The ending of All

6. the perfect person!



All of that was real! I did fell through universe to universe and ended in hell! No! That was more of a hell than…the actual hell. That man, that black ball, that hall, that throne room and THAT STUPID THRONE! ALL OF IT WAS REAL! And the worst part? Sitting on that throne with those crashing waves of adrenaline, it felt heavenly. It felt as if I….belonged there. UGHHH! ”Maam? ”, Umaima spoke. Her interruption in my series of thoughts full of panic, brought me back to reality. Umaima is a great friend of mine who works for me. Her job description is not constant on one duty but all I know is that she handles everything I asks for, and she does it well!

”Ah, yes? ” I responded and she gave a shy smile before turning her screen of the tablet towards me. ”The charity was a success and the funding ratios increased after the recent campaign! ” she spoke before shifting to next slide, ” The sales are also doing well and the profits rate are pretty balanced but there is a minor set-back… ”

I raised my gaze to her and leaned back while fidgeting my pen, ”Minor set-back? There are many things we have done in the past couple of months, including precautionary measures regarding our products and campaigns, yet still you are saying that there are still some concerning bumps? ” Umaima nodded. I stood up and it resulted in her to take some steps back. Look, I am not a rude or spoiled boss, but if something is going wrong, IT IS CONCERNING! ”Umaima….explain the set-backs! ” I spoke in a whisper and took a sigh while brushing my fingers through my forehead due to the stress. ”Y-your mother….her retrials. ” Umaima said which made my complete attention to snap back at her. ”What about her? ”

She cleared her throat while fixing here glasses and spoke, ”she was declared innocent and after her trail she told the media how much she is grateful to the law and you… ” I stood there, processing the last sentence and told her to play the video clip if she has it…and she did. In it my mother, cried crocodile tears. She kept on repeating that she feels so grateful because she can finally see her beloved daughter, also known as Jihha, and she feels so grateful that JIHHA helped her which concluded in her proven innocence.

”I….. ” I was speechless. I never wanted her to leave jail, heck I actually hoped she would die! ”Everyone kept saying that you provided fake evidence or participated in briberies which helped her in her release. They also are saying that because you are her daughter, you only think that your mother is right and the victims are- ”

”Leave me alone…Umaima…I have had enough for today. ” I said in a pleading manner and she obeyed. She gave me a quick reassuring hug and went out of my office. Everything feels so shallow. They are saying that I never felt anything regarding the victims while I was a victim to her brutalities as well. I was the first and I know what she did! Her abusive nature is something that these other people do not have a proper clue on. She would abuse me if she was sad, mad, depressed, happy, joyful, and IN ANY CONDITION. She was never a mother…she was, is and always will be a monster.

”JIHHA! ” the door banged open, revealing Carol, my secondary assistant. ”What is it Carol? And how many times should I remind you that you can use my name in after office hours but not in- ”

”It is your aunt! ”


”Oh my God! Calm down sweetie! ” My Uncle spoke as I sprinted through the halls. I do not even recall what has happened in the past hour but all I know that I came to my aunts home as soon as possible after the call I received. ”Where…*pant* is…*pant*…she?! ” I inquired while catching my long deprived breath. My uncle gestured me towards the hall inside and without wasting a second, I barged in….only to find…


The lights of the room opened, party poppers exploded as beautiful ribbons and glitter laced my view. All of my friends, my cousins, my relatives wore joy on their faces and my aunt….in amidst of all of that glittery adornments, she shone the brightest. She have aged and her decreasing health had resulted in her being on the wheelchair but she still looked the most enchanting because of that wide, wholehearted, joyous, happy, and breath taking smile she wore. I took everything in before my aunt squeaked, ”happy birthday my love! ”

And that was it….I broke down in tears because of happiness, gratefulness, emotional warmness and moreover…relief. I felt relieved that she is still here, my aunt is still here. ”Oh….oh my poor baby… ” my aunt cooed before rolling her wheelchair in front of me and pulling me in her embrace. Her warmth always made my world seem so colorful. I kept of crying on her shoulder before tightening my grip on her, ”Aunt….I thought….I thought that I-… ”

”No…I am still here my beloved! If I had called you like usual, you would have been so caught up in your work, I also have no idea of what will happen next so, enjoy this moment my child. ” I nodded on her shoulder while trying to control my sobs. How can I enjoy a moment when I know that my aunt would have to go through extreme pain before she dies….How can I accept it that I am powerless? How can I- actually- I may remain powerless….



He may approach me again…right? He wants something out of our deal and he looked really desperate! I mean I was the one who wished for everythings end and I am sure he would LOVE that….it is not like someone else would wish it and strike a deal with him! Right? I would have ignored everything and not have thought about it but when my aunt actually was unable to hold things properly and almost fainted in front me…how can I actually live past that? Everyone said that what happened was nothing THAT serious…so how serious was the ACTUAL SERIOUS? I get it, they wanted to see my acing in my lane but this is a matter of life and death of MY family and how can they think that-

”WOAHHH! ” I was floating in mid-air when I actually looked down at the road, I almost ran into a car and- wait…I can fly? No I can ! then…that means-

”Nice to see you again my little human! ”

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