The ending of All

7. Post deal dealings



Is it weird that I took a sigh of relief when my eyes DID land on the familiar figure. When I did not speak for a moment, those framed eyes grew curious. I still was suspended in mid-air. With another flick of his finger, I immediately fell. But this time I felt a little impact and yet here I stood…in his dimension again. This time nothing hurts like it did before. I was directly here without have to go through the falling process or that black ball. But again, I was the only being in existence there. I was about to turn around when I heard footsteps from behind me and that man appeared again with his different attire than before…I guess this place have a dress code. ”well….speak human? ”

”You are THE perfect person! I was looking for you! ” I spoke and he just chuckled. ”I am not a person. And YOU were looking for ME? Why? You got something that you are greedy for, my little human? ”

”My name is not your little human… ” I replied while holding back the bile in my throat, and his reaction to my comment was that I was
ewarded with a scoff. The man rolled his eyes and went on to stand right in front of me, towering me. ”….Also, I have no idea on how to call you so, what is your name? I mean, you must have a name….Angel of… ”

”Obliteration…and even if I have a proper human name, no petty human is allowed to call me by it. Just call me sir and nothing else! ” he said in a tone full of arrogance. ”Sir? I can not believe it! Seriously? Do you really expect me to call you sir? ” I asked in a scoffing manner. I mean, what kind of a psychopathic human, who is actually not a human, is he? ”Look my little human, ” he took a step forward, closing the distance between us and grabbed my face, ”I do not f*cking care what happens to you, all I care about is what I can benefit from you! You will call me sir and if not- ”

”You have that much hunger for superiority? ” I asked while yanking myself away from his grip. He rolled his eyes and I took a breath before smirking and said, ”or is that a kink? ”. That earned me a confused look from him. He ran his fingers through his hair and then asked, ”isn that like a tendency what you humans had regarding your sexual urges or something like that? ”. I just nodded slowly. He scoffed in disgust. He hummed for a moment and then said, ”fine…you shall not address me as sir! ”

”oh thank goodness so- ”

”You will call me master! ” he broke in and moved towards his throne while giving away a mocking smile . ”what?!? That is absurd! You- ”

”choose it! Sir or master? ”

”You are such a maniac for power, ” I took a pause and with a glare at his direction I completed my sentence, ”I thought I should tell you that, sir! ”. Even after all of that, he looked completely satisfied.

”ok then…..lets get down to business my little human! As you know already that I give ending to people as per the choices that your species make so, I am warning you again that be careful about your next words ” he spoke as he sat down and with a swift movement of his hand, I was floating, AGAIN! But this time, I was near him, near his throne. ”I am not interested in your past or what-so-ever! But what I am interested in is what plans you have regarding your future! ”

I slowly nodded. He is annoying, that is the bare truth! But he is also someone who possesses the ability to help me. ”I do want to close a deal with you! ” I finally admitted to him and myself. His expression twisted in a sinful grin and he stood up. I was in mid-air, floating inches above ground when he began to take a round around me. ”you finally admit that you are powerless! Well as I promised, here! ” He pushed me towards the throne. I fell on the throne and sat up. A slow haze of maroon mist formed around us as I saw the mans eyes glowing again. Wait! He thinks I want the throne…No….I opened my mouth to scream but no voice reached him. ”WAIT! LISTEN TO ME! ” No matter how much I screamed, it was of no use. I felt something creeping up on my skin, black vines of a plant that was similar to ivy, covered me.

They slowly formed a choker around my neck, binding me to the throne. I kept on screaming continuously so I can get his attention and that is when I felt a warm rush on something under my skin…more like in my veins. I looked up and saw a crown forming…a crown that was similar to his. Everything around me was changing. I felt it, even I was changing. Remember when I said that this place have a dress code for him? It began to have a similar one for me. The ivies finally snapped away, revealing a long floor-length black dress, which will surely have a long trail, with a sharp v- neckline. The dress had a thigh slit and long flowy sleeves. Black diamonds and sliver chains formed a belt around my waist and the same sort of accessories such as earrings or rings were on me. When the haze did die down…I processed it. Me and that mans attire with the matching color pallet, crowns, etc., looked like couple outfits….ew!

”There you go! ” the man announced with a huge smile on his face, ”from now on, You are the official queen of- ”

”this is not what I wanted! ” I spoke in horror….. ”But my greedy little human, I made you the queen of this realm and- ”

”I NEVER WANTED THE THRONE! ” I finally screamed. And finally my voice did reach him. His expression dropped when he got a grasp. ”w-what? ” he inquired. ”Sir…or whatever…I- ” I took a pause, inhaling a shaky breath as I finally broke down, falling to the floor, in my elegant attire…. ”I never wanted THIS! I wanted a good end for my aunt! ”. Sobs escaped my body as I realized how complicated all of this has gotten. I only had one chance to actually help my aunt and NOW this mess! I wanted power in any cost but a life or peace of loved one is not the price I can pay! I ran a hand across my face as I felt a burning sensation in my feelings. My hand swung to my lap, a throw of flame escaped my palm that directly hit the stairs reeling. ”why didn you tell me BEFORE?! ” the man shouted before pinning me by my neck against the thrones seat. His fingers dug into my flesh that pained a lot. I was getting suffocated and my tears of helplessness kept falling.

”I-I tried to t-tell you….. ” I barely made that sentence. Black spots eventually took over my sight as his grip tightened. ”Because of YOU, you little petty HUMAN! I HAVE LOST SOME OF MY POWER OVER THIS REALM! THAT IS IT! I AM GOING TO- ” his grip loosened and some air did came in. I can not even see properly because of that chokehold I was under but I did saw that man kneeling in front of me. I heard his faint sound.

”Human? human? what is happening to you? human???… ”









. ”…..Human? HUMAN? WHAT THE F*UCK IS WRONG WITH YOU? ”…..and everything went….white?

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