






….and I closed the door behind me, without looking back.

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