The ending of All

4. welcome to my world



I scoffed at my situation and the rude…being in front of me. ”you must be some kind of con-artist or a….doctor! ” I said and looked at his expression of satisfaction. Before I could have said anything, a sharp pain spread across my head and that caused my vision of get blurry for a moment. But this man stood there with satisfaction. His smirk remained there as my condition was getting way worse.

”Ha! I am not a con-artist or a helpless human but the doctor…yeah you can say I am a doctor….but I don heal anyone…I let these annoying beings like you to meet their ending fast, even now if I want I can call your ending upon you in a split second before you can even blink your eyes. The only difference is that I don give exact deaths; I give a destructive or less harming ending based upon the choices that your species make so be careful about your next words ” He said and began to whistle before he turned around and said, ”got it? ”

”Are you seriously expecting me to believe you? ” I asked while straightening up. I think this was all due to the intake of sadness I had in the past 12 hours. ”I do not see a reason that gives me enough evidence to believe that you, are anything but a stupid con- artist! ”

He scoffed and looked away with an expression of raised eyebrows before his eyes slightly shot open and he snapped his gaze towards me, ”you want proof little human? ”. Something in me called out so loudly to not nod at him but me being the stupid me….I hesitatingly nodded. He shook his head before I actually got a grasp of his black eyes turning into blank white while he spoke, ”your conscious warned you, and yet still….you agreed….you are a stupid human! ” and with that, he barely did a blink of his eye and a brutal wave of headache spread throughout my head that caused me to let out a shrieking scream. ”w-what is happeni- ”

”That headache! I am causing that! at first I wanted you to have a minor one but hey! this is more fun! ” The man said as his eyes returned to their normal color while he moved around the roof.

I gazed at the mans silhouette, barely being able to see what he was doing or where he was actually standing. The blurriness increased and it was followed by dizziness. ”please…make it stop! ”

”why? and how? I am afraid that I can not! I am just a stupid little con-man and- ”

”SHUT UP!!! ” I barked due to the pain and the man in front of me. He leaned back on the reeling, looking over the show of my pain, while being fully satisfied. I looked over at the man, who was was standing with the sense of pride in his stance. It looked as if he was having some divine delight by seeing me in unbearable pain. He was humming in his victory while I was curled up on the floor due to the unimaginable degree of pain that was continuously increasing second by second. ”Do we have a deal then? ” he asked while moving his fingers through the air as if he was playing some notes on piano. The pain increased even more while I shouted in pain, ”make it stop…I beg you! ”

”then make a deal with me! ”

”please….! ”


”FINE, FINE I WILL! ”….and that is it. It stopped. Not only the pain but all the movement as well. Everything stopped. Nothing was moving. No trees were rustling, no cats were moving, all of the cars down the road were frozen and I…I stood over my unconscious body. I screamed in fear and fell on my back but instead of falling on the bench behind me, I fell past it. But then, I kept falling and falling and falling, from one story of the building floors to the another as if I was made of no matter. The last thing I properly saw was that man, standing over my corpse.

He had his hands in his pocket with satisfaction was gleaming in his demeanor. He was smirking and humming. I tried to hold on to him when he extended his hand, but just as I was about to grab it, he chuckled as if he saw something childish and put his hand back into his pocket while letting me fall through the surface of the earth into who knows what.

I kept falling without any pause. I fell through the whole building while screaming in fear and horror of what was happening while trying to catch someones attention. But alas, it was of no use. I thought that Seine, one of my tenants, saw me but it was just an illusion. She had her concentration past me. I saw the land approaching and thought that I was going to die but, I fell past it as well. I was descending through the surface of the earth and soon saw something gleaming…..the earths core…..The fiery pit of merciless flames, that waited for me to fall right into it. But I fell past it as well….and with continuously falling, I resurfaced on the earths surface from the literal opposite of where my house was. But then I kept ”plummeting ” through the freaking sky. I continued to topple over from what seems like universe to universe before my gaze went on to this big ball of some black matter. It was so black and…so enormous and so hot! I started to feel the heat and thought as if my bones were melting.

At first I thought that I may fall past it, but I actually began to feel the weird impact of whatever was around me, on my skin. I tried to scream but no sound left my mouth. My body hopelessly kept drifting towards the big black ball of fire…..

what have I done?

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